5 Hacks for Women to Look Younger in their Selfies

Selfies have turned out to be the definitive way to take pictures and it ideally involves taking pictures using the front-facing camera rather than the back. Being in control of image in some way, getting attention, being noticed, and being part of the culture is what makes selfies popular. Most people prefer defining themselves through self-portraits which allows them to take charge. Individuals take selfies because they want to be liked and recognized. We can glowingly and gladly open up to the world if we have self-confidence and our images are picture-perfect.

Taking a selfie is easy and spot on. However, you need to have a good camera and also watch your lighting. The best time to take a photo is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful. Additionally, makeup is essential. When it comes to the world of selfies you should ensure your makeup looks incredible in every picture you take. If you are openly trying to build up a following on social media, it might be worth considering the kind of people you are doing it for. While it is all good and well, looking flawless in every shot by being more realistic is very important. You will most likely find a look that is consistent, as soon as you know how you like yourself to look. It is much easier to replicate.

To help you perfect your selfie techniques here are 5 hacks for women to look younger in their selfies.

1.Look into The Camera

Looking up towards the camera as you slightly raise your eyebrows makes your eyes appear larger and your face younger. To create a genuine look and candid bliss that will shine through in your photo think of something that truly makes you smile. Smiling involves usage of few key muscles of the face. These muscles help your face appear more even and toned. Therefore, smiling can be a hasty solution for wrinkles and fine lines. When you flash a smile for a photograph, you appear far younger than your actual age. In addition, smiling makes you feel more sociable, sincere, attractive and competent. Which automatically conveys a youthful glow to your overall personality. Smiling makes you look younger not only by shifting the lines of your face, but also by buzzing in positive changes in you.

2.Avoid Dark Shadows

Poor lighting is the enemy of photography. Without good lighting, a selfie can be grainy and blurred. Different kinds of light can create different effects in a photograph. Poor lighting makes you look older as people tend to concentrate on shadows. Natural sunlight is one of the best light sources of a selfie. Photos taken in the course of a sunny day will have sharp, bright colors and plenty of detail which makes you look younger. They are permeated with a soft and hazy atmosphere which makes your skin appear upbeat.

3.Keep Your Skin as Taut and Glowy

Flawless skin unquestionably makes women seem younger than their actual age. The skin needs to breathe overnight; always remove your makeup before your sleep time. Leaving makeup overnight clogs the pores which may cause blemishes on your skin. Occasionally exfoliate your skin to remove the layers of dead skin for a healthier glow and brighter skin. Watching what you eat is also a great way of remaining young. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar promotes a beamy skin. Further, a low-sugar diet preserves insulin levels, allowing cells to keep up a healthy balance. Similarly, to give your body the necessary blood circulation and speed up the cleansing process you need to exercise regularly.

4.Your Hair Should Be On Fleek

A good hairstyle can do wonders. Turn back time by giving a face-lift to your look. For a softer and more youthful appearance request your hair specialist to find a way to reverse your gray hair by using quality hair products. If you are looking for a shorter hairstyle, you should ask for seamless looking layers that blend together easily for a younger-looking looking style.

5.Avoid Powder

The sphere is full of makeup. Powder, for instance, sits on your wrinkles and absorbs the light to make them look more visible than before. Women time and again complain about their face looking very unnatural. Conversely, it is very difficult to get an even skin tone when using powder. If too much is applied, fine lines become more noticeable. This can make women look bogus and timeworn.

Nailing your selfie game and looking younger at the same time is no mean feat. The conditions have to be just right, with the right light and right angles. Similarly, it is important to remember that the object closest to the camera will look the largest. Lastly, filters can help smoothen out uneven skin tones, brighten your tired eyes, and enhance your physical features.


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