10 Curvy Celebrities We Love

Although we’ve already done an article focusing on plus sized models, I felt it would also be fun to do another article dedicated to the in between women we love. They’re not necessarily plus sized women but they’re definitely curvier than the average female celebrity. I think these women deserve recognition as well. Sometimes the entertainment industry only really recognizes one extreme or the other – they talk about the stick thin women or the plus sized women but it’s perfectly fine if you fall somewhere in between. The 10 curvy female celebrities on this list are all sexy, even if they have a bit more meat on their bones than the average Hollywood starlet but fall short of fitting into the plus sized category.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has said she wishes people would stop focusing their attention on her famous derriere yet she continues to do photo shoots that show off that beautiful booty. Although the above photo is a few years old now, it’s not like Miss. K has changed a whole lot since then. C’mon Kim! Admit it! You love your behind! It’s okay. We love your behind too. I’m actually not a big Kim K fan but I can’t deny she’s a stunning woman – big, beautiful behind and all. Kim is proof positive that a curvy figure is a truly beautiful thing.

09. Jessica Simpson

I love Jessica Simpson. When Newlyweds first hit the airwaves, I wrote her off as a dumb blond and went about my business. A few years later, I’m starting to wonder just how “dumb” this blond really is. With a mega successful clothing line under her belt and a new baby at home, Jessica has really come a long way from the girl who didn’t know if she was eating fish or chicken. Over the years, Jessica has taken a bit of flack for her weight but she’s always faced the criticism with strength and grace. That can’t be easy but she’s done it time and time again. Although she’s working on shedding a few pounds with weight watchers, I have to imagine she’ll always fall a bit on the curvy side and that only makes me love her more.

Photo Source: imnotobsessed.com

08. Jennifer Hudson

When it was announced that Jennifer Hudson would become a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, I was nervous. I’ve always loved Jennifer and I was concerned she would slim down and lose those gorgeous curves I loved so much. I had nothing to worry about. While Jennifer has definitely lost weight, she still has those curves. She looks healthy, happy and confident. I can’t argue with that – wouldn’t even try. Jennifer lost weight, yes, but she didn’t lose any of the things that make her sexy or special. Such a beautiful, talented woman. It’s good to see her doing so well.

07. Kelly Brook

As I’ve mentioned in a few previous articles, writing for Fahv is not the only job I have. Another one involves writing about celebrity pictures and Kelly Brook is one of the women I’m asked to write about on a regular basis. She was actually the inspiration for this article. Every time I am assigned a set of pictures of Kelly, someone – usually multiple people – will comment and say Kelly needs to lose weight. Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in my opinion, these people could not possibly be more wrong. Kelly is a beautiful woman and her curves only add to her appeal. Look at the photo above – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture.

06. Jennifer Lopez

Remember when Jennifer Lopez really started getting people’s attention? How much of that attention was focused on what she was doing musically or with her acting and how much of that attention was focused on her backside? Yes, it is sad to say that sometimes curvy women find their curves getting more attention that what they’re doing career wise. Not always fair but let’s be honest – skinnier ladies get that too. Instead of shying away from the attention her butt was getting, Jennifer embraced it. Eventually the attention died down but even still, when I think of curvy ladies, Jennifer is the first lady that comes to mind.

05. Shakira

Oh Shakira, Shakira. While perhaps one of the slimmer women on our list – at least in the traditional sense – I felt it was important to include Shakira all the same. She wrote and performed a song all about her hips, after all. By the way, Hips Don’t Lie happens to be one of my favorite ‘pop’ songs of all time. I adore Shakira for many reasons. The curvy body is one of them but I’m also a big fan of her mind and her kind heart. Charitable, intelligent and self confident, Shakira seems determined to destroy all of the myths most people believe about pretty blond pop stars. This woman isn’t just a great role model because she is proud of her curvy body. She’s just a great role model in general. She is living proof a woman can be sexy, sensual, smart and successful without having to tone any of that down to fit into someone’s idea of what a woman should be.

04. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been going through some problems as of late and has lost a bit of weight as a result but instead of trying to hide her problems, she admitted she needed help and sought it out. I already respected this woman for her strength and her confidence but by asking for help and trying to better herself, she’s earned even more of my respect. This woman could be a great role model to so many people out there. She has always been a curvier girl but she’s never made any apologies about that. Catherine has never been an especially thin woman but let’s be honest, the super skinny runway model physique just wouldn’t work on her. She looks incredible with a little meat on her bones. Those curves are part of who she is and we love her all the more for them.

03. Beyonce

Beyonce is part of the reason the word “bootylicious” is now officially in the dictionary. I’m sure if you look it up, there is a picture of Beyonce next to it as she is literally the definition of the word. This woman’s curves are legendary and she’s never been ashamed or afraid to show them off. Like so many of the other women on this list, Beyonce embraces her curvy body. She shows it off with clothes that accentuate her curves instead of trying to conceal them. While she still looks beautiful covered up, it’s hard to argue with how this lady rocks the holy heck out of a bikini.

Photo Source: mocradio.com

02. Sofia Vergara

There are many, many things I love about Sofia Vergara. The fact that she’s a beautiful curvy woman is actually ranked fairly low on that list. I love the fact that Sofia’s self confidence and ease in front of the camera. I love the fact that she doesn’t take herself so seriously that she can’t have fun with her image. Her videos on Funny or Die are some of the best videos they’ve put out (in my humble opinion). Hollywood doesn’t always treat curvy women with respect but Sofia demands in. She’s strong, confident and gutsy. She’s also just ridiculously sexy. I’m quite certain Sofia is going to have a very long career, indeed.

Photo Source: Esquire Magazine

01. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks stops my heart. This woman is so incredibly beautiful in every possible way but she’s also so incredibly unique. The red hair, the curvy body, the bold red lips – everything about her appearance is very much “Christina Hendricks”. She is just a knock ’em dead stunner and she knows it. She exudes sensuality and self confidence. She is in control of the image she puts out to the world and I respect that. She owns those curves of hers and doesn’t make any apologies for not being what some people think women in Hollywood should be. Not only do I think the woman is drop dead gorgeous, I also think she’s an inspiration. It doesn’t matter what body type you have. It doesn’t matter what color your hair is. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. You can own who you are, feel good about yourself and look sexy, even if some people disagree.

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