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At FAHV, we have a passion for fashion and we want to share that passion with you. Our only goal is to help you feel more beautiful by helping you find and adapt looks that work for you. Fashion can be complicated but it really doesn’t have to be. By bringing you the best makeup tips, hair tips and fashion tips in language anyone can understand, we hope to make fashion a little more accessible. Not every woman has the money to buy expensive cosmetics or expensive clothes but that doesn’t mean every woman can’t feel good about how they look and feel stylish. A good look is all about confidence and that is exactly what we hope to help you attain.

We’re not about judgments here. Women of all ages, sizes and budgets are welcome. Instead of offering style options that don’t work for the real woman, we choose to offer affordable, every day options any woman can rock. Being fashionable shouldn’t just be for the young, rich woman. Being fashionable and making fashionable choices should be for any woman. Our hair and makeup tutorials might be inspired by the celebs but they’re easily adaptable for any woman who wants to wear them.

Any woman can feel beautiful. Regardless of whether or not a woman fits into the traditional definition of beauty, if she feels beautiful, she will also feel more confident and happier. We want to help make that happen. Not every woman can be a supermodel but any woman can feel like a supermodel if she focuses on her strengths and learns to love what she feels are her weaknesses. We aren’t in the business of shilling false hope. We’re in the business of helping you feel better about who you are.

Our primary writer, Wanda Fraser, is thirty years old and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, her two cats (Steven and Mookie) and her dog (De Niro). She enjoys fashion, jewelry, makeup, movies, music, writing, reading and writing about celebrity culture. When she isn’t posting on FAHV, she’s writing for World of Female or for her personal blog, Girl In Stereo. She also heads up Man Candy Monday which returns this fall with all new posts.


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