10 Ways to Rock a Tank Top

Tank tops are by far my favorite fashion staple simply because a good, classic tank never goes out of style and is incredibly versatile. The color choices are endless and so are your options for wearing them. I have a whole drawer in my dresser (okay, I lied – two full drawers) filled with tank tops is every imaginable color. They’re an inexpensive wardrobe staple any women can incorporate into her wardrobe for a classic look. This article offers up my ten favorite ways to wear a tank top but please note, we’re only scratching the surface. There are tons of options out there so be creative and have fun.

image source: glamourmagazine.co.uk

01: Black or white tank top with skinny jeans and boots.

This is one of my favorite tank top looks simply because it’s so simple but so stylish. In the photo above, Vanessa is rocking this look like a boss, looking chic while still looking casual. This is the perfect outfit for running errands around town or casual get togethers with friends. I also like rocking this look with booties. You really can’t go wrong with a look like this one. Add a bold statement necklace or a few bangle bracelets and you’ve got a great look for a party too.

image source: couturecarrie.blogspot.com

02: White tank top with black skirt and black knee high boots.

I love everything about this look although if I’m being honest, I like a nice pleated black skirt and a more traditional tank top over the slightly more trendy look in the photo above. Either works fine though and you should wear what speaks to you. I have a pair of knee high lace up front, side zipper boots with a chunky heel I love wearing with black pleated skirts and white tank tops any time I’m going somewhere that isn’t exactly casual but isn’t exactly formal either. I love the addition of the skull cap on this photo though. It gives the look that extra hit of flare to really top off the outfit.

Image source: fashiondivamommy.blogspot.com

03: Bold tank top with skinny jeans and flats.

This is another great casual look any woman can wear. The best thing about this look is that you can really make it you. You can choose a tank with a fun saying, a bold print, a bright color or all over the above, throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers and you’ve got a look that looks fabulous. I like wearing bright yellow, pink or blue shirts over skinny jeans when I’m in the mood to be casual but have a little fun with my look at the same time. That’s really what this one is all about – a great way to feel better instantly.

image source: weheartit.com

04: White tank top under a black blazer.

What I really like about this particular look is that it can easily be casual or more formal depending on what you choose to pair it with. In the photo above, 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord has managed to pull off a versatile look that isn’t quite completely casual but isn’t formal either. This is the perfect day to night look which is a big part of the appeal, for me at least. Throw on a black skirt and black pumps for your day job but keep a faded pair of blue jeans and a pair of boots, sneakers or other casual footwear and you’re ready for work or play.

image source: werisemag.com

05: Long tank top under a bomber jacket.

Another classic look for this versatile wardrobe staple. I love bomber jackets and they’re definitely hot right now and they look fantastic over a tank top and jeans. I like a nice, long grey tank under my bomber jacket but the look also works with white or black tank tops as well. I personally prefer wearing a lighter colored tank with my dark bomber jackets and darker colored tanks with my lighter bomber jackets because it offers an appealing contrast but you can choose dark on dark or light on light if you prefer.

image source: neimanmarcus.com

06: Tank top under a knitted sweater, cable knit sweater or cardigan.

One of these days, I’ll get a new digital camera so I can take photos of my own wardrobe so I can better illustrate these points but for now, I must search the internet for things that come close to getting my point across. This is one of those times that it’s almost there but not quite. I like long tank tops, especially lace bottom tank tops under sweaters. I do like the look in the photo above, but I prefer closed sweaters with just a hint of the tank top peeking out under the bottom of the sweater. It’s flirty, fun but still stylish and chic.

image source: tobi.com

07: Long tank top under a button-up shirt.

As with the sweater/tank top combo we just talked about, I like wearing my tanks just a little bit longer than the over shirt so the bottom of the tank just peeks out underneath. The great thing about a button up shirt over a tank though, is that you can wear the button up in so many different ways. Leave it unbuttoned, leave it buttoned halfway, button it up entirely or, to be a little playful, do up one of two buttons in the middle and tie the ends up around your ribs.

image source: style4point0.com

08: Black or white tank top with boyfriend jeans and sneakers.

Boyfriend jeans are hot this year and it’s really no wonder why. They’re super comfortable – a great alternative to skinny jeans when you’re just looking for something a little more relaxed. I love what Megan Fox has done in the photo above. By adding the sweater and keeping her hair and makeup simple, she’s really nailed a refreshingly casual look any woman can pull off. If you want to add a little something extra, throw on a hat or do a casual updo and put on a casual beaded necklace.

image source: curvio.com

09: Black tank top with black skirt and bold accessories.

While the above photo of Kim Kardashian’s black shirt and black tank top combo isn’t ideal, it does show that black on black can really work. Imagine this look without the sweatbands and you’ll see it’s a great, casual outfit. You could even dress this up for a more formal event (not black tie, but semi-casual) by adding a silver chain belt and some basic silver or gold jewelry. Pair it with a pair of stylish black shoes and you’ve got yourself a great look.

image source: werdyo.com

10: Long tank top (any matching color) with maxi-skirt.

I love tank tops with maxi-skirts. It’s just such a classic, casual look you can really have a lot of fun with. I also really like swapping out the maxi-skirt for a nice, classic sarong. This look is just so versatile and can really stand out if you accessorize with the right jewelry. For the look Alessandra Ambrosio is rocking in the photo above, I’d suggest a long necklace with a shorter, chunky beaded necklace and a few silver or gold colored bangles.

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