10 Must Have Winter Fashion Trends 2012

Another new season is here and that means it’s time to take a look at what’s new and exciting in the world of fashion. Winter fashion trends for 2012 indicate this season is all about bringing back the old – refreshing the classics and giving them a new, exciting twist. Dig out your old winter clothes and see what treasures you have because for winter 2012, everything old is new again.

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10: Polka Dots

Polka dots are definitely an interesting look but I have to admit I’m a little surprised to see how popular they are in winter fashions this year. Polka dots have never really been my thing but they do have a few things going for them. First, they’d fun and flirty. Second, they’re unexpected. Third, they can be surprisingly versatile. With all that said, a woman needs to be careful with how she chooses to wear her polka dots. They’re not always the most flattering option. Stick with what works for you. I’m not a woman that can pull off polka dots so I tend to keep the pattern on my accessories (scarves and handbags mostly) only.

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09: Pumps with a Chunky Heel

You didn’t think I was going to do a list about winter fashion trends without talking about shoes, did you? Being a self-confessed shoe fiend, I’m always on the look out for the latest trends in footwear and this winter, that has led me to a very exciting find. Not only are pumps in but pumps with a chunk heel are in. This makes me very happy, indeed. I love pumps. They’re comfortable, versatile and go with just about anything. I love chunky heels for all of the same reasons. While I love a good pair of stilettos, it’s nice to see pumps and chunky heels getting their day in the sun.

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08: Wide Belts

A few seasons back, skinny belts were all the rage but we’re seeing a marked change this winter as wide belts move in to steal the spotlight. To be honest, I’ve always been a sucker for a nice wide belt. You can go with a solid color, a bold print or a combination of the two depending on your outfit so there is plenty of room for versatility. In addition, nothing sets off a solid color outfit like a nice wide belt. One of my favorite ways to wear a wide belt is to pair a bright colored belt (hot pink, yellow, orange etc) with a classic black dress. That burst of color really adds flair and drama to what could otherwise be a pretty boring outfit.

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07: Tailored Blazers

Trendy, stylish, comfortable and versatile, the tailored blazer is an absolute must have winter fashion for every woman. Blazers can be casual, they can be dressy and they’re work¬†appropriate whether you’re in a casual work environment or a professional work environment. The best part about blazers? They go with just about everything. No fashionable lady should be without one of these in her wardrobe this winter. You can’t go wrong with basic black but why not branch out. Try some other colors if you have a little bit of extra spending money.

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06: Pencil Skirts

You know what would go great with your new tailored blazer? A classic pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are flattering and timeless. They’re also one of the hottest trends in winter fashion for 2012. The length of your pencil skirt is entirely up to you (worth pointing out that knee length skirts are also a big trend this winter although they didn’t make this list), but I’ve always been partial to just below the knee cuts. Pencil skirts are great because their body hugging design plays up curves without adding bulk or making a woman look hippy. Put trend number five with trend number four and you’ve got an awesome outfit perfect for day or night wear. Wear a nice sweater under your blazer for work and change it up to a tank top for the evening and you’ve got a winning day to night look that is sure to impress.

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05: Brimmed Hats

Hats are an obvious choice for winter because of the colder temperatures and frequently unpredictable weather but this season, we’re seeing some very specific trends in hats, mainly brims. Lots and lots of brims. I love a good brimmed hat. They compliment many different face shapes and can be a chic, stylish way to conceal a bad hair day while still looking fashionable. Work the brim to find the best angle for your face and you may be surprised by just how complimentary it can be.

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04: Big Scarves

The big scarf trend is something we’re seeing carry over from fall fashion trends and it’s one of the winter fashion trends that makes the most sense. Scarves are, of course, practical for the colder weather winter brings but they’re also very stylish. The possibilities are really endless with scarves. You can do a bold color, an earthy color, a dark color, a light color. You can tie it, tuck it, pin it, leave it loose. I like getting dressed up in black and throwing on a bright colored scarf to set the look off. How you choose to wear the scarf is up to you but this one is really another one of those trends that can work for anyone.

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03: Trench Coats

The classic trench coat has never really gone out of style but you can expect to see them around a lot more this winter. They’re practical, of course, but they’re also intriguing and stylish. Black trench coats in the classic cut are a great option but you can also go with a neutral tone like beige, brown or even grey. There are more options out there than you may think. Do a little exploring and find the trench coat that appeals to you most and go with that one.

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02: Cigarette Cut Jeans

I like to think of the cigarette cut jean is the slightly more comfortable sister of the skinny jean. They’re just as flattering and alluring as the skinny jean but have a bit of a more relaxed fit, especially around the knees and at the ankle. They look great with cardigans, tailored blazers and pretty much anything else you’d want to wear jeans with. This hot winter fashion trend is perfect for the woman who loves the way she looks in skinny jeans but hates how restrictive they can be.

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01: Faux-Fur Collars

I’ve never been a fan of full on faux-fur jackets. I love faux-fur for it’s glamour, sophistication and general animal friendliness, I think a little bit of it can go a long way.¬†That’s why I’m not terribly surprised that winter fashion trends for 2012 are leaning away from faux-fur coats and leaning instead toward coats with faux-fur collars. Faux-fur collars are glamorous and chic while still being practical for the cold winter months. A little faux-fur around the cuffs and bottom of the coat can also be a nice look if it’s kept minimal.

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