Au Naturale Gwen Stefani Hairstyles

Fashionista Gwen Stefani’s hairstyle are well known across the fashion circuit widely and draws mass attention of the die-hard fashion freaks all over the world! Her Marilyn Monroe-like looks appeals to the media as well as the fashion-lovers all across the globe. So here I am, presenting a tutorial on how to donne Gwen Stefani inspired hairstyles. To aide all the readers more efficiently, the tutorials would accompany pictures as well so that its more easier to imitate when trying at home! So get out all your creativity hats and start experimenting with Gwen Stefani hairstyles mentioned below!

Hairstyle No. 1: Gwen Stefani’s elegant loose wavesloose waves

Gwen Stefani was spotted at a music awards ceremony flaunting these superb loose waves which in fact is quite easy to do!

How to do: For this simple hairstyle firstly apply anti-heat hair spray all over your hair. Using an iron-curler make waves (loose). If you prefer a more disheveled look, keep changing the direction in which you are curling your hair. Finish of this fantastic hairdo with hairspray once again!

Hairstyle No. 2: Gwen Stefani’s funky top-knot top knot

Next on our list is Stefani’s funky top knot which looks rocking yet elegant in its own way! Note down how to get your own fabulous top knot!

How to do: Apply a styling gel all over your hair to get rid of fizzy hair. Make a tight pony tail and secure it with a band on your head. From the end of the pony, take out some hair and pin it using hair pins. Now using a hair comb take out few strands of hair from the pony tail. In order to give it a more natural look, take out few strands to adorn the front portion of your face. Enjoy the funky look girls!

Hairstyle No. 3: Gwen Stefani’s glamorous disentangled Hairdodisentangled hairdo

Here comes another fab hairstyle flaunted by Gwen Stefani which makes her appear disheveled, natural, carefree as well as sexy and elegant at the same time! Check out how to get this hairdo.

How to do: For this hairdo, take short strands of your hair (should be dry) and backcomb it with a comb several times. Keep repeating the afore-mentioned steps with other short strands as well. Now using a brush with bristles, gather all the strands back and pin it in such a manner so that the ends stick upwards on the head. Voila! You would get the super-adorable hairstyle in a jiffy!

Hairstyle No. 4: Gwen Stefani with her exaggerated high up pompadour hairdopompadour actual

Here I would mention another impeccable hairdo donned by Gwen Stefani. This hairdo is a must for all the fashion-chicks out there and accompanies side bangs as well!

How to do: Take strands of hair from the front portion of your head and using a comb backcomb it towards your head. After few strokes, keep aside the hair which now forms a loop on top of your head. Pin this loop in a secured manner over your head. Also take out few strands from the front to create the adorable side bangs!

Hairstyle No. 5: Gwen Stefani and her topsy turvy Hairdotopsy turvy

Gwen Stefani yet again makes a style statement with this funked-up hairdo comprising of all the twists and turns which although makes it look complex, but is easy to style!

How to do: Dampen your hair and apply a generous amount of gel all over the hair. Divide hair into various sections and using a dryer blow dry them till they become straight. Take these sections and sweep them on the head. It would look like a disheveled bun. Pin it on the head while leaving few strands loose around the face. Part the hair, braid it and pint it. Repeat the same with the opposite side of the hair. Frame your face by pulling out few strands free and set this hairdo using a hairspray.

Hairstyle No. 6: Gwen Stefani and her stupendous layerslayers

One look at this hairstyle and I assure fashionista’s all around the globe would go Ga-Ga! This hairdo looks vibrant and fresh and lets off zealous vibes!

How to do: Dampen your hair and apply a large amount of gel on it. Divide the hair into sections and blow dry them. To create curls at the base of the hair, take the hair and roll it around a brush. Use a curling iron to curl the hair at the base of the nape. The curls would vanish if you run your finger once through your hair. Set this hairstyle using a hairspray.

Hairstyle No. 7: Gwen Stefani and the pompous pompadourpompous pompadour

Get this retro look by donning the pompadour avatar donned by our fashion icon Gwen Stefani.

How to do: Divide your dry hair into various sections and grip it straight in your hand. Using a comb backcomb the strands backwards. Repeat the steps with all the divided sections of your hair. Gather around all the puffed up poof over your head and pin it securedly using pins. Voila! You get a mighty-high pompous pompadour of your own!

Hairstyle No. 8: Gwen Stefani’s Rock n Roll Tuckrock n roll actual

Get this spirited, carefree tuck flaunted by Gwen Stefani in a jiffy!

How to do: In order to get a voluminous look for your hair, use a hair styling mousse generously and then blow dry the hair in the upward direction at the roots of the hair as well as at the end. Now with the help of a curling iron roll the big strands of your hair inwards towards that adorable face of yours!

So what are you waiting for girls? Get hold of this article, put on your thinking and creativity caps, take out your bristle brushes, paddle brushes, curlers, blow dryers, iron and various other tools, locate yourself in front of a mirror and start experimenting with the above mentioned tips and tricks! And I assure you that these hairstyles would transform you into a style-diva with twinkling eyes and a Fairy godmother as her style guru! Happy Experimenting!

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