Be Ambrosial: Tips to Apply perfumes at your sensuous spots

Wearing-perfumeIt is usually advised that women should apply fragrant perfumes at the spots and areas where they wish to be kissed by their partner. Who does not want to leave off the trail of sweet smelling flowers wherever they go? Right choice of perfume is necessary for women as it is important to smell delicious all the time!

Are you preparing to floor your guy on a date or be the envy of everybody when attending a special event? Simply keep in mind to keep a good stock of perfumes in your vanity case as they might prove be an efficient weapon when slaying your lover with your charm, beauty and aroma!

Keep reading the article to know more about the sensuous areas of your body where you should apply the perfumes if you wish to entrance your partner!

The Most Erogenous Spot: The Pulsepulse

The pulse areas are those areas on your body where your blood vessels are in the closest contact to your skin. The pulse spots are known to exude heat from that portion of the skin which in turn helps the fragrance to radiate off from your skin to the air. Concentrate on applying your fragrances and perfumes on these spots that is, the inner portion of your wrists, at the side of your neck and throat, behind the lobes of your ears, between the cleavage, at the back of your knees as well as the inner portion of your elbows.

The main advantage of doing so is that when your apply perfume on these areas, all around the day it would mix with the heat of your body and hence continue to emanate delicious scent.

But be warned!                                

Do not be so lost in the task of seducing your lover so much that you apply generous amount of perfume on the areas which are more prone to be enthusiastically gorged by your zealous lover as all perfumes are not really edible.

Correct Method of Applying Perfume

perfume1Applying a perfume is no Rocket Science. In fact it is a simple task which just includes spraying your favorite perfume, dabbing it or swiping a perfume if it is a perfume which is solid in nature. People usually tend to rub together their wrists after applying a perfume. Refrain from doing so as it usually crushes your scent that is, the sweet fragrance ebbs away!

There are few women who spritz the perfume in the air around them and then simply walk through it. Believe me this method causes nothing significant except making you lose a good amount of your favorite bottle of expensive perfume! So simply abhor this method if your budget is quite tight.

Remember to use perfumes before you don your attire and jewelry as few perfumes leave lasting blot on clothes, pearls and few metals. If you really wish to spray perfume on your dress, perform a small test first by spritzing the perfume lightly on a small region of your dress.

Do not hesitate to spritz your hair with perfume!applying on hair

Spritzing your hair with some perfume is an amazing way of leaving off a delicious aroma behind you throughout your day. And your loved ones who you wish to keep closer to you will be recompensed with your pleasing smell! Apply perfume on your hair only if your hair is shampooed or else the oils of your hair would alter the odor. As perfumes comprises of alcohol which can take the moisture out of your tresses, apply little amount of perfume from a good distance.

How to make you’re Aroma Last Longer!perfume

Just follow the tips mentioned here to make your fragrance last a tad longer. Aroma usually ebbs away at a good pace if your skin is moistureless. If your skin is really dry, apply moisturizer which is usually devoid of fragrance so that your skin gets prepared when you apply your fragrance.

If you want an everlasting effect of your fragrance at your wake then apply a balm or petroleum jelly on your skin before spritzing your perfume on it. This makes the perfume globules to cling to the jelly instead of submerging in to the pores of your skin.

Go for Perfumes that Lasts for a Long Timeperfume dat lasts long

Perfume which contains a hint of Citrus fragrance usually ebbs away faster than the ones containing fragrances of musk or wood because the latter last much longer as the oil dissolve slower. High Bucks does not matter when you go perfume hunting. What matters the most is the concentration of oil in the perfume which you choose to buy.

Go for Parfums if you want a long lasting fragrance as they contain most oil. Next in line is Eau de Parfum as well as Eau de Toilette which can be used for everyday purpose. If you are tight on budget, then splurge your money on Eau de Cologne which is not expensive at all and has weak fragrance.

Do not reek of Heady Perfume!too much perfume

Believe blindly in the saying that “Less is More” because you do not wish to be called as someone who had just been thoroughly marinated in a bowl of perfume! After we apply perfume, we usually cannot smell the fragrance emanating from us which isn’t abnormal at all! It is merely a defense action of our body which makes the olfactory system close up. It does not imply that the fragrance is not conspicuous to others. As we get old, our smelling sense gets weak and hence we spray generous amount of perfume which is unnecessary.

Keep Applying Perfume all day longper

If you have a skin which is devoid of any moisture and you are due to attend a special event, keep a small easy-to-carry bottle in your purse so that you could apply the perfume when the scent ebbs away.

Fragrances are not usually an important aspect of a woman’s routine, but it surely is a way in which a woman can express her psyche and make herself feel more sexy, content and bold!

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