35 Fab Eye Makeup Tutorial of 2014 to get Inspired from

If you have a really popping and super gorgeous eyes, then you definitely love trying out different eye makeup techniques to bring out the beauty of your gorgeous eyes. This article will perfectly provide you with great and superb eye makeup from all over the globe which is trending in the fashion fraternity at present and would look mind blowing! These tricks would guide you quite successfully in transforming your eyes into that of a fragile doe.

More and more of people are trying some really daring eye makeup techniques according to their taste and preference. But I would suggest you not to try out some halloweeny like eye makeup on some normal day as that would be a disaster! So without any further delay let me present to you the best eye makeup tutorial with great pictures to help you in trying it out on your own at home! Happy Reading!

1.Subtle Mauve Eye Makeup Technique:1

Keep it sweet and simple by going for this superbly subtle yet gorgeously beautiful eye makeup technique. Make sure the black eyeliner you draw isn’t a broad one.

2.The Purplish Blue Eye Makeup Technique:2

Planning to go out on a party with all your friends? Then you should definitely go for this super rocking party eye makeup. The blue and purple combination with a hint of silver is awesome.

3.Subtle Smoky Eye Makeup Technique:3

Instead of going for a smoky eye makeup with a black eye shadow, you can try with muted colors just like shown in this picture.

4.The Golden Shimmery Eye Makeup:4

If you want that very subdue eye look combined with really sexy red pouty lips, then you should get inspiration from the look shown here in the picture above. You can carry this look even in any day event.

5.Grey Color Smoky Eye effect:5

The picture here shows how beautifully the color grey can be used to create a smoky eye effect.

6.Shimmery Purplish Green Eye Effect:6

If you are a party girl, this look would look the best on you! Flaunt your eyes in front of the admiring crowd.

7.Glittery Blue Eye Effect:7

Shine bright in blue with this shimmery effect look which remains in best eye makeup season at all times!

8.Subtle Grey Smoky Effect:8

If you like everything minimal and still wish to look the best, then this eye makeup technique is best for you.

9.The Shimmery Pink Eye Effect:9

Pink is every girls’ best friend and this color looks beautiful when applied on your eyes.

10.The Golden Smoky Effect:10

Check out this photo to know how to get the smoky eye effect using a gold color eye shadow which looks marvelous.

11.The Leopard Print Eye Look:11

Animal prints look perfect not only on the nails but even on the eyes if done perfectly.

12.Super Smoky Eye Effect:12

The black smoky eye effect is a favorite of all the girls out there. Have a look at this picture to do it yourself at home easily!

13.The Shimmering Green Eye Effect:13

Use shimmery green eye shadow for this with just a perfect hint of purple at the end of the eye which looks beautiful.

14.The Carnival Eye Effect:14

Look as if you are heading to a great carnival with this look.

15.Simple Smoky Eye Effect:15

This makeup is perfect for those who wish to look the best yet subtle even during the day time.

16.Using False Eyelashes Technique:16

False eyelashes are in vogue a lot nowadays and look simply gorgeous.

17.The Angel Eye Makeup:17

Get transformed into a fairy with this beautifully done eye makeup.

18.The Blue Eye Effect:18

This look is best suited for women at all time, be it day time, evening and even at night!

19.The Little Mermaid Look:19

Remember the Little Mermaid and the beautiful hues she used to be covered in? get those on your eyes which look really pretty.

20.The Golden Shimmery Smoky Eye:20

This is one look which would look lovely when you use them when going to parties.

21.Silvery Eye Makeup:21

Be the Diva that you are by donning this awesome party girl look.

22.Grey combined with Gold:22

Try combinations of various color, just like the gold and the grey to get an awesome eye effect.

23.Silver Charcoal Makeup:23

This makeup doesn’t require much time, glitter your eyes with silver eye shadow and you are good to go.

24.The pink and blue Hue:24

This eye makeup gives you a funky look which goes with all the occasion.

25.Stylish Smoky eye makeup:25

Smoky eyes is desired by all girls and it is very easy to do. Just follow the steps.

26.Metallic Hue eye makeup:26

All you need is a metallic shade eye shadow, false eye lashes and a deep color mascara to get this eye makeup.

27.White and Blue finish eye makeup:27

This eye makeup looks fabulous in every season all you need is a white and light blue eye liner to get this look.

28.Peacock green eye makeup:28

Look gorgeous in the party with this fabulous peacock green eye makeup hich is pretty easy to do.

29.Pink and grey finish eye makeup:29

Get this stunning eye makeup this summer by using pink and grey eye shadow with a hint of deep colored mascara.

30.Smokey Purple finish eye makeup:30

This summer try smoky purple eye makeup by using mauve eye shadow.

31.Candy technique eye makeup:31

Get this attractive candy eye makeup by using bright neon eye shadow which gives your eyes a better definition.

32.Rainbow pattern eye technique:32

This eye makeup gives your eyes a bold look and it is easy to do, all you need is colorful eye liner for this look.

33.Gold and Blue pattern eye makeup:33

All you need is golden and blue eye shadow to get this sexy look on your eyes.

34.Bird pattern eye makeup:34

You would need a white eye liner and a deep color mascara to get this classy look for summer.

35.Arabic finish eye makeup:35

This Arabic finish look is for parties which can be done easily by using glittery gold eye shadow.

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