3 Way Winged Eyeliner Technique Tutorial in 15 Easy Steps

Are you simply tired of donning to same eye look again and again each and every day? An eyeliner is supposed to bring out the beauty of your eyes and make you look super attractive. But the same old black flick on your lids everyday becomes quite monotonous. Get rid of this monotony sometimes by trying out new things too! This is what this article is all about! Shed the monotonous eye makeup which you sport around every day and try out this triple winged technique of wearing an eyeliner which is quite in vogue and looks super gorgeous as well!

This eye makeup technique is a vintage one which you can try when going out with your pals or hitting some super amazing events and parties! You can sport this looking when out shopping with friends or just chilling out at some place random. And let me assure you, creating this look isn’t a daunting and difficult task at all! With this article you will become a master in this eye makeup technique. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article articulately and become a diva instantly!

Things that you would be Requiring:

  • A good foundation and a concealer
  • A really good kohl
  • Face compact
  • A great eye shadow (should be of a lighter shade so as to make the wings look prominent more)
  • White eye pencil
  • A black liquid eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash comb

Let us get ready to follow the steps now!

Step 1: Take out the foundation and the concealer1





Clean up your eyes of any previous makeup residue and apply a good foundation and concealer on it impeccably. Finish it off by using a face compact so as to give your eyes an impeccable texture.

Step 2: Applying a Light colored Eye shadow2

Now is the time for you to apply an eye shadow (light shade). Here in the picture you can see that the model has applied a shimmering eye shadow in bronze texture which looks quite alluring. Make sure that you do not extend your eye shadow out as you will be doing a 3 winged eyeliner later one!

Step 3: Applying the Liquid eyeliner3

Be prepared with a black liquid eyeliner now because in this step you would be applying it really nicely and with lots of precision and patience! With the eyeliner draw a line commencing from the side portion of your nose as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Extending the Black eyeliner4

In this step slowly and carefully extend the small line which you have drawn earlier and create a really small and immaculate flick at the very end of your lashes (which extend out at the top). Use the eyeliner very carefully to avoid any unnecessary smudges.

Step 5: Extend the End Tail:5

After you have covered your upper lashes with the use of the liquid eyeliner, carefully extend the tail of the end flick as shown in the picture above. Extend it properly and a bit long to make the 3 wings look more prominent later on.

Step 6: Time for the Middle Wing6

Now that you have drawn the upper wing of this technique, slowly and carefully draw a middle wing now as well. Do not worry if it isn’t prominent at first as you can darken it later on too. Just concentrate on making a proper outline. If there are any unwanted smudges left behind due to your black eyeliner, correct these flaws with the help of a white pencil liner. It works wonders!

Step 7: Make the eyes Prominent7

Make the eyes look more prominent by filling up the gaps with a black eye pencil. This would make your eyes pop out much more and make the eye wings look gorgeous later on.

Step 8: Kohl on the Lower Rim8

Take out your really cool black kohl and apply it on the lower rim of your eyes right at this stage! Be careful not to smudge it. And also make sure not to draw a really thick line of kohl on your lower rims. They would steal the show from the wings!

Step 9: Use the Liquid eyeliner yet Again9

Get your black liquid eyeliner once again and extend the kohl which you have already drawn on your lower eye rim as shown in the picture above! This 3rd flick will then become the very last wing of your eyes! Make sure the third wing a straight and not a crooked one.

Step 10: Make things Perfect10

If there are any flaws in any of the steps committed by you, you can correct them now! As mentioned previously, you can use a white eye pencil to correct any distorted lines made by you. Make sure to join the upper and lower ends of the eye liner commencing at the end of your nose as shown in the picture above.

Step 11: Make the Eyes Pop Out11

Now is the time for you to use your magic wand. Yes! I am talking about Mascara! Define your beautiful eyes by using your super luscious mascara wand.

Step 12: Using the Eyelash Comb12

Use your eyelash comb to comb your lashes and make them stand out prominently.

Step 13: Using the Eyelash Curler13

This tool is quite a handy one when it comes to defining a woman’s eyes. You need to use an eyelash curler to give that extra curl to your lashes which looks wuite stunning after the effect!

Step 14: Add Zing to your Face14

Now that you have really sexy eyes, get decked up by adding a hint of some sexy blush on your cheeks and a red lipstick on your pouty lips to complete the look! Don’t you resemble a perfect diva now?

Step 15: The total look15

You can check out the complete look at the end of all the steps in the picture above. With those smoldering eyes and an awesome makeup, you are sure to break zillion of hearts!

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