7 Accessory Trends 2016 You Don’t Want to Miss out on

Spring is fast approaching and with all the beautiful designs that have graced the runways last year fashion lovers can hardly wait to go on their next shopping trip and pick out some great outfits for the warmer days to come. But the lovely floral dresses and puffy sleeves weren’t the only things to catch our eye during fashion week: there are some stunning jewelry pieces that we just have to look at before we start dressing to impress this spring.

No outfit is ever complete without the right pair of earrings to complement it. The right necklace worn with your classy little black dress has the magic power to refresh it.

Shoes and bags have the outstanding ability to turn you into the star of the day. Choosing accessories may prove tricky at times. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the more time you invest in choosing the perfect match accessories with an eye to detail, the more enticing the results.

From Alexander Wang’s industrial inspired urban chic to Saint Laurent’s grunge princesses, from Alexander McQueen’s romantic ruffled gowns to Balmain’s curve-hugging combinations, the inspiring outfits came with lovely jewelry to compliment and complete each designer’s unique concept. Now that we’ve seen it all we can excitedly list some of the most visible jewelry trends that could be found across the spring 2016 fashion shows.

Times are a’changing and fashion makes no exception. We’ve compiled a list of the most outstanding accessory trends 2016 to help you navigate every fashionista’s maze.


Bags & Shoes

The 70s are making a comeback this year through leather items, both in terms of bags and footwear.

Leather Bags

Leather bags in natural tones are taking over mainstream fashion. The saddlebag is perhaps the most useful and good looking bag of the year. At least there is no doubt that leather saddlebags are the shape of spring 2016. A classy leather bag with perfect insertions, attentively hand sewn pairs so well with the boho maxi clothing, the deconstructed menswear or soft materials.


As previewed by the greatest fashion analysts around the world, spring 2016 keeps the focus on earrings.

Shoulder Dusters

Long, statement earrings seem to have been all the rage for the Spring/Summer 2016 collections. That being said, variety was the key word and each designer put a different twist on the long, colorful pieces. Whether it’s the metallic, large hoop earrings of Isabel Marant and Tod’s or the colorful 70’s inspired larger-than-life floral earrings at Gucci, Prada, Proenza Schouler and Dolce & Gabbana, the preference for draping, long earrings that burst with color was clear across the runways.

Paraded throughout 2015, they maintain a strong presence on and off the catwalk. They’re certainly a statement piece, so choose your shoulder dusters pair carefully. Depending on the format of these exquisite earrings, they can be either formal or informal. What matters is that you pair them well with your breaking-boundaries outfit, your casual or office wear.

Statement Drops

Another type of earrings that remain in the spotlight for the accessory trends 2016 list are the statement drops. The hottest items are the graphic statement drops. Statement drops add a rich detail note to any outfit. Choose between graphic designs, ethnic designs (an amplified trend in 2016 with an emphasis on Mexican patterns) or the precious stone designs and create a dazzling appearance.

Ear Cuffs

Anyone who follows accessory trends 2016 alerts has noticed by now that ear cuffs, refreshed ear climbers and huggies go phenomenally well together. We personally favor ear climbers as they offer a sophisticated, almost minimalist look.

Necklaces & Bracelets

2016 brings a wide and varied choice of necklaces. Most of them may seem familiar, with good reason. Each great designer out there chose to reinterpret necklaces of various eras and bring them on the catwalk for a wow-effect.


We all remember the choker of the 90s. Well, now it’s back with a bang. From fine leather straps that wrap around the neck to end in a fine-detailed cuff to plain chain chokers, you have them all. Creativity runs wild with reinventing the 90s choker and bringing it to the accessory trends 2016 list.


Whether it was ribbon chokers at Dior or Balmain’s metallic collars, powerful jewelry pieces were found around the necks of many models during fashion shows for spring. Worthy mentions are Givenchy’s stunning golden chokers, Chanel’s Industrial-inspired neck-base chains and JW Anderson’s stunning structured gold pieces. If you need a jewelry piece to help you make a statement this spring, chokers and collars might be the way to go.

Boho Necklaces

Boho style seems to be reaching a peak in 2016 and boho necklaces make no exception. These fine pieces of jewelry will bring a fairly easy-going note to any look. Boho necklaces always paired well with turquoise details.

This spring and throughout the year, turquoise and Serenity (defined color of the year by Pantone) are the colors to wear. Include turquoise beads with your Boho necklace and you’ve got the match of the year.


Pearls have made an incredible comeback this season with many designers bringing new life to this age-old symbol of beauty and class. Alexander McQueen incorporated pearls into long, draping metallic earrings and necklaces, Chanel created collars from strings of different sized pearls, Gucci played with baroque inspiration in pearl jewelry and Givenchy went all out with pearl and crystal faux facial jewelry. If you were worried that your favorite pearl necklace might not be appropriate to dress up a relaxed spring outfit, think again and wear your pearls with pride.


