10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Before and After

I have no problem with cosmetic surgery. I think a woman has the right to do whatever pleases her. If having a nip or a tuck makes a woman feel better about herself then she should go ahead and do it. I might do the same if I had that kind of money. Cosmetic surgery can boost a woman’s confidence and help her battle Father Time. With that said, plastic surgery also has the potential to go horribly awry. Just ask the ten woman on this list. Plastic surgery shouldn’t leave a woman looking fake, or worse, deformed. It should be used to enhance a woman’s natural features, not change them entirely. These ten celebrity plastic surgery disasters are all great examples of what happens when a woman doesn’t quite get it right.

10. Heidi Montag

The work Heidi Montag had done doesn’t really look all that bad. She still basically looks like a human being which is more than can be said about some of the other ladies on this list. The problem isn’t even necessarily how many procedures she has had. The problem is the fact that she had the bulk of these procedures done in the same day. For those that don’t know, Heidi had a whopping ten cosmetic surgery procedures in a single day. That is just excessive. There’s no way around it. She transformed into a completely different person over night.

09. Sophie Monk

There was a time when I considered Sophie Monk one of the most beautiful young women in Hollywood. Then she had lip augmentation and, well, my opinion changed. Sophie has said she regrets the surgery and it isn’t hard to imagine why. Her lips look unnatural and, quite honestly, freakish. Sophie blames her doctor for the botched surgery, saying she had nearly half her top lip removed when she had a cyst removed and had filler put in her top lip to balance it out. Clearly that didn’t work which is a shame considering how beautiful she was before. She’s still very pretty but the lips are really distracting so it’s a bit hard to notice anything but them.

08. Jennifer Grey

Here’s the thing about Jennifer Grey’s nose job. It wasn’t bad work, honestly. It looked like a nose job should look. There is a change but it’s a natural sort of change. The problem? When she had the nose job done, she’d already starred in the biggest movie of her career, Dirty Dancing. People knew and loved her as Baby. Not a big deal right? Well, people knew and loved her, sure, but they knew and loved her with her old nose. She soon discovered that her new nose made it difficult for her to find work. While she continued working, she wasn’t get the starring roles one would expect her to land following the massive success of Dirty Dancing and it was all because the studio type people were afraid audiences wouldn’t recognize her.

Tara Reid’s Lumpy Lipo (source: celebritycowboy.com)

07. Tara Reid

Tara Reid had to be on this list. While I feel she’s been beaten over the head for her plastic surgery blunders (among other things) and I feel a bit bad for her, I have to be fair. I included Heidi Montag so I had to include Tara. Who can forget Tara’s infamous nip slip that revealed evidence of a badly botched boob job or the bikini photos that showed her botched tummy tuck. The bad plastic surgery was just part of a larger problem with Tara. For a long time, it seemed she was headed down a very dark road. I’m not sure she’s overcome those demons. One has to imagine the negative self image is part of those problems. Here’s hoping she gets through it. I always liked Tara. I’d like to see her make a comeback one day.

06. Joan Van Ark

Aging isn’t easy for a lot of women. Aging means wrinkles. Aging means grey hair. Somehow, somewhere along the line it was decided that wrinkles and grey hair on a woman means she looks old and less attractive while men look older and more distinguished. Cruel double standard? Yes, of course but that doesn’t mean women don’t feel the pressure to stay youthful looking all the same. That’s especially true in Hollywood. Joan Van Ark was a beautiful woman and one can’t blame her for trying to slow down the aging process. The problem is that she went to far. She barely looks like the same person.

05. Amanda Lepore

I love Amanda Lepore – have for a long time now. Here’s the thing about Amanda though. She’s one of the world’s most famous post-op transsexuals (born Armand Lepore) and has built a reputation for being completely over the top and outrageous. The bold red lips, the platinum blond hair, the ultra revealing outfits are all part of her image and I totally get that. The problem is that it’s now gone too far. She isn’t beautiful anymore. She’s freakish. Outlandish glamour is one thing. Dita Von Teese has sort of made a career out of it. Amanda now looks frightening. Her lips look about ready to burst which is such a shame.

04. Donatella Versace

Donatella … well, the before and after pretty much say it all. We’re getting beyond the bad lips, the career ending nose jobs and the somewhat embarrassing tummy tucks into the “Holy Hannah! What were they thinking?!?” territory. Donatella is the first example and looking at the photos, this might be hard to believe, but she may be one of the least extreme entries into this category. I don’t know what she did to herself and I don’t know why she did it but trust me, darlings – it only gets worse from here.

03. Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand used to be a beautiful woman. She was absolutely stunning, in fact. Her Playboy spread remains one of my favorites but that was before. This is after. Shauna disturbs me on many, many levels. While Donatella might look a bit less human than Shauna, I’ve put Shauna on the list higher than Donatella because of the total package. The plastic surgery is bad. She’s transformed herself into a living blow up doll but the clothes, the shoes, the makeup and the everything else only make things worse. Not to be too harsh on Shauna, but it’s not just all the fake that bothers me with Shauna. It’s the fact that the woman looks like she doesn’t have even a shred of dignity or respect for herself. She looks desperate and that is never a good look on a woman.

02. Michaela Romanini

Michaela Romanini was, at one time, considered one of the most beautiful women in Italy. Look at that before picture. She was stunning. It took me a while to find even a somewhat decent quality before picture because the internet is flooded with after pictures. It’s no wonder. This woman has taken her once beautiful face and turned it into … whatever you would call that after picture. It’s such a freaking shame. I dare say Michaela is one of primary reasons plastic surgery has such a bad name. There are women who get it right (we’ll talk about them in an upcoming article) and there are definitely women who don’t. It’s not always an issue of one botched procedure. Sometimes, I’d even say most of the time, it’s an issue of not knowing when to stop. I believe that’s the case here and is definitely the case with number one on our list.

01. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Yeah, see, this is what I mean when I say excessive. After going through a rough divorce, Jocelyn went a little (a lot) overboard on the plastic surgery. It’s been estimated that she’s spent more than four million dollars on various cosmetic procedures. I can understand feeling hurt and vulnerable or lacking self confidence after a divorce but there are ways to handle it that don’t involve turning yourself into the poster child for too much surgery. The good news? It appears Jocelyn has decided to take a step back from her goal of looking like a big cat (her words). Check out the photo below, taken in 2011. She’s clearly either started reversing some of the procedures or has started having corrective procedures. She has a long way to go, but those first steps are the important once. Perhaps one day she’ll actually look human again. Here’s hoping.

source: fanpop.com

As I said in the intro, I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery. If a woman wants to make herself feel better about her appearance by enlisting the help of a surgeon, that’s her business. There are some celebrities that have had a little nip or tuck with fantastic results. Make sure you come back for an article dedicated entirely to celebrities who got it right. It will hopefully be posted next week.


  1. The before photo of Michaela Romanini looks like Dannii Minogue….

  2. Yes Keith your totally right. The before shot of Michaela Romanini is Dannii Minogue. Australian singer, song writer, actress, talent show judge and clothes designer. Younger sister to Kylie Minogue also. You need a new before photo and pronto. Thats really bad research.

  3. not only is that dannii minogue, but that’s her AFTER extensive plastic surgery. she used to look like a completely different person.

  4. they should go to south korea for their plastic surgery, at least they can be guaranteed to look good

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