Being An Individual Within Greek Life

Being your own person is one of the most important rules to live by.inarush_2249_130427846

You should be an individual in every aspect of your life. You should have your own interests. You should base your career and hobbies off of those interests, not someone else’s.

And in terms of fashion you should wear something that is unique to you.

But while all that is important, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be apart of a certain group. Beating to your own drum doesn’t stop you from joining an organization or group that you can be proud of.

And that’s the dilemma that faces Greek members. No one should be defined by his or her fraternity or sorority, but why shouldn’t you show off what brotherhood or sisterhood you are apart of? That’s the catch-22 of Greek life; on one hand it’s great to develop bonds and be apart of something that you can be proud of, but on the other hand, it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of what makes you unique.

It’s an issue that every Greek member will have to deal with on his or her own. But the problem extends to fashion. It’s no secret that there are clichéd fashion trends that are considered “Greek.”

And if you’re not careful you’ll just end up wearing the same old thing that every other member of your fraternity or sorority is wearing. Or worse yet, you’ll end up wearing the same stuff as everyone in all of Greek life.

The way to prevent that is to remember your style. Of course there are t shirts or shorts that everyone gets, but that’s not a while outfit. You can still stand out with you shoes, jacket, sunglasses or whatever.

And there’s always ways to wear your letters like no one else. It may seem odd to have your Greek letters embroidered on to a shirt or V-neck or jacket, but it is not all that expensive.

In fact, there’s even places that will specialize in such work.’s crew neck are great for finding something to wear that promotes your sorority or fraternity that’s different from that same old shirt that everyone got from that one event.

They have all sorts of different apparel and they will specialize whatever you buy specifically for the Greek system that you are apart of. And they’re not the only ones that can help you. There are plenty of other websites and shops that do similar work.

So one of the keys to being an individual within a group is to find your fashion while still promoting what you are apart of. Joining a fraternity or sorority should not take away from your specific taste in fashion.

All you have to do is show that the group that you are apart of just so happened to find a uniquely fashionable person who just so happens to show off the sorority or fraternity that they pledged to.

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