10 Common Beauty Myths Debunked!

We’ve all heard the old saying ‘rules are made to be broken’, but few women really stop to think about whether or not that saying also applies to fashion. The simple answer? Yes, yes it does. Of course the hard part is knowing which rules should stay and which rules should go. With this article, I hope to make that a little easier. The so called rules on this list are ten of the biggest beauty myths out there and we’re going to bust them for you today.

source: styleandbeautydoctor.com

10: Smoky Eyes and bold lips don’t go together.

This one is tricky. You can wear bold lips with smoky eyes but I don’t often recommend it. There is a reason for this. This is a hard look to pull off. If you err even just a little bit, the entire look will feel too heavy handed. The secret is to keep the eyes and lips looking clean, choosing colors that compliment each other and leaving the rest of your face alone. You can use a tinted moisturizer to keep a dewy, natural look but avoid blushes and toners. You also don’t want to go with a dramatic smoky eye. In the photo above, Rihanna has nailed this look – a great example of how to throw this rule out the window properly.

source: peoplestylewatch.com

09: Bronzer should only be worn by light skinned women.

If you have a tan, you don’t need bronzer right? Wrong! Well, you may not need bronzer but you can certainly benefit from it the same way light skinned women can. Bronzer doesn’t just offer a tanned tint. It offers a beautiful glow. In the photo above, Lea Michele has used bronzer to give her cheeks a beautiful, sun kissed glow even though she naturally has a darker skin tone. Just make sure you keep the bronzer on your cheeks. Too much bronzer will make you look like you’re wearing a mask.

source: fashionfeen.wordpress.com

08: Your manicure and pedicure must match.

While this was an important rule at one point in time, it really went out the window when the mix and match trend started taking flight. Painting your fingernails one color and choosing a different, yet still complimentary color for your toes is a great way to get in on the trend. You can choose to do mismatched nails on your hands like in the photo above and choose one of the colors to paint your toenails (in this case, you could choose pink or black for your toenails) or you could choose to go with an entirely different color on your toenails. Sticking with the colors from the photo above, you could also choose to paint your fingernails pink and your toenails black or the other way around. This is a great way to spice up a bland look.

source: stylebytash.blogspot.com

07: Eyeliner only goes on the upper lid.

Ashley Benson is one of my favorite young style divas because she never seems afraid to break a few fashion rules. In the above photo, Ashley’s eye makeup looks glamorous, dramatic but not over the top, proving it is entirely possible to put eyeliner on the top and bottom lids without looking like a raccoon. The makeup Ashley is sporting here really makes her eyes pop – fabulous look on a fabulous young actress. The key to pulling this look off is balance. Make sure you don’t use too much liner on the lower lid and don’t extend the lines out too far past the outer corners of your eyes. You will wind up with raccoon eyes if you’re not careful. Practice. It’s hard to nail this look the first time, especially if you’re not used to using liner. Invest in some makeup wipes, set aside a little makeup time, sit down in front of your mirror and play around with your liner until you get a look you like.

source: fanpop.com

06: Blue eye makeup is off limits.

You have to love Taylor Swift. Talented and talented with a keen sense of style, if Taylor keeps going the way she’s going, I can see her sticking around in this business for a long time. The above photo of Miss. Swift proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (no pun intended) that blue eye shadow is absolutely not off limits, as long as you choose a shade that compliments your natural eye color, your skin tone and your hair color. Taylor has nailed it with this look. Very nicely done.

credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

05: Lipstick must be worn with lip liner.

Lip liner is really used to help define your lips and to help keep your lipstick from running but as useful as it can be, it can also be unnecessary if you have the right tools. That isn’t to say lip liner is useless though. I included it on my makeup bag essentials for a reason. I often go without lip liner but I do use it if the situation calls for it, so it’s good to have around. If you want to go with a liner free look like the one Elizabeth Olsen is sporting in the above photo, you’re going to want to have a lip brush. Lip brushes help you get a crisper line around the lips and help you ensure even application. Start with a healthy dose of liner in the center of your bottom lip and swipe the color outward toward to corner making sure you keep a crisp line as you move the brush. In the end, you’ll have flawless, liner free lips.

source: thefrisky.com

04: Black and navy shouldn’t be worn together.

Untrue! Just look at Brenda Song in the above photo. Pairing her little black dress with an over sized navy blue jacket was sheer genius but there are many other ways you can wear this look. This is one of the oldest beauty myths in the book and it’s a shame. Navy blue and black compliment each other beautifully. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. You can also throw in a little beige, cream or white – all colors once considered off limits with navy or black completely unfairly.

source: beautyeditor.ca

03: Red heads should avoid red lipstick.

This is a lie – a dirty rotten lie! Just ask Christina Hendricks. This woman is stunning and as far as style goes, there are few women in the industry that can top her. If you need proof that redheads can make red lipstick look stunning, you just need to look at Christina in the photo above. It’s definitely a bold, dramatic, eye catching look but it’s also a stunning one. While I might not recommend wearing this look for day at the office, it can be a phenomenal look for a night out on the town.

source: kissandmakeup.tv

02: Your roots should never show.

This one has long been considered a fashion don’t but that hasn’t stopped many, many ladies from throwing the rule out the window. Letting your roots show is often thought of as a casual, even trashy, look but in the photo above, Dianna Agron proves it doesn’t have to be either of those things. Styled perfectly and accessorized with the perfect earrings and makeup, Dianna has taken the “roots showing” look and turned it into something glamorous. On Dianna it looks youthful and fun but still sophisticated and it can look that way on you too.

source: fanpop.com

01: Basic black always needs a hit of color.

While I am a big fan of adding a little color to a basic black outfit, there are times when it is perfectly fine to just go basic. If you choose the right dress and the right shoes, basic black doesn’t need anything to look standout – it’ll just look standout all on its own. This is the case with Angelina Jolie’s dress in the photo above. Sometimes going simple is the best way to make a statement.

Finally, a quick word to close with. If you like something and it makes you feel good, wear it. I don’t care if it’s a hairstyle, a makeup look or an outfit. Your look is your call. In all honesty, any beauty rule can be broken if you want to break it and you can bust any beauty myth you’d like to bust. Remember, all of these rules had to be broken at some point in time or you wouldn’t see the looks on this list at all. You may not win the praise of your peers for trying something new but if you look in the mirror and you like what you see, your peers don’t matter.

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