10 Great Tips to Beat The Casino

“The house always wins” is a phrase that most gamblers are very familiar with, and indeed in some ways this is true. Casinos are multi-million pound enterprises, the biggest of which see hundreds of thousands of people flock to them each year in the hope of winning big. While the majority are there just for a good time, and don’t mind if they come away with a loss, nothing beats the feeling of winning some cash, however great the amount. So can you really beat the casino? While there may be no foolproof way of doing so, there are some great tricks and tips you can use to greatly improve your odds. Here are our top 10 tips on how to improve your chances of walking away with your winnings.

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Observe the dealers

The dealers oversee many of the casino games, they deal the cards, manage the bets and ensure that everyone is playing fair. However, while the dealers may all look like experienced professionals it is highly unlikely that this is the case. An expert blackjack dealer has impressive skills, meaning your chances of winning are extremely low. If you keep your eye out for a sloppy blackjack dealer, a younger, more nervous type, you may be in luck. Novice blackjack dealers haven’t mastered the art of concealing all the cards, they may accidentally flash you the face down card as they deal, so if you have an eagle eye you might just be able to spot it. While the casino may not approve, it is not cheating, and improves your odds of winning by a massive amount.


Modern day casinos are flashy, glitzy places where drinks flow freely and often attractive ladies are the ones serving them. Some even have loud music, and even pole dancers too (think Vegas!). While these entertainments all add to the fun of the casino, remember if you don’t keep your eyes on the prize it could cost you big. Usually payouts at tables nearest the action are surprisingly low, this means even if you do win, you are hardly gaining any money in the process. Stick to tables where the payout is higher, so if you do beat the house you are taking a substantial profit from them.

Know when enough is enough

Whether you are playing online or in a casino, know when enough is enough. Games such as roulette are great fun and easy to play. The odds of winning a few times at a roulette table are pretty decent, and by your third consecutive successful spin you may think you are on to something! However the laws of chance are against you. If you keep on spinning you will eventually lose all your chips, so know when to bow out and come away on top.

Bet big

Many people go to the casino, or play casino games online with a fixed amount they are ‘willing to lose’ in mind. This is totally advisable and it is really important to be comfortable with the amount of money you bet. However the bigger you bet the bigger you win.Even when gaming online this is important, so, while sticking within your means, be brave and you will see your winnings dramatically increase. Click here to visit netbet casino for some great online games with high odds! In an actual casino if you stick to small money games such as the slot machines you are actually more likely to lose all your cash. Penny slot machines are designed in favour of the house so, while there are occasions where lucky gamblers come away with the jackpot, you chances are so slim that you may as well throw your money away.


If you are up for playing card games such as poker, it is worth teaching yourself the rules before you start. Going into a game not really understanding how the betting works, what the rules are, or which hand trumps what is recipe for disaster! Watch an online video or read about the rules of the game before you begin. Remember, knowledge is power!

Keep and eye on the time

Ever noticed that there usually aren’t any clocks on the house floor? Or windows for that matter? Ever wondered why? The reason is because casinos are clever. They want you to get swept up in the atmosphere, the excitement, the adrenaline of it all. They want you to lose track of time. It is easy when having a fun night out at the casino to pass three or four hours in there and then wonder where the time went. Make sure you don’t stay for longer then you meant to, this can only mean you are spending more. If you are up a good amount, it might just be time to leave.

Buy your own drinks

Free drinks flow on the house floor, and while this may seem great it is actually a way to keep players playing. Obviously the more alcohol you have, the less likely you are to concentrate, the more bravado you will have, the more money you will be willing to loose. It is easy to keep knocking back the cocktails when a new one arrives as soon as you have finished your last, but be wary of this. If you buy your own drinks you are much more likely to limit your alcohol intake and remain sharp and focused when playing!

Take a break

It is really easy to get inside your own head when betting money. You have been playing at the same table or slot machine for a while, so surely you must be due a win right? Wrong! Casinos don’t work like that. The best way to have fun, and keep your cash in check is to cut your losses. If you keep loosing you will end up getting frustrated and disheartened. Take a break, wander round, grab a drink, chat with friends. Then move onto the next game when you are ready, and who knows you might just win first time! If you are playing online the same rules apply, go make a cup of tea, or watch some TV. – just make sure you get away from your screen for a while.

Cash Outs

When you have decided you have had enough that’s great. Take your winnings and leave! When you cash out you may notice that you come away with big bills. Why? Because if you get tempted by one more game you’ll have to break it, and if you have broken it why not play a little more? This is all part of the clever casino plan that could keep you coming back again and again for ‘just one more game’ – if you do this before you know it that nice chunk of cash in your wallet could be little more then a few coins.

Have fun!

So can you beat the casino? Yes and no. It is important to remember that an awful lot is based on luck, and even the biggest casino winners have probably spent an awful lot to get to where they are. These tips may well help you improve your odds, but the most important thing to remember when visiting a casino is to have fun!

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