Adding Curls to your hair: The secret to get Enigmatic Waves

mila kunisYou have no idea of how to get gorgeous, frolicking and springy curls in a jiffy to accentuate your appearance? Always fantasized about the sexy waves like that of Mila Kunis but don’t know how to get it? The secret of getting this look lies not only in the technique, but in the hairstyle and haircut as well.

If you wish to get this super-adorable wavy hair, you should have at least medium length hair or long hair which has lots of long layers. There is no need to be anguished anymore because in this article I would demonstrate how to get adorable curls in no time!

Time taken: at least an hour which usually depends on the thickness as well as the length of your hair.

How to get the curls:1st pic

1)    Your hair should be washed and thoroughly dried using a towel. After your hair is dried, simply comb it out.

2)    Your hair should effectively hold a curl in place. If your hair usually does not hold curl in place, this step should be strictly adhered to. If you possess hair which is straight, just spray on it some volumizing spray and massage thoroughly. If you have hair which is extremely curly or even coarse, add some balm to it so that it helps in diminishing the curls.

3)    To add the much required volume to your hair, blow dry your hair until it is straight. If you want this avatar to work wonders, just keep in mind to keep your hair totally dry.

4)    Divide your hair in three segments and tie them using hair ties. This is done because it becomes easy to curl each segment separately.

5)    In order to add curls to your hair, you can go for curling irons as well. But nowadays stylists usually go for irons which are clampless as they successfully keep the curls intact for a long time.

6)    Use volumizing spray on one segment of your hair and wind it around a curling iron properly till the roots of your hair. If you want a strong curl, keep your hair wound around the iron for more than 30 seconds. You would get a really springy curl in the end.

7)    Apply spray on your curl so that it stays put in place and use pins to roll it up to your head.

8)    Use different directions for curling your hair as it usually gives your curls a more natural look. You can opt for few curls which are string and tight, while few which can be loose.

9)    After sometime release the curls which you have pinned using bobby pins, as the curls would have been cooled down by now.

Remember to blow dry your hair by combing your curls softly and gently using your fingers instead of a hair brush. To make your curls look glossy, add some serum to it. You can also go for a hairspray to keep the curls in place and make them look non-crunchy.

Celebrities with impeccable Beachy Waves:

1)    Melanie Laurent with her perfect midway wavesMelanie-Laurent

I simply adore this hairstyle sported by French actress Melanie Laurent because it is neither too short, nor too long, but still perfect in every way! In order to opt for this look all you would need to do is get straight hair by blow drying it thoroughly using a good curling iron and volumizing hair spray!

2)    Springy curls flaunted by Amber Heardamber heard

In order to get these adorable curls sported by Amber Heard you would be required to wash your hair and spritz it generously with some thickening spray and then get it straight by using a blow dryer. Separate it into manageable segments and then curls each segment using a good curling iron and voila! You would end up having springy curls like that of Amber’s!

3)    Erin Heatherton and her Scarcely-There Wavy hairerin heatherton

If you wish to get these hardly there waves, keep in mind to get curls all round your crown. If you get more curls, you would end up looking like cotton balls. It is simple to get these waves. All you need to do is wash your hair and spray some hair spray unto it. Keep scrunching up your hair while blow drying it. Once your hair is completely, dry use curling iron to get your curls. Now let your curls cool down and use your fingers to keep them in place. Finish off the effect with hairspray!

4)    Lauralee Bell with her exiguous curls at the bottomlauralee bell

If you have hair texture which is straight and thick in nature, this look is a must have for you. Wash your hair, add some hair spray to it and blow dry it thoroughly until straight. Make at least 8 to 10 segments in your hair and wrap each segment around a curling iron. Now use your fingers to separate out the curls you get in the end and finish off the effect by using a good hair spray to keep the curls intact!

5)    Lauren Conrad and her Hippie looklauren-conrad-wavy-hair

Are you Young, carefree and vivacious? This look is meant for you. Lauren Conrad has made hippie waves the new ‘It’ this season and it is a must have if you have long, below-waist hair!

6)    Megan Fox and her opulent WavesMegan-Fox-wavy-hair

This hairstyle sported by Megan Fox is coveted by every women in their forties because it is simple, unique and yet sexy!

7)    Julia Roberts and her Chunky Wavesjulia-roberts

If you wish to get a hairstyle like that of legendary Julia Roberts, just pull back your hair in a bun (preferably loose) while your hair is still damp. Now simply let it dry. After it is completely dry, pull of the hair tie and you end up having gorgeously thick waves!

Armed with tips on getting bouncy curls in your hair, get inspired by the vivacious looks flaunted by your favorite celebrities and make your own style statement. Hallelujah! 

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