10 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

Today, the biggest race among the celebrities is to own not a bungalow, not a car, not a site, but a full-fledge ISLAND. In fact, owning an island has become an ultimate status symbol today. Apart from this, these private island kingdoms serve these celebrities some privacy from the public’s eye where they can enjoy peace and tranquility. A few …

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20 Best Wedding Dresses in Movies

  The Breakdown Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest The Notebook The Duchess Bride Wars The Phantom of the Opera   Shakespeare in Love Tristan & Isolde Moulin Rouge The Young Victoria Father of The Bride Runaway Bride  

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30 Tips to Look Great in Every Photo

Tips to Look Great in Every Photo

  Tips to Look Great in Every Photo Remember to breathe, believe in yourself, and smile. Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice posing in front of a mirror at home. If you think it looks good, it probably does. If you’re scared of the camera, it shows. Putting one or two hands on your …

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10 Hottest moms of Hollywood

Who says mothers have to generate minivans and use unpleasant jeans? Certainly not these cunning mamas, who have all been bolstering the sexy/beautiful/hot details for decades. Examine out the hippest and coolest mothers in Hollywood forward. Jennifer Lopez This super mom has wowed us with her beauty so many times, she’s deserves to be named Hollyscoop’s Hottest Hollywood Mom of …

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