7 Ways To Look Stylish in a T-Shirt

Most people grab a tee shirt and put it on without any thought. However, that’s a mistake! Even when wearing a casual tee shirt, there are some tips to consider to keep yourself looking your best. Here are 7 great tips for wearing t-shirts.

1. Make Sure the Shirt is Clean

Nothing makes you look worse than a dirty tee. When you buy a tee, be sure to wash it after every use. It will make you look unkempt and dirty yourself. Always clean your t-shirts according to the label. If a tee does have a permanent stain, you should just throw it away.

2. Make Sure the Shirt Fits

Having a shirt fit correctly can make the difference between a great look and an embarrassing look. A shirt that is too tight can make you look even bigger than you are. You may have fit in the shirt years ago, but it’s not time for you to wear the shirt now unless you want to showcase your body flaws. On the other end of the spectrum, wearing a shirt that’s too big can make you look frumpy. If you do opt for a larger tee, make sure it’s only about one size larger than it should be.

3. Make Sure the Shirt Describes Your Style

There are millions of t-shirts available for purchase. Get one that expresses your unique style and taste. If you choose to wear a band tee, make sure you are familiar with the band. If you wear a tee-shirt with a phrase on it, make sure you support what the shirt says. To get a shirt that fits your style, you should go to a retailer that you vibe with. The website https://flybirdapparel.com/blogs/news/ultimate-t-shirt-style-guide-for-women has a number of different styles sure to make any girl wants to go casual.

4. Make Sure the Shirt Matches Your Outfit

Your tee shirt should express your style while matching the other things you are wearing. Consider the color of your shoes, jewelry, purse, and anything else you can think of. The tee should be a part of an entire ensemble, and the choice should correspond with your other fashion choices for the day.

5. Make Sure the Shirt is Comfortable

Tees are typically a very comfortable option. However, some can be itchy or just plain uncomfortable. Try on all shirts before you buy them to make sure they feel good. You should also be sure to use a fabric softener every time you dry your clothes.

6. Make Sure the Shirt Makes you Feel Attractive

When you put on a tee-shirt, take the time to look in the mirror and make sure you feel comfortable with the fit and how you look in the t-shirt. If you don’t feel pretty in the shirt, you won’t wear it with confidence, stunting the look.

7. Make Sure the Shirt isn’t Boring

Too often, people with a stick to a boring, plain tee. It doesn’t add anything to expression or style. Make sure there’s something at least slightly special about your tee. If you are wearing a plain tee, make sure you have interesting bottoms or accessories.

T-shirts are a great item. When you follow these tips, you can make the garment quite stylish. Don’t be afraid to wear your tee, but work it!

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