12 Shoe Trends to Incorporate in Your Wardrobe this Season

There is a close, deep and almost intimate relationship between a woman and her shoes. While thoroughly explained by Carrie Bradshaw some time ago, this immutable partnership is strongly backed up by the fashion industry.

We have seen many fashion collections from Paris, to Milan, and from New York and to Beijing, all showing off the hottest spring – summer outfits trends of 2016. But runways around the world also made room for some incredible footwear trends, and this is something we cannot overlook.

This year it seems that all major fashion designers competed against each other to bring women everywhere the most interesting, innovative and striking shoes models, colors and shapes and let us tell you: they are all glorious!

High heels, flatforms, reinvented pumps, elegant, sporty or naughty, this season the new shoes trends have taken the cake and everybody speaks about them. So let’s see today’s 12 shoes trends to incorporate in your wardrobe and enjoy no matter the occasion!


1. The Pointy-Toe Heels with a Twist

Before anything else, you should know that this spring – summer season is all about heels. Some may be low and some may be quite high, but it’s your feminine style that these new trends are counting on. And heels have always been associated with elegance, grace and seduction.

The pointy-toe trend mixes the classic Oxfords with a more slingback style, allowing for interesting cuts, ankle straps and laced up pieces in front. If you have narrow feet and are faithful to the stilettos, this is the trend for you, no matter what color you pick.

How to Style Them: They work divinely with office outfits, but also casual ones involving skinny jeans and midi skirts.


2. Shoes that Show Some Skin

Better known in the fashion world as “eyelet cutouts”, these shoes come to compliment and add up to the clothes’ trends this year – which sport numerous cutouts and show skin where nobody expected to see some. The eyelet cutout shoes and sandals this season truly draw attention downward, being comfortable and efficient at the same time. They let your feet breathe and enjoy summer, while turning you into a red carpet diva.

How to Style Them: Choose some bold colors and turn them into your go-to footwear for casual hanging out moments, summer late dinners and mid-day summer casual – chic outfits.


3. Lucite Heels or How to Become a Fairy

While there are usually many tips and tricks to consider when rocking a pair of high-heeled shoes, we believe that the Lucite heels require a different handbook altogether.

One of the hottest trends this year – transparent, almost invisible soles, platforms and heels can turn any woman into a fairy, as the visible shoe parts look like vines delicately wrapping your ankles. Such heels go great with glittery pointy-toes, floral appliqués, mules, platform sandals and pumps.

How to Style Them: They are made to impress, so keep them for high-end parties, romantic dinners, wedding parties and so on. They need to be seen, so you might want to choose midi skirts and dresses for the occasion (in luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, silk or lace).


4. The Slingback Style for All Occasions

If the Lucite heels managed to bring a fresh and feminine vibe to your outfit, the slingback design has the advantage of adding a touch of versatility in the mix. These types of shoes come in many versions, from fringed models to chunkier ones sporting crisscrossed chains on black straps. Some rely on platforms, others feature open toes and floral embroideries.

Some are dressed up in denim, while others take the shape of slingback sneakers for a casual, sexy look. This year is going to be all about slingback sandals which go great with office attires, jeans and tees for summer outfits, and maxi dresses for late night parties.

How to Style Them: Given their versatility, you can easily wear them from early spring to late summer with just about anything you own, from cropped trousers to maxi summer dresses.


5. Ankle Strapped Shoes for Versatile Outfits

It doesn’t matter if you need some pumps for the office, some Lucite heels for a wedding ceremony or some kitten heels for casual days to hang out with friends. Ankle strapped shoes and sandals have been in fashion for a long time, but this year they are making a stylish comeback.

Besides the timeless leather ankle straps, you might want to try out ankle chains and ankle pearl bracelets, floral vines going up your leg, pearl studded straps, gingham patterns and so on. The beauty of the ankle strapped shoes is that they are not dependent on the shoe model per se. You can have pointy-toe heels, open toes, wedge heels and so on. The straps make the difference this year and they will make faithful companions for the seasons to come.

How to Style Them: Your little black dress will feel like the prom queen if you accessorize it with these shoes, but they also go great with colorful skirts and dresses, cropped pants and office suits.


6. Classic Mules for Women Who Know How to Wear High Heels

The problem with very high heels and slip-on shoes is that they can get rather uncomfortable and risky. The shoes might slip off your feet or, if you are not used to wearing them, they might even lead to accidents. But the classic mules have blessed the runways this year as well, proving that they are still a strong symbol of feminine charms and attitude.

You may pick black classic ones to go with your power suit, golden chained ones in pastel colors for summer wedding parties, pointy ones for a refreshed casual look and so on. Classic mules are in and out of themselves a thing of beauty and no one wondered why they were still appraised on the catwalk the second year in a row.

How to Style Them: Such mules definitely need a dress or a skirt, as they are narcissistic enough to want to be seen. They also feel great in chic environments, such as your corporate office, your anniversary party, a charity ball, a wedding party and even a casual occasion (if matched with the right accessories).


