Use Mascara to Make Your Eyes Pop

From the time a woman starts wearing makeup, she often pays a lot of attention to learning how to properly apply eyeliner and eyeshadow but very little attention gets paid to what could be the real star – the eyelashes. Mascara is your friend, or at least it can be if you learn how to use it properly. Well chosen …

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Instantly Spice Up a Bland Look With These Quick Tips

You’ve chosen your outfit for your big night out. You’ve got your hair and makeup done. You look in the mirror. Something’s missing. You just don’t feel your look is complete and you’re running out of time. What to do? You just don’t have time to start over and you’re mostly satisfied with the outfit. You have a little time …

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The Best Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin

Healthy glowing skin is a big part of looking and feeling your best but it’s also something a lot of women struggle with. Knowing how to apply makeup properly doesn’t necessarily mean also knowing how to get glowing skin. In fact, when I’m asked about makeup tips, makeup tips for glowing skin are probably the most common request. For that …

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