10 Cute Back to School Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

If you checked out our back to school fashion trends article, you already know the best trends for back to school fashion for 2012 but any stylish woman knows the prefect look is about more than the clothes. In order to pull your look together, you really need to have the right hairstyle. A cute back to school hairstyle should be three things: flattering, fashionable and easy to do. Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, especially when you know there’s a full day of school ahead. These ten cute back to school hairstyles can be done quickly and easily using only minimal products, making them great for mornings when you’re running late.

image credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

10: Brooklyn Decker’s Medium Length Choppy Bob

How cute is this look? While this look works great with medium hair, it also works with long hair making it versatile enough for just about any girl to wear. To get this one, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t brush your hair out so it’s completely smooth. We want it to look a little messy. If your hair is just looking too neat, put a nickle sized dab of styling gel in your palm and work it through your hair from root to tip. Once the gel is applied, shake your hair hair out and fluff it up with your fingers. Once you’re happy with that, pull a small section of hair from the crown of your head (behind your bangs) and pull it back. Don’t worry about combing it down flat. Again, messy it what you’re going for. Secure the section of hair with an elastic, a hair clip or a barrette.

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09: Kat Graham’s Top Knot

First of all, how much do I love Kat Graham? Beautiful, talented, stylish and unique – a winning combination. I look for any chance to include her in any related list I do and this is really the perfect opportunity to do just that. For this one, you’re just going to do a top knot like you would any other time. To make this look right for school though, you’re going to want to go with a touch less makeup – something a little more natural looking. Too much makeup with a top knot can make you look too severe. If you’re really running low on time and have to skip a shower, this look is a great option. Throw on a fun wrap headband and you’re all set for another school day.

image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

08: Kristen Stewart’s Messy Peek-A-Boo Braid

I’m kind of conflicted here. I love this look but I don’t love it on Kristen. I guess that’s bound to happen sometimes. Regardless, it really is a killer look and it’s great for school. Apply a fair sized gob of styling gel to your palm and work it through your hair from root to tip. Do a deep, messy side part from the front of your hairline all the way back. Flip the top section over but make sure you don’t brush or comb that top section. You want to keep it a little messy. Separate any tangles or bunching with your fingertips instead. Separate a chunk of hair from the front of the bottom part and pull it down behind your ear. Braid that section leaving the top of the braid a little loose. Secure it with an elastic. Push the rest of your hair to the side and just like that, you’re done. If your hair wants to fall back into place, add a little more styling gel but be careful. Too much gel will make your hair look greasy. Just use what you need.

image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

07: Beyonce’s Side Swept Pony

Beyonce always has fantastic hair but this gorgeous side swept pony tail is one of my favorites. This is a look you can do at home quickly and easily but be forewarned – it’s probably not going to look quite the same as Beyonce’s unless you take a little time to get the waves. That isn’t really all that difficult, even if you have naturally curly hair, but this look can still look lovely without the extra time spent. All you have to do is brush out your hair and tease the roots gently for a little bit of volume. Let your hair fall straight down your back and then sweep it to the side into a pony tail. Don’t pull the pony tail too tight or the look will go flat. Secure it with an elastic. Spritz the style with a medium hold hair spray and you’re ready to go.

image credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

06: Maria Menounos’ Hairline Braid

Obviously this is no quick and easy style that Maria’s wearing here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this basic feel. Doing a simple hairline braid like the one Maria is sporting in the photo above is a quick and easy way to add a little extra flair to a basic style. Leave your hair loose and straight or take a little extra time to give the ends a little curl, then separate a medium sized section of hair from the front of your hairline and pull it back toward the back of your head. Braid that section back in a loose braid and secure it with an elastic. The braid should stay in place on its own, but if it doesn’t, you can hold it in place using a pin hidden under your hair. In all honesty, for a back to school look, I prefer this one with straight hair or naturally curly hair. Taking time to dress it up beyond the braid makes it a little too glam for a school day.

image credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

05: Rashida Jones’ Side Swept Bangs with Wavy Bob

This is another stylish medium length hairstyle that also works for ladies with shorter or longer hair. The soft, messy waves work perfectly with the casual side swept bangs yet the look still isn’t all that hard to do. It might take a little more time than some of the other looks on this list but not as much as one may thing. Spritz your hair with a heat friendly styling spray and separate your hair into large, chunky sections. Wind the sections around a large barrel curling iron for just a few seconds each. The spray will hold the waves in place. Finish up by sweeping your bangs to the side and apply a little old fashioned pomade to hold your bangs in place. If the waves look more like curls, stretch them out a little bit and apply a dab of pomade to just the tips of your hair. This weights them down just a little bit and helps them be a little less curly but still leaves them with a nice bounce.

image credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

04: Melissa Rycroft’s Messy Bun

This one is a great look for school. It’s simple, stylish and can be done quickly and easily if you’re running late. If you’re not sure how to do a bun, you might be a little lost with this one. I’m going to have a tutorial on how to do buns next week but it’s a little too complicated to get into with the space I have in this article. If you do know how to do a bun, that’s really all you’re doing here. The only difference is that you’re going to want to let a few strands of hair fall as you’re making your bun and when you’re finished, you’re going to pull a little hair out of the bun around your hairline to give the bun it’s softer, messier look.

image credit: Charley Gallay/WireImage

03: Lucy Hale’s Messy Side Braid

Lucy Hale never gets it wrong. I love this little lady and I love this style. I’m aware not all schools allow students to wear hats in class so why don’t we just skip that part and focus on this gorgeous, funky side braid. To get this look, you’re just going to gather most of your hair to one side, leaving a little bit of hair on the opposite side loose, as Lucy has done in the photo above. You’re then going to braid the hair you’ve gathered to the side into a loose, casual braid, making sure to leave the top nice and slack. This isn’t a braid you want to pull tight. Secure it with an elastic, dab a little pale lip gloss on your lips and you’re ready to go.

image credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

02: Freida Pinto’s Loose Messy Braid

A major trend in hair this year is the messy, tousled look and I, for one, am a big fan. Freida has nailed it perfectly with this loose braid. It looks chic and stylish but it’s also perfect for a late morning school look. Grab an elastic, gather your hair loosely at the base of your neck and work your hair into a lose braid. Don’t forget to let a few strands slip out of the braid as you’re braiding to get that messy chic look. Secure with your elastic and you’re good to go. If the hair looks too flat at the crown, take out the braid, tease your roots a little bit and then do the braid again. This look works great with any back to school outfit and minimal makeup.

image credit: George Pimentel/FilmMagic

01: Doutzen Kroes’ Chic High Pony

This is my absolute favorite quick and easy back to school hairstyle and it happens to be worn in the photo above be one of my absolute favorite models. Doutzen is rocking that high pony tail like nobody’s business but you can do it too quickly and easily. If you’d like, you can do some soft waves but this one works just as well with straight hair. Add a nickel sized dab of medium hold styling gel to your palm and work the gel through your hair from roots to tip. Tousle your hair so it has a fun, messy look and then gather it into a pony tail high on the back of your head. Don’t comb or brush it up into the pony tail. You want it to be a little messy. Secure with an elastic and pull it tight. Tousle the ends again and play with it until it looks how you want it to look. Finish it up with a light misting of medium hold hair spray.

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