30 Tips to Look Great in Every Photo


Tips to Look Great in Every Photo

Tips to Look Great in Every Photo

  • Remember to breathe, believe in yourself, and smile.
  • Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice posing in front of a mirror at home. If you think it looks good, it probably does. If you’re scared of the camera, it shows.
  • Putting one or two hands on your waist always creates the illusion that your legs are a little bit longer. But watch your fingers! Keep them together, not spread out.
  • If you are sitting when the camera comes out, cross your legs at your ankles. Your thighs and calves will look slimmer.
  • Face the camera side on to minimise your stomach (pulling in those muscles at the same time!).
  • Make sure the photographer is shooting from slightly above your eyeline to minimize the appearance of your chin/neck area.
  • If you have a large nose – lift your chin slightly in the photo.
  • Don’t forget to spend time on your eyebrows—they frame your face.
  • Don’t experiment with new make-up or hair just before you know you’re going to have your photo taken.
  • When you’re posing in Brazilian swimwear, you just have to think you’re the hottest girl on the planet. Arch the back, ‘tooch’ the booty—as Tyra would say—pout your lips, and look seductive.
  • Be proud of your freckles, goofy teeth, or big ears—they’re what make you unique. When you’re comfortable with yourself, it will always shine through. !
  • Use styling products that will hold your style, but won’t make your hair appear stiff and unnatural.
  • Do not use any cosmetics with a shimmery, shiny or “glowing” finish.
  • Wear earnings and a necklace. Even a simple pendant and a plain pair of earrings will add a degree of style to your outfit that will enhance your appearance.
  • At a wedding: Unless you’re the bride, avoid wearing all white. It will make you look large and distract from your face.
  • Smile with your eyes and your mouth (just as the photo is being taken, think of someone you love or think of something humorous).
  • Select an outfit that positively accentuates your figure — and make sure the neckline is also very flattering.
  • Wear only colors that you know look good on you. (Black — in moderation — is generally considered slimming.)
  • The more comfortable and relaxed you appear, the better the photo will turn out.
  • Keep your tongue behind your teeth.
  • Model photos are not what family members or friends are looking for in a picture. Don’t overdo the modeling poses.
  • Three seconds before the shutter clicks, have your head down, and then slowly bring it up. Don’t jerk your head, though that may work. Smile while bringing your head up. When the picture is taken, your mouth should be in a fully relaxed smile. This way, your face is fully relaxed.
  • If taking your own photos, on a webcam, phone camera, digital camera or something else, this takes practice. You’ll need to learn the correct angle you want to take it at, so you can move your hand to the position.
  • Fake it till you make it. People are often photogenic because they like having their picture taken. They are therefore relaxed and happy when the camera appears. If you cannot muster up genuine love of the camera, pretend you like the camera.
  • Don’t look at the camera; look through it.
  • Have a good background.
  • When in a seated group shot, be sure the chairs are placed as close together as possible. Instead of leaning in, sit up straight and relax.
  • But hey, if all else fails, Photoshop 😉

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  1. I heard lot of times from the people that their photographs does not make any sense but these are some amazing tips to look great in any photographs.

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