Yes, headbands and tiaras are definitely in right now. Floral hair pieces and metallic, crystal headbands and tiaras have graced many runways in Spring 2016 collections. Givenchy’s structured gold pieces will certainly catch the eye while Saint Laurent’s collection proves that diamond and crystal tiaras can even work well with a grunge look. Dolce & Gabanna’s intricate metallic floral compositions will make any tiara lover go crazy and Rodarte’s appliques are bound to find many fans.

Whether it’s the princess in you that wants to shine, your love of floral designs or just that you need to add some sparkle and some drama to an outfit, spring trends will offer you a wide range of headbands, accessories and tiaras that you can choose from in order to stand out from the crowd.

Metallic chains

Industrial-inspired metallic chains were seen scattered across the fashion shows and many designers embraced the roughness of the style and the playful designs they came up with perfectly integrated links and chains into spring wear. Lanvin’s long, chain necklaces came with crystal-studded locks and pendants while Alexander Wang incorporated big industrial chains into shoulder-grazing earrings, black leather bags, belts and tack-studded sandals. Want your urban wear to look edgier than ever? Metallic jewelry is very hot this spring and nothing says fearless better than chains.


Bangles were everywhere in fashion shows this year so you can expect a bangle craze in spring. It won’t be any boring old bangles either we’re talking about bold, colorful pieces that will stand out in the crowd. Metallic bangles and structured gold jewelry are very in right now so don’t hesitate to wear them proudly. Diane von Furstenberg showcased some exemplary golden bangles in the spring collection but they seemed demure compared to Givenchy’s extravagant bangles which were all gold, all drama and all over model’s wrists during the show.


But not only metallic bangles are stealing the spotlight: many designers chose to work with color regardless of the material so we can look at some amazing wooden and plastic bangles that shined during the shows as well. Marni’s oversized, geometrical designs came is many colors and were combined for a fresher look with black, green and beige bangles worn together. Chloe adorned her gold, metallic bangles with colorful tassels to liven them up and Givenchy models could be seen wearing black, different size bangles that went from the wrist all the way up to the elbow for a more dramatic effect. When spring finally gets here you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching your bangles to create the desired look to compliment your outfit. Don’t worry about bold colors and oversized pieces they are very in right now.

Long necklaces

It would seem that long necklaces are not going away this spring as many draping designs could be seen on the runways as well. Whether you love Lanvin’s multi-layered chains or Alexander McQueen’s delicate, pearl-studded cross-torso designs, long necklaces have been quite the hit with fashion lovers everywhere for spring. Statement pendants could be seen dangling on long necklaces in runway shows such as Givenchy’s or Giambattista Valli’s and bold colors as well as multiple strands of beads were spotted at Gucci’s and Chloe’s.


Delicate, subtle pieces were used by Calvin Klein while Chanel showed that pearls truly are timeless by creating incredibly long, different color pearl strings and pairing them with metallic chain chokers. Isabel Marant used leather strings and metallic appliques to create stunning, multi-layered pieces and Allude came up with incredible, structured gold designs. You can get creative with the long necklaces and pendants you have and come up with new, daring looks for spring because bold was definitely not a problem for fashion designers this season.

Scarf ties

Spring is mischievous. An all-sunny day may turn to chilly at best in just one instant. Good thing scarves are in the top accessory trends 2016. Neckerchiefs and bandannas, as well the silk Twilly scarves are here to stay.

For the time being, it’s foreseeable that the skinny scarf ties will successfully replace statement necklaces. Loosely draped or tied to perfection, scarves exemplify the cooled, relaxed tone of fashion this spring.

Palm bracelets

We’ve got jewelry for pretty much any other part of our body. So why not our palms? Mainstream fashion accessory trends 2016 bring the palm bracelet in the limelight for the first time. The new entry will prove its value after a run through the whole year.

If you fancy retro motifs, classy leather bags included in the accessory trend 2016 tops come with tassels or fringes quite often. Find your leather bag and let it charm you.


Spring 2016 brings flats back to their deserved spot. Peruse through the accessory trends 2016 tops and you’ll notice a comfortable ease for this season. Flats, designer sneakers, refreshed Birkenstocks and anything with the pared-down ease made it to the list.


Sunglasses have become more than the day to day accessory that protects the eyes.

Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a true fashion statement in Spring-Summer 2016. They must be flashy, attention-drawing, out-of-the ordinary. Most runways have featured colored plexi sunglasses in all their playfulness. Dare and try any of this year’s favorite sunglasses. They’re all about standing out of the crowd.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses certainly succeed in making the difference in accessory trends 2016. Sported by celebrities on their free time, mirrored sunglasses have managed to become a true wardrobe staple. You can dress them up or down and still look chic in a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses.

2016 brings relaxed and chic back in fashion. The ruffled shirts and dresses seen on the catwalks may be the highest level of detail we will see this year. Otherwise, fashion is dominated by a slim down and a slashing of unnecessary details. Which brings the accessory trends 2016 in the spotlight. A bare-shoulder blouse will go tremendously well with the boho necklace and the leather bag already included in the accessory trends 2016 quick top.

Author Bio: Dana is an avid fashion blogger and Michigan State University student who loves following all of the latest trends and designer collections. She tries to catch as many runway shows as possible and report back to her readers about the amazing new styles she finds. She wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than high-heels.

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