10 Back to School Fashion Trends Any Teenage Girl Can Wear

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Back to school fashion trends for 2012 really aren’t all that different from the trends we’ve seen in years past. There are a few surprises but for the most part, back to school fashion is all about what it’s always been about – being comfortable, being stylish and being yourself. The photo I’ve chosen to kick off this article shows an outfit that incorporates several hot trends but still looks basic and simple. It’s stylish, functional and perfect for school although I’ll admit the length of the dress may be a little on the short side. You’re probably going to go with something an inch or two longer, but the basic point remains the same. Don’t be afraid to mix trends. The result can be fantastic. So what is trendy in back to school fashion this year? Let’s take a look.

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10: Puffy Shoulders

The 80s are back! That’s right – shirts and jackets with puffy, ruffled shoulders are one of the hottest back to school fashion trends for 2012. The great news about this one is that just about anyone can pull this look off and cashing in on the trend doesn’t have to be expensive. Have a fashion conscious Mom or older sister? You may just be able to raid their out of fashion clothes to find something that works. I suggest pairing a nice, ruffle shoulder denim shirt like the one in the photo above with a pair of skinny jeans for a comfortable but stylish look.

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09: Prints

This one was always hard for me as I have never been a big fan of prints but I’ve learned a great print can really be a great way to pull an outfit together and dress up a drab look. You do need to be careful with prints though. Don’t mix and match. Stick with one pattern, especially if you’re going to go with a bold pattern. I’d recommend a nice printed skirt with a solid color top. Try to tie the colors in together. If there is blue in the skirt, try to match the blue in your top.

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08: Sleeveless Blazers

Call it a vest, call it a sleeveless blazer … call it what you want, these things are super hot this season. It isn’t hard to imagine why. Cute and casual but still very fashionable, this is a must have for anyone who wants to look fashionable for the new school year. Because it has a more formal, masculine feel to it than the typical vest, the sleeveless blazer is the perfect clothing option for fashion forward girls who like to stand out. Wear your sleeveless blazer with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a loose t-shirt, combining casual with formal for a fun and flirty look.

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07: Embrace Your Girlie Side

Ladies, it’s okay to like pink. It’s okay to like to feel pretty. There are a lot of people out there who would tell you I’m wrong but they’re lying. There is nothing wrong with being a girl and loving every minute of it. If you like pink, wear pink. There really has never been a better time to do so as pink is making it’s impact on back to school fashion this season. From pastel pinks to dark rose colors, pink is a hot trend this school year so don’t be afraid to get in on it.

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06: Bulky Scarves

This is another one of my personal favorite trends because it’s just such a great look and it’s a look anyone can wear. Scarves also give you a surprising number of options. You can knot your scarf in the front, to the left, to the right in the back or you can just choose to leave it loose. A nice scarf gives your look a little bit of flair and can save an otherwise drab outfit from being too boring. The great thing about bulky scarves is that they come in a variety of colors and fabrics, making it easy to choose the scarf that will really bring your outfit to live.

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05: Bomber Jackets

If you ask me, a good bomber jacket never goes out of style. I have a few well worn, well loved bomber jackets in my wardrobe and I wear them often throughout fall and winter. This year though, they’re making a big comeback. Expect to see lots of people rocking this classic. The great thing about bomber jackets is how fashionable but still functional they are. The bomber jacket is also incredibly versatile. Wear your bomber over a dress, a skirt or skinny jeans.

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04: Accessories

Accessories always have been and always will be a huge deal for me. I love my accessories. From head bands to hair claws, from statement necklaces to a bold belt, accessories are a great way to inject your own personality into your clothing. This season, back to school fashion is all about bold, stand out accessories. Statement jewelry can be a great way to put your own personal spin on whatever outfit you’ve decided to wear. Just be careful not to go too overboard with it. You’ll look like you were trying too hard. Pair a nice bold necklace with a bold bracelet and wear studs in your ears or choose bold earrings with a bold bracelet and a plain necklace. If you decide to go with a loud belt, let it be the star of the outfit. Pair bold belts with plain outfits for a spectacular look.

source: sofeminine.co.uk

03: Boyfriend Jeans

Not a fan of skinny jeans? Don’t get too excited my fashion conscious friends. Skinny jeans are still a big deal but for those of you that hate the trend, there is an alternative and it’s pretty much the complete opposite of the trend you despise. That’s right – boyfriend jeans. We’re talking about loose, roomy jeans that focus on not just fashion but function as well. I feel very ahead of the times on this one as I’ve been rocking big jeans since, well, since I was in school. Pair a hot pair of baggy jeans with a fitted t-shirt under a bomber jacket, sleeveless blazer or button up shirt and you’ve got a fashionable, casual look your peers will love.

source: kuromiku.blogspot.com

02: Finger Nail Art

One of my absolute favorite websites in the whole wide world, Hello Giggles, does an awesome feature called “Nails of the Day” and let me tell you – there are some pretty crazy things you can do with your nails. Paint your nails bright colors, paint designs on them, use decals, use different colors for each nail – do whatever you like but don’t be afraid to dress up those finger tips. I like using gems on my nails. They give your fingers a little sparkle but aren’t entirely distracting.

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01: Bold Colors

This is a new school year so leave your old thinking behind. Winter doesn’t have to mean dull drab colors or neutral tones – at least not this year. One of the biggest fashion trends for back to school 2012 is bright colors. We’re talking pinks, bright blues, reds, purples and pretty much every other bright color you can think of. Bright colors aren’t just for the summertime anymore. What better way to shake off the winter blues than brightening them up with a nice pop of red.

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