10 Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses for the Non-Traditional Bride

A bride’s wedding day will be one of the most important, most memorable days of her life but let’s be honest – not every bride wants to walk down the aisle in a flowing white gown. Non-traditional wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular. Brides no longer want to do what everyone else is doing. They want to stand out on their big day. They want their wedding gown to say something about who they are. They want their wedding gown to make a statement. The great thing about non-traditional wedding dresses is that you can choose something that is completely unexpected and out of the ordinary or you can choose something that takes a very traditional idea and puts a non-traditional spin on it. There are a lot of options out there for the bride looking for a non-traditional wedding dress. The ten non-traditional wedding dresses on this list are just a starting point meant to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Choose your dress from this list or use this list to come up with a bold, fresh idea all on your own. Let’s start basic and work our way up.

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Want to go the non-traditional route but still have a classic feel? Consider a simple white wedding dress.

The simple white wedding dress may not seem very non-traditional but in truth, it really is. When one thinks of wedding gowns, they often think of long, flowing dresses with all the bells and whistles. We imagine ruffles, puffs and bows and while all of that stuff can certainly make for beautiful gown, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go for something a little simpler. If you’re a simple kind of girl and all the glitz and glamour but want a wedding dress that is still has a classic feel, consider a simple white gown with a few pretty accents.

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You can also keep things simple and classic while doing something unique by choosing a shorter length.

Like the simple white dress but feel your dress should be a little more elaborate while still non-traditional? Play with the length of the skirt. A mid-length dress can be a great way to stand out. Most wedding dresses are long and flowing. Wearing a longer, but not floor length dress is a great way to set yourself apart and tell your wedding guests that you are a bride that likes thing classic and traditional with a twist. Added bonus? Wearing a mid-dress gives you the chance to show off a stunning pair of shoes or even an anklet or ankle chain. What better way to really make a statement than with a bold statement anklet.

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Stay sophisticated, elegant and rooted in tradition while still adding your own personality. Add a pop of color!

Playing with color can be a great way to turn a plain, traditional dress into something truly eye catching. Choose a traditional white gown in a style you feel flatters you and add a hit of color with a sash or belt around the waist. You can also ask a seamstress to sew a band of your favorite colored fabric directly into the dress. Nearly any color will work. If you’re a fan of pink, add a pink strip. If you’re a fan of blue, add a blue strip. Choose a color you love and use it to add that splash of color that will take a plain traditional dress and turn it into something that really suits who you are as a woman and as a bride.

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Want to do something different while still giving a nod to tradition? Try white with red accents.

This one takes the idea we spoke of a moment ago to a whole new level. While I’ve chosen to talk about red with this one, you can really go with any color you like although it may mean having a dress custom made. The dress in the photo above has a very classic and traditional base style. It’s elegant and beautiful but it’s the red that really makes this dress spectacular. It’s pop. It’s eye catching. The red and white work together to create a stunning contrast. If you were looking for something a little less bold but like the general idea, consider a paler shade as the accent, pale pink or blue, perhaps. You get the same basic effect but tone down the drama.

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Really want to go the non-traditional route or planning to have a Halloween wedding? Consider a black wedding dress.

I love the idea of black wedding dresses in theory but it really has to be done right. You want to look like you’re getting married, not going to a funeral. You want to choose something that has a more traditional design because it’s the color that makes it non-traditional, not the style. Of course, you don’t have to be too strict with the traditional thing. the dress in the photo above is among my favorite black wedding dresses because it has a casual, yet traditional sort of feel. It isn’t so over the top with the details, which is really something you have to be careful of with a black wedding dress.

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Black is too dramatic? Why not try black and white?

Black weddings dresses obviously aren’t for every bride, even if the bride thinks that’s what she wants. I learned this first hand when I was trying on dresses. There were a few beautiful black dresses available but they all felt too somber. If you really want to have black though, why not consider simply having black in the dress. A few moments ago, we talked about a traditional white dress with red accents. You could go for the same basic idea but instead choose black for the accent color instead of red. You could also choose a dress like the one in the photo above. I love this dress for an evening wedding. It’s sophisticated, elegant and modern, incorporating both black and white for a beautiful color contrast.

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Looking for something stand out but still elegant? Try a new twist on a classic design.

This dress is one of my all time favorite wedding dresses. It’s bold, daring but so very elegant and classy. This dress takes a very common wedding dress style and turns it on its head, using bright, eye catching red as the main color and a beautiful, embellished white as the accent color. Everything about this one works together to create a stunning non-traditional wedding dress that will definitely get your wedding guests talking. The greatest thing about this dress is the fact that it manages to be a unique, stand out dress without being too over the top.

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Want to really shake things up? Go for a bold red dress with just the tiniest hint of white.

Of course, the bold red dress with white underneath is a great look but if you’re really looking for a bold look, why not go all the way with the red? If you choose to go for this one though, you’re really going to want to go with a deep, darker shade of red than something on the lighter end of the spectrum. The shade of the dress in the photo above is as light as you’re going to want to go. To keep a touch of tradition, add a delicate white half veil with a matching red flower like the one the bride has paired with her dress in the photo.

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Break all the rules with a bright, multicolored wedding dress!

You know that they say; “go big or go home!” If you’re really looking for something that screams non-traditional, you may want to consider a multi-colored wedding dress with lots of bright, bold colors but a still classic basic design. This dress is for the youthful, fun bride who wants her wedding to be a real celebration. Isn’t that what weddings are about anyway? the dress in the photo above certainly isn’t going to work for every bride, but could be absolutely perfect if you’re going for an “enchanted” sort of theme. This would be a fantastic dress for a lighthearted outdoors wedding. It’s fresh, whimsical and dun but perhaps a little too non-traditional for the average bride.

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Who says you have to wear a dress to your wedding? Why not consider an elegant wedding pants suit?

The pants suit in the photo above is the absolute perfect option for a bride who doesn’t want to be confined to the idea of wearing a dress on her wedding day. There are a lot of women out there who just don’t like wearing dresses. There is no reason that a woman who doesn’t like dresses has to wear one on her wedding day to be a beautiful bride. Pants suits can make a great option, especially if you pair glowing white pants with a pretty white fitted top like the bride has done in the photo above.

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