30 Of The Hottest Summer Nail Art Design Ideas

There are an infinite number of reasons that millions of people obsessively count down each year until the first day of summer rolls around. Not only is the weather filled with sunshine and warmth; there’s a sense of freedom and innocence in the air during the summer months that simply doesn’t exist at other times during the year.

While your body and mind are undoubtedly ready to have some fun when summertime rolls around, your nail art should also be able to take part in the festivities! These twenty nail designs could certainly brighten your spirits at any time of the year, but they’re especially perfect for rocking all summer long!


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Some of the best summer memories are those made over the steaming coals of a sizzling grill. This drool-worthy set of nail art will not only inspire a late-night burger run, but it will also evoke sentimental feelings about those memorable summer nights filled with good food and even better friends!


There’s no better way to beat the heat than by slurping down a frosty ice cream cone. Well, the only better approach would be to lick on a chocolate-covered ice cream cone and then paint your nails to resemble the activity!


Take the fruit salad out of the bowl at your family picnic and slick it onto your nails! You’ll most definitely have to use your strongest form of self-restraint to keep yourself from licking your fingertips.


Refreshingly cold water, bouncy beach balls, and sandy shores are all staples of a memorable summer vacation. Even after the weather has cooled down and the tans have faded, this adorable nail design will prolong the summer season for months to come.


Bumblebees may seem like the mortal enemies of humans during the summer months, but in actuality, these little buzzers won’t sting anyone. Now that you know how friendly they are, pay homage to the summery insect with these adorable bumblebee-striped nails.


You may not have cash squired away to fund a summer vacation in a tropical oasis, but there’s no reason you can’t bring the tropics to suburbia with your nail art!


We could all use a few more rays of sunshine in our lives, even during the dog days of summer. Even if the season already seems as lovely as it could possibly be, sunshine-dipped fingertips will make the summer months even brighter.


The 4th of July is the peak of a traditional, all-American summer. Share your national pride with your nail art as you watch the fireworks explode and nosh on barbecued goodies.


While the summer heat can be a much-welcomed respite from the frigid cold of the winter months, the burning temperatures can also be anything but refreshing. Slicking your nails with an icicle-inspired design not only creates a beautiful appearance; it’s also likely to cool you down more effectively than an air conditioning unit can!


While you may tan yourself in the sun right next to the sea this summer, there’s also lots of fun going on underneath it! Believe it or not, you don’t have to embark upon a scuba-diving adventure to take part in the merriment; simply paint your nails with the cutest characters to be found beneath the water’s glimmering surface.


Summer is a season of renewal, when the most beautiful flowers are finally in bloom once again after long months of hibernation. Instead of restricting such perfect plants to the outdoors, bring them along with you wherever you go with this flourishing nail art.


It’s absolutely possible to heat up even the hottest summer nights with nail art that has been inspired by the racetrack. Simply decorate your nails with the most popular colors in which a Corvette can be painted, and top with symbols to represent the sexiest cars of the summer racing season!

Essie In the Cab-Ana and Zoya Godiva

While your friends may don traditional French-tipped manicures during your annual summer beach trip, stand out by adding a distinctly sand-dipped touch to your own look. Paint your nails in a wave-inspired hue, and dip your tips in a tan powder that’s reminiscent of the sandy shores you love most while they’re still drying.


Whether you’ll be physically traveling or mentally exploring new lands through the pages of a book during your time off, summer is the perfect time to escape the realities of daily life. Why not use your nails to reflect the excitement of your adventures?


A starfish may also be referred to as a “sea star,” but you will be the true star of the summer if you’re willing to try out this intertidal design. No one will be able to forget the cute girl who rocked these adorable little creatures on her fingertips!


There’s no other time of year more appropriate to wear neon-slicked nails than the summer months. Take the heat-inspired trend a step further by rocking several neon shades at once in a unique ombre design, blending pink to orange to yellow.


There’s nothing more invigorating than stretching out poolside, sipping on a fruity cocktail in the middle of a hot summer day. Even if you’re too young to spike that mixed drink with your liquor of choice just yet, you can still get a G-rated taste of the experience with this fruity, fun nail art.


Pastel shades may be typically associated with spring, but there’s just something sexy about the way such light-colored hues play off tan, sun-kissed skin, making these Easter-inspired nails perfect for the middle of summer!

summer nail designs

We can’t think of any better sensation than the feeling of fresh, dewy grass between your toes on a cool summer evening. Even if you live in an apartment complex without a backyard, you can experience that sensation on a smaller scale by using a textured, grassy nail base any time of the year!

summer nail designs

If only we were all so lucky as to have access to our very own boat during the dog days of summer, the world would be a better place. With that said, you can still feel as though you’re about to embark upon a maiden voyage, even if you don’t have a sea vessel named after you. Just try out this easy nautical nail design, and you’ll be mentally transported onto the boat of your dreams.



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