10 of the Hottest Makeup Trends for 2018

Knowing how to properly apply makeup is important but so is staying up to date on the latest makeup trends. While I’ve already talked in great length about applying makeup we haven’t really touched on what’s happening right now in makeup. We’re going to change that now. In today’s post, we’ll talk about ten of the hottest makeup trends for 2012 and help you understand how to make those trends work for you.

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Doll Faced Inspired Looks

A pretty pale complexion with a light blush, pale pink lips with gloss, curled lashes and lots of mascara are the hallmarks of the doll faced looks that are becoming so popular this year. The key is to really pulling this look off is making sure you don’t just pay attention to a single element but focus instead on your face as a whole. Make sure you play up the eyes with mascara, light shadow and a little sparkle under the eyes but don’t overdo it. You still want that pretty pink pout with a nice glossy shine. Light blush sets off the look but you don’t want anything over stated or too bold. The different elements really need to work together to make this look work.

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Bold Colored Lips or Eyes

This year is all about the color! Later on we’re going to be talking about metallic colors and how different variations on that look can work for any event but for now, let’s talk about a different kind of color. A bold red lipstick on the lips with minimal eye shadow and liner is a killer look for this year but you don’t have to keep the bold colors on your lips. Bright, bold eye shadow is making a comeback in a big way. If you really want to be daring, try a dark or bright red, green or blue. Just make sure you don’t mix these trends together. Bold colors should be relegated to either the lips or the eyes – not both at the same time.

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Double Flick Eyeliner

This look is characterized by two flicks at the outer corner of your eye instead of the more traditional single flick connecting the top eyeliner line with the bottom one. To get this look, you’re going to extend the liner out past the lash lines on the top and the bottom, but you’re not going to fill in the space between the top and the bottom line, giving you a distinctive extended line on the top lid and on the bottom lid, like shown in the above photo. You can make the top line or the bottom line thicker or you can keep them even. This unique look really makes the eye pop and offers you a little versatility so you can find a variation of the look that you’re comfortable with.

Image Source: perfectmakeups.info

Smoky Eyes with a Burst of Color

Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows I’m all about smoky eyes. Smoky eyes offer a beautiful, mysterious look that works for just about any woman. For that reason, I can really get behind this new twist on the old classic. You can really use any colors you like for the lid, sticking with lighter colors on the main lid and keeping the outside corner dark. This versatility makes the look incredibly appealing to a wide range of women. You can go as bold with this look as you like. Just make sure you make your eyes the star of the show and leave your lips and cheeks stripped down.

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Minimal Makeup

With so many bold, attention grabbing trends in makeup this year, perhaps one of the more surprising trends is the minimal makeup trend that is so hot right now. Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Dianna Agron and Jessica Alba have all been spotted with nearly nude faces and you can be daring enough to go for this look too. Apply your foundation and concealor as you normally would and then choose pale, nearly nude shades for the eyes and lips. Go for a matte finish on the cheeks (we’ll tell you how in a moment). You’ll look like you’re barely wearing any makeup at all, giving you a fresh faced, natural look that is classic but still trendy.

Image Source: talkingmakeup.com

Matte Complexion

This is a huge trend right now, perhaps offering an alternative for someone who wants to do something other than that sun kissed glow we talked about at the beginning of the article. It also perfectly compliments the minimal makeup look we talked about above. To get this look, you’re going to start by applying a good primer. A primer basically prepares your skin for your makeup and provides a great base for foundation. Choose a powder based foundation and apply it as you normally would apply foundation but leave your forehead bare. Just apply the foundation to the center of your face and finish up by blending it toward the outer corners of your face. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when going for this look is to make sure you leave your highlighters or illuminator products in your makeup bag. You want a basic, naked faced look and you’ll lose the effect if you add highlighters and illuminators.

Image Source: bevoguish.com

Mascara On Bare Eyes

This trend, inspired by models like Twiggy who made the look popular in the ‘60s, really started last year but now as we enter the end of the summer season, it’s really starting to pick up steam again. This is actually one of my favorite trends because it’s bold, unexpected and definitely draws a lot of focus to the eyes. It’s also a pretty simple look to do. Instead of adding mascara to complete an eye makeup look, you’re using mascara as your eye makeup look. To really pull this one off, you’re going to skip the eyeliner and shadow and just use mascara on your eyes. You are, however, going to want to use a base of eyelash primer to make sure you have a solid base to work with. Once your primer is in place, you really just need to brush on a few coats of mascara, apply the rest of your makeup and you’re good to go.

Image Source: Seventeen

Bold Brows

Every so often, bold brows come back in fashion and this makes me very happy. I have thick, prominent brows and hate plucking so this trend is perfect for me. Young stars like Lily Collins and Lucy Hale are really leading the pack in this resurgence of bold brows and they pull it off beautifully. To really do this look right, you need to make sure you keep the femininity of your brows intact. You’re going to want to fill your brows in with a color that is one to two shades lighter than the natural color of your brow but it’s important that you don’t just focus on the color. Look for the direction the brows naturally grow in. When you’re filling in your brow, follow the same direction. This gives you a neat, natural look while also making sure your brows make a statement.

Image Source: makeupbox.tumblr.com

Metallic Colors

There is no doubt that metallic colors are a bold choice. Whether you’re using metallic lip color, eye color or even nail color, these colors make a statement. One of my favorite nail polishes is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Lacquer in Chrome. It is definitely eye catching but the trick is to avoid going over the top. When I wear my chrome nail polish, I don’t wear metallic colors on my face. Stick to either metallic colors on your eyes, your lips or your nails. If you do opt for metallic eye color, keep it under your eye or on the inner and outer corners of your eyes for a more subtle look. You can do dramatic smoky eyes and use metallic shadow to really make the look even more dramatic but for every day wear, that much metallic shadow will just be too much. A little touch around your eyes will be more than enough for work or a casual day out. Oh course, all bets are off if you really want to make a bold, standout statement as the model in the photo above has done. Absolutely incredibly combination of metallic colors on the lid, complimented by another beautiful metallic color on the lips.

Image Source: sheknows.com

Retro Glamour

Curled lashes, glossy red lips, perfect skin and eyes lined nearly in brown and black? That’s retro glamour at its finest and it also happens to be one of the biggest trends this season. If we think back only a few years, a lady by the name of Christina Aguilera was sporting a look just like this one. I loved it when she did it and I love it now that the fashion industry is catching up and giving their models this look on the runway.

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