8 Tips For Making Your Wedding Shoes Comfortable

Every bride wants to look perfect for her big day, and it can be easy to get so swept up in the excitement of it all that you forget to do the more practical tasks such as breaking in your wedding shoes. So much emphasis is on finding the perfect dress that makes you feel amazing, but finding wedding shoes to match, that are going to make you feel comfortable, can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your day. No one wants to see a beautiful bride hobbling and grimacing her way up the aisle so make sure you find shoes that not only look incredible but are also the perfect fit for you as well. Your wedding day should be one of the most wonderful days of your life, but remember it’s going to be a long one, with lots of standing and chatting, and hopefully lots of dancing too. The last thing you will want is for anything to take away from how happy you feel so invest in the right pair of shoes, and use some of our handy tips below to make them even more comfortable and you can rest assured that will he happy from head to toe!

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Breaking them in

Let’s face it, girls love heels, and so come your big day it is probably safe to assume you have worn a fair few pairs of heels in your time. Therefore you probably know it take a few wears to break them in, get them moulded to the shape of your foot and get them extra comfortable. If you just try on your wedding shoes once and then leave them all pristine and perfect until the day of your wedding, chances are after wearing them for an hour or so you are going to find little bits that niggle, pinch, rub etc. So give yourself a break and wear your wedding heels around the house a few times to stretch them out a bit and get them comfortable. You can use thick socks to help add a little give to your shoe, or try putting a bag of water inside them and putting them in the freezer (a little strange we know but it won’t damage your shoes and as the water freezes it expands therefore stretching them out without you have to do any of the work)!

Don’t overdo it

A top tip to remember is that even the keenest and most vigilant of brides can go over the top when it comes to breaking in their perfect wedding shows. If you wear them every single day trying to break them in you are likely to do more lasting damage to your feet. If your feet are already sore and blister ridden by the time your wedding day comes, you don’t stand much of chance to be comfortable anyway!

Invest in Quality

If you want your wedding shoes to be super comfortable you might have to pay a premium. Shoes that are well made will provide the right kind of support for your feet, and so are much less likely to leave them aching and sore after a few hours wear. Obviously if you decide to invest in some 5 inch heels you will have your work cut out for you whatever, but at least be willing to buy from a retailer that you know is reputable and puts some thought into the materials and structure of the shoe rather than just its appearance. Also its worth thinking about the style you want, round toed heels for example will always be more comfortable than pointy toed ones, so maybe even if that is not what you were thinking of, give it a go and see if they can work for you. A wider heel is another good feature to look out for as it will give you more support and balance overall. Benjamin Adams bridal shoe collection offers a wide range of high quality, beautifully made shoes where comfort and style are of the utmost importance.

Do a bit of foot DIY

If you’ve found the perfect pair of wedding shoes, yet don’t feel like your feet at getting much support then why not take matters into your own hands and add some cushioning yourself -it really can make all the difference to your comfort. Invest in some shoe cushions to improve the fit of your shoes and fill any of the gaps that might make them rub.

Prepare for emergencies

No matter how hard you try to ensure that your wedding shoes are comfortable, it is unlikely that you are going to have worn them for more than a few hours, and particularly with all the standing and dancing you are likely to do on the big day it’s good to be prepared. There may still be some hidden surprises that your shoes decide to throw at you and being prepared for these is key. Get a little kit for your feet together with things like blister plasters and Vaseline – ask one of your bridesmaids to look after it for you, and if you start to feel your shoes rub, or blisters forming, she can be on hand to sort you out!

Have a backup

There is no shame in admitting defeat and come the end of the evening, or when the dancing begins you may have to accept the fact that your 4 inch glass stilettos just aren’t going to work for you anymore. If this is the case and you can’t bear the pain then you will be seriously glad you have a comfortable second pair of shoes that you can quickly slip into to then hit the dance floor! Let’s be honest, no one is likely to notice by that point anyway!

Use deodorant

Another weird and wonderful tip is to spray a little deodorant on your feet before donning your wonderful wedding shoes. Deodorant actually works on the skin and makes it less likely you will get blisters, and if your feet get hot and sweaty they are less likely to smell too!

Soften straps

If you’ve gone for a delicate pair of strappy heels then it’s best to try to soften the straps edges well before your wedding day. Straps can end up rubbing, and even cutting into the skin which can cause you great discomfort, so take the time to wear them in or invest is come clever adhesive strips which you can wrap around the strap in areas where it is likely to dig in. Benjamin Adams Bridal shoes collection offers an incredible range of delicate, strappy designer wedding shoes which are perfect for looking classy and stylish, and are sure to make you feel amazing on your big day.

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