7 Ways to Help Your BF Update His Summer Wardrobe

Everyone should have their own personal style, but sometimes guys need a little help. Too often they brush style aside, not knowing that how they dress can impact their career and social life. Studies have shown what a person wears has a strong influence on first impressions and how they are perceived by others.

If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t put any thought into his personal style, he may be inadvertently sending the wrong message. That’s where we girlfriends and wives come in. The social summer season is the perfect time to help your man update his wardrobe. As recommended with updating your own style, there are different approaches you can take. For guys that aren’t into fashion, try beginning with classic pieces and adding a few hot trends for 2017.

Breathable Dress Shirts

Between high-pressure office meetings, backyard barbecues, and outdoor weddings, a guy’s button-ups get put through the ringer during the summer. Getting your guy a few fashion forward button-ups that are made for high performance is a great way to ease him into the wardrobe update.

Labels like Mizzen + Main designs stylish, well-fitted dress shirts made with durable moisture-wicking material. They help decrease the chance of getting sweat stains and are much more comfortable than non-breathable synthetic materials. Give him one or two to try, and he’ll be glad he trusted your taste.

Above The Knee Shorts

If you’re on a budget or can only get your boyfriend to commit to a quick shopping excursion, focus on summer classics like a good pair of shorts that is trim and cut just above the knee. It’s the necessary upgrade for guys who still have a drawer full of cargo shorts.

Shorts that have a tailored fit are a bit dressier than other shorts. The streamlined cut and clean design make shorts easy to dress down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Even then the more flattering cut and timeless cool vibe of the right pair of shorts make them a must for summer.

Standout Shades

Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory for men and women. Sunglasses are also an easy way to instantly enhance the style of an otherwise plain outfit. Encourage your boyfriend or husband to try on a variety of styles including a few that are on trend now. One of the biggest trends for sunglasses in 2017 is the D-frame style. If your guy has a particular style that fits his face well, update the look with mirrored lenses.

Bust Out the Old Athletic Wear

Trends are known to come and go over the years. This summer, 1990s athletic wear is making a comeback. The designs from a few decades ago are so trendy, brands like Fila are teaming up with international design houses. If your husband or boyfriend has an old Starter jacket or Adidas tank and it still fits, tell him to dust it off.

A Few Cool Caps

Baseball caps were back on the runways at the Spring 2017 fashion weeks. The great thing about this trend is it also serves a functional purpose of providing sun protection during the bright summer months.

This year you’ll find more caps than ever before. Up your man’s style game with a cap that’s got edge and uniqueness. For instance, a cap made entirely of denim. To keep it on trend, pick a solid color cap without any logos or patches.

Checkerboard Print Clothes

One of the most popular prints in menswear this season is checkerboard print. The bold, graphic print is being used for everything from caps to sneakers. If your guy is a little gun shy about such an eye-popping print, opt for muted colors. Instead of the classic (and high contrast) black and white, go with a brown and tan checkerboard pattern.

Shorter Swim Trunks

Guys may not spend as much time sweating over swimwear, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look good at the pool. In recent years, swim trunks have transformed from oversized shorts that swallow a man’s lower half to a more fitted cut. Now they are also getting a little shorter. The big trend in men’s swimwear for 2017 is shorts that hit mid-thigh.

A few changes here and there will go a long way to looking and staying cool for the summer months. Updating the summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be a drag if you stick to these tips.


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