5 Things You Need to Do Before Proposing to Your Girlfriend


Proposing to a girlfriend can be one of the most nerve wracking, gut wrenching, and stressful situations in a man’s life. It’s also an incredibly beautiful, memorable and romantic moment in the relationship. Are you sure you’re ready? What type of engagement ring should you buy? Maybe you’re wondering what you’re going to say, or where you’re going to do it. Don’t worry, we cover everything you need to know before the big moment takes place. The stakes are high, so follow this guide of the top five things you need to do before popping that all important question.

Choose the Right Ring

Women dream about the day they’re proposed to, and especially about the ring they’re given. Don’t mess this part up! You can’t go wrong with the classics, but yellow diamonds and colored diamonds are both very popular nowadays. Choose a fancy colored engagement ring to really wow her (hint: choose her favorite color). Or, if yellow diamonds are her thing, choose a yellow diamond and design your own ring. Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with a colored diamond engagement ring!

Know Her Family

It should go without saying that you should at least be familiar with the family of your future bride. These are the people who love your girlfriend the most (besides you), and will most likely be a part of your future life. In-law relationships can be difficult to navigate, and there’s a reason why that’s a common trope in comedies. Do your best to get along with her family, and realize that they’re kind of part of the deal when marrying her.

Know Yourself

Before you can commit the rest of your life to being a husband, you need to know yourself. One of the worst things that you could do is rush into marriage without being ready. With divorce rates fluctuating between 40-50%, you need to be absolutely sure that you’re ready to settle down (for the long haul). With that being said, cold feet is completely normal. We recommend talking to someone in a successful marriage about any hesitation you might feel. Nearly everyone who is married has experienced that exact same feeling.

Know Her Friends

Just like with her family, your girlfriend’s friends are a part of her life, and will also be a part of your future life with her. It’s best to keep an amicable relationship with her friends. You certainly don’t want them mad at you, because that could leak into your actual marriage. Something else to consider is whether or not they should be involved in the engagement process.

Your future bride’s friends can be your greatest allies or your worst enemies, especially in the time leading up to the proposal. Should you tell them? It’s possible that they can give you some special tips for making the proposal extra special. It’s also possible that they will tell your girlfriend what you’re planning and ruin the surprise. Consider your options carefully here.

How You’re Going to Propose

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is the day they’re proposed to. Since she was a young girl, your girlfriend has been dreaming about this special moment.  It’s important to consider every aspect of your girlfriend’s personality. What does she like? What does she hate? Is she especially romantic? Is she practical or classical?

For example, if your girlfriend is shy and a little modest, she probably won’t enjoy a flash-mob proposal involving her family and friends. Does she hate the city? Probably not a good idea to propose to her after a night on the town. You get the idea. Align your creativity with her likes/dislikes and you’ll start fleshing out some awesome proposal ideas in no time.

What You’re Going to Say

No less important than how you’ll propose to her, are the words that you’ll actually say to her. “Will you marry me?” is of course the standard, classic, timeless question. But, you should also consider other ways of popping the question. Get creative, and leave no stone unturned. Remember that this is going to be one of the most special moments of her life.

When you know exactly how you’re going to propose (and what you plan on saying), it’s essential to practice everything before actually proposing to her. Your words should effortlessly flow from your lips, with no hesitation or awkwardness. You should be confident in your approach. Try to avoid seeming nervous (although it’s perfectly natural to be nervous). After some practice, you should be ready to make your proposal.

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