Add Bling to your Hair with these Must-have Hair Accessories

hair-accessory_largeHair accessories have made a huge come-back once again now and are something that speaks volumes about you and your psyche. You can now customize your hair, adorn your luscious hair with t-die-for accessories which enhances the beauty of your hair ten-fold.

So it is time to discard all the obsolete and outdated hair accessories and now is the time to browse for the correct piece of adornment for your hair, because just the way your beautiful body craves for enticing latest-in-the-fashion-circuit designer clothes, similarly you hair need a beautiful piece of junk which is both stylish and sophisticated and turns a bad-hair-day into a good one in a jiffy!

Here is my list of must-have hair accessories which apart from being my favorites are also great for being gifts to your friends this Christmas and New Year!! So take out your notepads and jot down the accessories which are a must-have for your wardrobe!

Accessory #1: Flower Hair-Clipsflower-hair-pins

  • Are you a girl who is extremely confident of herself and her looks, extremely vivacious and a happy-go-lucky who love flirting, then flower hair clips might just be the accessory made for you. Flower hair clips can magically transform a bad hair day into a good one.
  • Although it isn’t unadvisable to sport flower hair-clips in winter, but these enhances the beauty of your hair the most in summers and spring. Choose flowers which are bright and vibrant, such as red, yellow, or even pink. These colors would surely turn various head when you flaunt these funky accessories in the street.
  • With a splendid flower tucked behind your ear, it adds to your beauty. A white flower adorning your dark hair will enchant the lookers as well as you as it would be of a striking contrast.
  • So be it a bun, a funky ponytail or a really sophisticated hairdo, tuck a colorful flower behind your ear to get a really sexy look.

Accessory #2: Hair Ties (colorful and rhinestones studded)img-thing

  • It is a common knowledge for girls that when our hair does not cooperate with us on some days, we simply depend upon a good old ponytail. But instead of using bland colors such as white, black or brown hair ties to tie the ponytails, we can use some really colorful and funky hair ties which apart from making us look non-boring also add a dash of fun to our personality
  • So next time when you splurge on fashion accessories, do not forget to buy hair ties or hair bands which are bright in color and even studded with rhinestones or other stones as they look attractive.
  • Remember, stay away from scrunches as they are evil enough to destroy your sophisticated look!

Accessory #2: Headbands with EmbellishmentIMG_6839_副本

  • Headbands are something that have been in fashion since ages and hence are a must-have for girls, irrespective of the length of their hair or whichever haircut they are sporting.
  • Headbands are essential when you want to keep the sometimes-irritating bangs out of your eyes or even when you wish to add something unique to your hairstyle. So they are the most vital accessory that every girl should possess.
  • As mentioned earlier, we know they work with every kind of hair. Go for those really cute plastic headbands for a regular use.
  • But if you wish to leave sparks wherever you go, go for headbands with cute and attractive embellishments such as bows, beads and glittery sequins.
  • It should be mentioned here that Feather headbands are totally ‘In’ now, as it adds oomph to whatever dress you flaunt for your special evening.
  • Also, if you go for hairdos such as a bun or even a simple ponytail, transform it into something spectacular by sporting a suede headband.

Accessory #3: Clips with Embellishment143601-334x425-model-with-hair-clip

  • Tortoise shell clips are definitely simple yet sophisticated for your hair if you are planning to go out for lunch with your close ones but it isn’t harmful if you add few clips with embellishments in your accessory wardrobe.
  • Buy clips which are studded with rhinestones, beads, Swarovski elements and sparkly elements such as sequins which gives that extra bling to the otherwise plain hair of yours!
  • If you are planning to go to a wedding, tie or pin your buns with these sparkly clips. You can even keep your bangs away from your eyes with smaller clips adorn with beads or stones.

Accessory #4: Stylish Hair Beretberet

  • If you are comfortable with wearing hats or not, I assure you that every girl/woman can graciously and subtly pull off a hair beret. These berets are great to wear during the winters and make a fashion statement. Wear berets with a simple jeans and tee, you will make even the boring of outfits look trendy and fashionable.
  • Team it up with casuals all around the year and never be labeled a bore ever!

Accessory #5: Hair Braidsholiday-hair-ideas-braids-nikki-reed

  • In love with braids but have no idea how to do one? Do not fret at all! Now you do not have to toil awfully lot or lose all your patience in making the ever-complicated braids. Get braided bands immediately from the market now.
  • Braided bands are available in all hair color which you could think of and can be sported as a headband, you can warp at the bottom of a ponytail, or even wear it on some sophisticated updo!
  • It is easy to wear and stays put in a place for a long time. So no more wasting time in trying your hand at braiding yourself. Get a hair braid ASAP!

So girls what are you waiting for? Get your hands at these hair accessories as quickly as you can because these are the accessories which apart from being Classic, add a sparkle to your hair, compliment you outfit and transform even simplest of hairstyle into a unique one. These are the accessories which can turn even simple attire into something Chic and Sophisticated.

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