22 Great Ideas for Animal Print Nail Arts

Nail art is on every fashion lover’s mind nowadays and is also quite in vogue! So if you are an accessory person, you must surely browse all the ideas available on internet and in fashion magazines! Nail art designs doesn’t necessarily need to be constricted to just some abstract artwork, dots or stripes! If you are an animal lover or have a pet whom you love to the death, then you can dedicate that love in the form of a nail art! Yes! Now you can also get the animal prints imprinted on your nails. If you are an artistic person, then all the better for you as you can draw these themes so easily at home!

And even if you are not an artistic person, do not fret! Nail stickers, 3d styled nail sticker, water decals and various other nail embellishments are so easily available in the markets nowadays that nail art is like a piece of cake now! So sit back now and have fun reading this informative article which would help you in discovering so many new animal prints which would look super awesome on your nails! Happy Reading!

The Great Ideas are mentioned below.

1.Leopard Inspired Nail Print1 again           

Leopard inspired nail print dignifies your wilder side of personality, its totally in fashion and goes on with any cool outfits and accessories. So this season girls try out this new style of nail print. Roar !

2.Neon Inspired Leopard Nail print2

Getting this type of nail print is very easy .Get your nail painted white, apply some cool random neon nail color and later outline the leopard prints. Neon colors are perfect for summer.

3.Zebra inspired Nail Paint3

Zebra nail print is easy to do just like leopard prints. It is completely new and very fashionable. Apply white nail paint and outline it with amazing zebra print which will look fabulous on nails.

4.Giraffe Inspired Nail Print4

Giraffe inspired nail prints are the easiest to do. Apply brown base coat and define shape from yellow nail paint or get nail tattoo with giraffe print which are available in every stores. These are completely new in fashion.

5.Cow Inspired Nail Print5

Cow nail print can be done at home by applying white base coat and making random shapes by black nail paint and add up few nail glitter to make your nail print look more attractive.

6.Butterfly Inspired Nail Print6

Butterfly nail print are very attractive and goes on every occasions . Neon color base coat will look very chic and you can use nail art pens or nail art stamps which can be easy available to get this sexy nail print.

7.Snake Inspired Nail Print7

This look is very gothic and has a metallic touch in it. Apply dark shade as base coat and later use black nail paint to make snake print using sponge, nail paint or nail stamps.

8.Snake Inspired nail print in various colors8

Snake inspired paint can be done by using various neon colors like pink, yellow, green. Make it the way you want.

9.Impeccibly Matched animal nail print9

You can mix and match the animal prints you wish for on your nails. Like cow prints, snake prints, leopard prints. It is totally in fashion and gives you a funky look.

10.Neon Print on Nude Nail Varnish10

Nude color or transparent base coat and apply random funky neon colors like pink, yellow, green and orange to give it an amazing look.

11.Different Animal Nail Print11

Various different animal prints can be made on the nail to give it a funky chic look. Mix and match is in fashion which goes with every outfit.

12.Leopard and Zebra Inspired Nail print12

Getting this nail print is easy. Apply White base coat , then make leopard prints and zebra prints or vice versa. It looks very attractive as it is really uncommon.

13.Zebra Striped Inspired Nail Print13

Stripped Zebra nail print is very beautiful. As you can apply any funky neon color as the base coat and use zebra nail print stamps to get this nail print.

14.Leopard Print With a Splash of pink Nail Print14

This girlie look is very fashionable and easy to do. Getting all your nails painted pink and only one nail printed in leopard print by using nail print stamps.

15.Leopard Print With a Splash of Blue Nail Print15

This is the same style of nail print but with a splash of cool blue which gives it a less feminine look and more funky cool look. Try out girls.

16.Glittery Leopard inspired nail print16

This look is really chic and is easy to get. Just apply glitters by nail art pen or nail glitters on your leopard print nail paint which looks really fashionable. Go wild girls.

17.Rhinestone Embellishment On Zebra print17

This nail print is very easy to do and looks really pretty. Just apply rhinestone on your zebra nail print which can be available in the nail art kit. It gives your nails a classy look for the party.

18.Panda Inspired Nail Print18

Panda inspired nail prints are completely in fashion and can be done easily by applying white base coat and drawing shapes from black nail paint, Looks Amazing.

19.Ruffian inspired nail print19

Let your imagination run wild and creative and get a ruffian inspired nail print which looks really beautiful.

20.French Inspired Nail Print20

Now you can get your nail tips colored in animal prints by using nail art pens or nail stamps which looks really fabulous.

21.Matte finish zebra nail print21

Matte finish zebra nail print looks really pretty and is easy to get just by applying black matte finish black nail paint and then getting zebra print by nail stamps. It’s a new look which is pretty chic

22.Lady Bug inspired nail print22

This cute lady bug inspired nail print is really easy to make by applying red and black nail paint. All you need is an arty hand.

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