7. The Heavy Chunky Shoes for You to Keep Both Feet on the Ground

These heavy designs seem to be made for women who don’t want to risk tripping, slipping or falling in the middle of the street. Some ladies need to feel like walking on solid grounds and love a good pair of versatile sandals to go with anything.

Granted, these models are not as flattering as say, the timeless stilettos, but they are indeed more durable and reliable, especially if you have an active life keeping you walking all day long. Chunky shoes come in a wide variety of models: you can have some gorgeous espadrilles, some slides in studs and buckles, added chains to heels and open toes, crisscross slingback models and so on.

How to Style Them: They are meant to be by your side no matter the occasion, so you can pair them with cropped pants, skinny jeans, midi skirts, summer shorts and even see-through summer dresses (for a contrasting effect). They also go great with statement handbags and oversized purses for a balanced look.


8. Silver Shoes to Make You Look Like a Princess

This year is definitely going to be all about glitter, glam and gold. This year’s spring fashion trend report emphasized the rise of the high-gloss luxury, translated into shimmering fabrics and a glam atmosphere. Silver and gold are, of course, the key figures of this trend and shoes were invited to the party as well.

Some took the fairytales seriously and made special silvery stilettos for weddings and high-end parties, while others took a more postmodern approach, coming up with lace-up bootie-looking slides for special occasions. Snakeskin? Lucite heels? Ankle straps? Pearl and gems studs? You name it! Silver is here, no matter the fabric, pattern or heel type and looks luxuriously fashionable any time of day.

How to Style Them: Silver super high heels can be your one and only accessory to your little black dress, while silver/black tiger striped and streaked sandals go great with a bold office outfit. They need to be paired with the correct accessories and we think about sterling silver jewelry, white or black pearls and some brightly colored outfits.


9. All Tied-Up in Straps, Bows and Ribbons for a Surreal Look

One of the biggest fashion trends this year is focused on oversized bows, ribbons, ties and straps. Of course the shoes fashion has its own saying in this, showing off all possible designs and models featuring gingham ribbons, leather straps, snakeskin straps and silky dreamy vines.

Tied-up shoes and sandals can make you feel like you traveled back to the early 2000s, but you shouldn’t fret. There is always a new twist to an old trend and you can clearly figure this one out: the flattest flats possible come in wide satin straps, while gingham ribbons partner up with red futuristic high heels for a surreal effect.

How to Style Them: Such pieces of art can be worn at the office, in casual street-smart contexts and at hot summer parties. For a full effect, pick a bow-featured dress or an oversized man tie to go with your office attire.


10. The Stylish Sneakers Matching Your Summer Dress

Sneakers are not new when it comes to fashionable footwear. Some also developed heels and high platforms in the last years, but we all know we can’t have new shoes trends without having sneakers as well. The twist this season comes from the sneakers that match the dress.

Flower patterns are huge right now and sneakers couldn’t have stayed behind. No matter what sneaker model you are into (high heeled, slingback, bootie, flat or slide style), matching your sneaker pattern to your summer dress pattern is the way to go this season. In ancient times, women used to match their purses to their shoes, but in our contemporary world, it’s the shoes and dress match-up that count!

How to Style Them: Sneakers made it into business outfits as well, so it is hard to tell you how and where to wear them. Depending on the sneakers – dress pattern, you can take them at the beach, at a casual summer party, at the movies and so on.


11. Fringe like the 70s for Ladies with a Vintage Soft Spot

Speaking about matching shoes and purses, we hope you noticed that the 70s are back somehow. We are talking about fringes and if we were to be completely honest, fringes have been seen on runways since last year. What is amazing this season is the perfect coordination between the fancy fringed and tasseled bags and the fringed (vintage-looking) shoes and sandals.

If you want to pull off an intriguing ensemble this season, pick some divine looking orange fringed suede laced-up heels and match them with a fringed purse for a romantic look with a twist of warmth and fun. When it comes to a matching bag, sky is the limit: go for a funky futuristic clutch with metallic tassels or a retro rodeo full-fledged saddle bag.

How to Style Them: They go great with a matching purse, but it is not mandatory. Fringed shoes and sandals can go many places, depending on their color and style. They are versatile enough to rise to any occasion, be it formal or casual.


12. Plaid Prints for Girls Who Love a Fun Picnic

Plaid and gingham patterns make terrific clothes and accessories this year. They add a touch of cuteness and joie de vivre to any outfit, especially if you go for wraparound straps and platforms or gingham tie-on straps over red stilettos. The bright studded finish of these shoes and sandals is what it makes them gorgeous and original. You can find them mixed with flats, pumps and platforms, slip-ons and sneakers as well. They have a retro and contemporary look at the same time; they bring comfort and make awesome companions all summer long.

How to Style Them: Flatter your own beauty, style and personality and take them to the office, at a girls’ night-out in the club, at a picnic (obviously!), at a date and at family dinner with your parents. They go divinely with summer casual outfits, beach outfits, dresses, jeans and cropped monochrome pants.

These are some of the hottest shoes trends to wear this year and incorporate in your wardrobe! Do you have other favorite shoes’ trends and models you’d love to wear this season?

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