8 Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Lash Extensions

Medically, eyelashes refer to the hairs that grow on the edge of the eye, and are there to protect the eye from debris etc. But when it comes to the beauty of the face, eyelashes play a major role and can change the way a person looks. Many people around the world who have light eyelashes would love to have thicker and fuller ones. If you are one of those who wish for fuller and better eyelashes, you must have heard of eye lash extensions.

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Eye Lash Extensions

Eye lash extension is the method of making the lashes look lengthier, heavier, denser and fuller. There are many kinds of eye lash extensions available in the market. Before you opt for any of those, it is better to take a look at the eyelash extension dos and don’ts listed below:

  1. Before you opt for any sort of eyelash extension it is essential that you do your research right. Get proper knowledge of the different options you are considering. So what you need to do as a first basic step is consult cosmetologists or dermatologists and get to know the most suitable solution for yourself.
  2. If you go for fake eye lash applications that are pasted to your eyes, you must at all costs avoid getting into sweaty situation or getting the extensions extremely wet for about 30 hours after application. You must thus avoid working out, indulging into hot yoga, or stepping into steam rooms etc.
  3. Another “don’t” when it comes to eye lash extensions is to never pull the lashes. Sticking the lashes with help of adhesive can leave you with an urge to pull. And that is the tricky part; the urge to pull has to be avoided at all times.
  4. An alternative to stick-one lashes is the use of products which are meant to give extension to the eyelashes. For example- WUNDER2, lash extension stain mascara. This mascara gives your natural lashes an advanced, fuller appearance. It lasts about 72 hours. However, there are many other makeup products which can be used for eye lash extension.
  5. Just because you are going for eye Lash Extensions/ extension solutions, doesn’t mean you get to ignore your own eyelashes. Maintaining the health of your natural eye lashes is very important. So do use products like eyelash growth serums, or lash conditioners to keep them strong. This will also result in better support for your extensions.
  6. Another “do” on this list is an advice which helps extend the life of lash extensions. To improve the shape and life of your lashes you must comb them and try to fan them out as soon as you get out of shower. This will help maintain the shape and will keep the lashes stuck longer.
  7. Most of the eye lash extensions that are available (even the best ones) are sort of high maintenance. So plan out and be careful of your extensions every time you head out with your lash extensions.

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