3 Tips to Take Care of Your Sunglasses so They Last

Sunglasses are in every household- everyone has at least one pair to say the least! To protect our eyes from the sun and sometimes to make a fashion statement. Either way, it’s safe to say that there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t utilize sunglasses for one purpose or another. We often tend to overlook the importance of taking care of our sunglasses mainly because we really don’t know how to.


This is why you need to read on to follow the 3 main important steps that will certainly make sure to have your sunglasses last for much longer.

What to do to prevent scratches

The worst thing that  can happen to a pair of sunglasses is having a scratch- or even a couple! They either ruin the look of the shades or are annoying when you wear them. So there are two options here- either you take preventative method and make sure that you clean them regularly, pack them well when you’re not wearing them and keep them away from sharp objects or from the risk of falling onto the ground – or if they are already scratched then you can go for the next option. If your shades are scratched beyond recognition than you can get lenses, even if they are from different brands including these options, such as Spy, Oakley and Prada, just to name a few, and have it replaced as if they are brand new all over again! This surely saves a considerable amount of cash and also transforms your favorite frame into having a new look altogether.

Always keep them clean

This tip is pretty obvious. But you have to make sure that you do this right, otherwise you could actually end up causing more damage than there was before you cleaned it. It’s important that you use the correct cloth, preferably a microfiber one, and be sure to have this cloth to put aside exclusively for cleaning your sunglasses, nothing else. There are also special sprays available that are made for cleaning lenses, so please make sure that you have that with you at all times so that you can keep them clean and avoid getting marks and scratches on them- this way, they’re bound to live for much longer and continue to look good as new.


The right way to keep them away

There are a couple of tips that you need to remember when putting your sunglasses away. Make sure that you have a hard case to put them away so that they don’t run the risk of being squashed or damaged. Always handle them gently and with care, and don’t have them resting on top of your head because all of these things risk stretching the handles and having the screws loose. It’s true that they are sunglasses, but exposure to excessive heat, especially if you leave them lying out on the beach or in the car can actually ruin the color and damage the frame.


If you just follow the simple steps that we’ve provided and give your shades that little bit of extra care and attention, then you’ll be surprised to find out how much longer they will last. The best part is that you also have the option of changing the lenses in case they’re already scratched or you simply want a new look and  color with your favorite frames. The more you care, the longer they will last.

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