20 Best Life-Saving Tips for getting Ready Quick in the Morning

Do you get afraid each and every morning you get up? Afraid of getting ready for work as quick as possible! But each time you try to get ready faster, you fail to do so miserably. Is that so? The after effects of reaching office late as a result of taking oodles of time to for getting can be quite grave. So grave that your boss might rub off his feet on you in the morning!

Wouldn’t it be magical if somebody hand you really crucially needed tips which would state the ways of getting ready as quick as possible, without compromising your looks of course! Do not fret anymore because there surely is a way and that too mentioned in this very article! Consider it a boon but these tips surely works wonder each and every time you wish to rush to office looking prim and proper, and that too within time! Get hold of a pen and paper and jot down these super necessary ways of getting ready faster. Do not forget to follow these ways by heart as it surely can be a life saver for you. Hope you like reading this article. Happy Reading!

1.Go for body shower gel comprising of moisturizer:1

The mere idea of taking shower early in the morning, drying yourself off and then getting hold of a moisturizer which you apply on your body gives you creeps? Keep all these tensions at bay by going for shower gel consisting of moisturizer as a vital element too. Not only does it save time, but it also makes your skin super soft and is healthy for it! All you have to do is use this shower gel and rinse off properly! Isn’t it pure Genius!

2.Use Shampoo with Conditioning property:2

Shampooing your hair and then using conditioner separately sure seems a lot of work and eats up all of the time. Now you can save up your time by getting hold of shampoo which contains all conditioner property too!

3.Use Microfiber Fabric Towel after taking Bath:3

After you shampoo your hair, most of your time gets wasted to dry your hair, isn’t it so? Thus it is recommended that those who remain on their heels most of the time should use a microfiber fabric towel to wrap their hair which absorbs most of the wetness from hair! Fabulous!

4.Foundation with all the properties:4

You should always buy a foundation which other than covering up the much covering-needed blemishes as well as give proper glow to your skin too! After all, in order to save your time, you cannot compensate with your looks!

5.Contour the Cheekbones properly:5

Do you wish to contour your cheeks properly but do not have enough time as you got to rush to work? Do not worry as you can use a brush, apply the bronzer starting from your hairline towards the jaw (draw a number 3 but not visible!). Do the same on the other cheek too and voila! Get sexy cheeks in a jiffy!

6.Use pre-decided eyes shades:6

As you have to reach your work as quick as possible, it isn’t possible to waste your time on deciding what eye shadow to apply. Create your own palette which matches with your eyes and skin and you do not have to waste even a moment ever anymore!

7.Make use of Navy Blue eyeliner:7

Did you party super late last night and got up with red and puffy eyes? If you do not wish to arrive to work like a total mayhem, go for navy blue eyeliner as they hide all the redness successfully as well as make you appear as fresh as a morning flower!

8.Choose Hair product Cleverly:8

Instead of using several hair products, use just one which has all the various properties of other hair products combined in it. It surely saves up time!

9.Same product everywhere:9

In order to save time use the same product on your eyes, cheeks and even your lips! This surely works wonders with your looks.

10.Skip makeup when required:10

If you do not have even a fraction of second left to ten to yourself before leaving for work, then you should definitely skip the makeup and instead go just for a red lipstick.

11.Braid your Hair:11

If you wish to flaunt waves in the morning when you get up, braid your hair the night before for that!

12.Depend upon Mascara:12

Make your eyes pop out by applying mascara to your eyes before heading out in the morning for work! Instead of going about all the usual hoopla that consumes your time, go for mascara which brings life to your eyes!

13.Go for Texturizing Sprays:13

If you wish to get those sexily tousled tresses in jiffy, then you should definitely go for this texturizing spray!

14.Use Brow Mascaras:14

Stop wasting your time fiddling with eye brow pencils and instead go for brows mascara which fills your brow quite impeccably and save you lots of time!

15.Use a Shining Spray:15

Revive your dull and damp hair by going for the much coveted nowadays shine sprays! It save your time and make you look like a cutie faster!

16.Lip color on Cheeks:16

If you are running out of time for applying blush on your cheeks and still need to look impeccable then you can easily use your lip tints to brighten the color of your cheeks! Ain’t it smart?

17.Concealer, not Highlighter:17

Always remember that you are on a tight schedule here so do not waste your time in applying a highlighter under your eyes. Instead go for concealers which saves up time!

18.Make use of Tools:18

Technology sure comes in with a helping hand when we are on a tight schedule. Tools like blow dryers, irons etc are surely life savers!

19.Fingers, not Brush:19

To save most of your time use your fingers to apply makeup and not the brush.

20.Hide with Chignon:20

If you are having one of those bad hair day, then go for chignon hairstyle!

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