20 of the Hottest White Tattoo Designs

It’s no secret that there is an abundance of overly trendy, clichéd designs in the world of tattoo art. If you’re seeking a design that you’re unlikely to see tatted on several other people as you navigate through your daily life, consider a white ink tattoo.

While the concept is a unique one, the subtle nature of the white tattoo also makes it the perfect choice for those who may have reservations about getting inked. The lighter your skin, the more subdued the appearance of your chosen design will be, making it a fantastic way to ease into the world of ink masters. Although it will generally glow when placed under an ultraviolet light, this is only something to consider if you frequent hot spots that use black lights and strobes.

The only downside to a white tattoo is the fact that it fades more easily than its colored counterparts. But in our opinion, having to get a touch-up every now and then is a small price to pay for a tattoo that’s truly original.

We scoured the Web for the twenty hottest white tattoo designs to inspire you to try something innovative and new when getting your next piece of ink:

  1. 8b7154741fee800c34fee7965683ea5bThis tiny bird design proves that subtle can also be sexy. Barely visible even when wearing the most revealing tops, it’s otherwise kept secret between the wearer and those with whom she is intimate.
  2. b66bdffd0b799be990aa370e0c02fc5cDeeply personal tattoos are even more poignant when etched into the skin with white ink. Only readable upon close examination, this tattoo is the exact replica of a note written by a parent to the inked individual.
  3. white ink tattoo designsSpeaking of personal tattoos, there’s nothing more intimate than the bond of marriage. White ink is a subtle way to pay homage to the one you love with matching wedding ring tattoos.
  4. e32387967128b83dcb2533122d34f79eThis tattoo captures the intricacy of henna art in a permanent tattoo. As a person tans throughout the summer, the tattoo becomes even more prominent against the skin.
  5. white tattoo designsWhite ink makes it seem as though this mandala tattoo has actually been carved rather than inked into the skin’s surface. When looking to achieve such an effect, make sure to work with a tattoo artist who has lots of experience with white ink.
  6. oZG3aUnfortunately, tattoos are frowned upon in many professional environments, which is certainly a predicament for those who proudly rock full-sleeve designs. Due to its muted appearance, this white sleeve tattoo is less likely to be banned at the office, saving you from having to wear long sleeves even when the A/C unit is broken at your office!
  7. 4bee2986e89225b24abc5559093f76a2Celebrate natural simplicity with this feminine floral tattoo, which is designed entirely in white ink and prominently placed on the foot.
  8. 170894f02c1734b8cd4f9d885e106370If you’re torn between white ink and a colorful design, this white and red floral tattoo is the ideal selection for you. Simply outlined in red, the addition of color highlights the white design and makes it pop against the skin.
  9. white-ink-feather-tattooWhite ink creates a textured appearance on the skin that tattoos with strong pigmentation simply can’t achieve. While this feather would certainly look great in color, white ink creates the illusion that it has been sewn onto the skin’s surface.
  10. 17fb63e90777866f4f71470aaf573f1fWhile most choose white ink based on its appearance, the color of your tattoo can also play into its meaning. The combination of white and black ink in this design correlates directly to its deeper significance.
  11. whiteinktattoo00018Sometimes we all need a little reminder throughout the day that there’s a reason to push on, despite any challenges we may face. While others may not even notice it, the person who has this tattoo inked on his hand will get the pick-me-up he needs every time he glances down.
  12. white-ink-28Large designs, like this one that lines the torso, are extremely dramatic when tatted in bold pigments. The white outline presents this “wings and stars” design in a more subtle way, making it ideal for tattoo virgins.
  13. 44f9c38e7931c1d8b3c9302a73ad2713Are you looking for a little bit of ink, but you aren’t sure what to choose as a design? These white ink starbursts, tattooed onto the fingers, are a simple way to ease into the tattoo world. Free of a deep and meaningful significance, this design is also likely to be recognized only by those who closely examine your hand.
  14. white-ink-biochemical-tattooIf you aren’t already set on snagging some white ink, this fact will seal the deal: While white tattoos are light and easily missed in regular light, ultraviolet lights can cause them to glow! Because jellyfish appear to “light up” in certain environments, it seems appropriate to tat one onto the skin in white ink that will also glow.
  15. 60338c3af415d9b523f570167eded8f3.600xThis tattoo pays tribute to the acclaimed Carson McCullers novel of the same name. While a tattoo featuring text can seem a bit overbearing when inked in black, white ink gives it an inconspicuous appearance.
  16. QTUXV4bWe don’t mean to sound judgmental, but tattoos placed on your noggin usually come across as weird and just plain creepy. However, if you really want some ink on your cranium, the best way to do it is with white ink due to the understated effect it creates.
  17. We think this dainty white anchor tattoo would look fantastic against fingernails slicked in a navy shade, creating a truly nautical look.
  18. white-ink-tattoo-on-ankleThis slogan tattoo is already inconspicuous with its placement, but the fact that it’s inked in white makes it even more discreet in nature.
  19. 08ee883a547ea1f34c1745246495271fIt seems only fitting that a design representing one’s lifeline would appear as though it has been etched into the skin.
  20. 0071e7ee2a6f24c6a6b617e5234fb90aThis spinal design featuring the phases of the moon is as lovely as it is lunar. The contrast between the white hue and natural skin tone is soft and romantic.

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