Best Tips for avoiding Dry & Itchy Skin

dry-facial-skin-cold-weather-200X200What is much worse and irritating than having a dry skin which is itchy as well. You can get dry skin any time of the year but it occurs the most in the winter season. But there is no reason to panic anymore. In this article you would know everything about why your skin turns dry during the winters as well as what are the preventive measures you should adopt in order to keep these woeful problems at bay.

So jot down these important tips and follow them with strict regime in order to treat the irritating dry skin disorders which you face every winter. Keep reading further to know more.

winter_skinWhy the Skin turns Dry especially during Winters?

Ever wonder why skin gets extremely dry and itchy during winter? The reason is that winters usually have temperature which is low along with very less humidity and winds which are extremely harsh. These are the factors which results in the depletion of the lipid layer from the skin and in turn cause the skin to get dry. Also as the usage of heating devices goes up during winter, it tends to suck too much moisture from a person’s skin and hence makes it dry.

Your main aim should not be to add more and more of moisture onto your skin, but to retain the already present moisture in your skin so that the skin remains supple and luscious even during bleak and chilly winters.

1st Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Use Water which is Lukewarmwash-face1

Try to use lukewarm water in order to take bath during winters. Avoid taking bath with hot water as it sucks moisture from your skin and tends to make it extremely dry. If you cannot abide by this rule then simply take showers which are of shorter duration. Also avoid hot sauna baths and tubs because they simply inflict torture on your skin and make it very dry and itchy.

This tip is also applicable to your washing hands with lukewarm water. Do not opt for hot water even to merely wash hands as it might turn your skin dry. Note, if your hands turn reddish in color it means that the water is too hot.

2nd Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Use Moisturizer after washing Hands & taking Bath143515-424x283-dryskin

Never forget to apply moisturizer after taking shower as well after each and every time you wash your hands. Whenever you feel that your skin has become extremely dry and is a bit itchy, it simply means that now is the time to get your moisturizer and apply it on your skin because your skin craves for some moisture. It soothes your skin as well as makes it more supple and tender.

3rd Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Exfoliate at least once or twice every weekexfoliation-21

Exfoliation is a very important process which should be meticulously done every once or twice a week in order to remove any dead skin cells from your skin. Not only does it make our skin free from all dryness, it makes your skin supple and luscious as well.

You can create your own scrub at home using either sugar or salt and apply it before or while taking bath and then rinse it off with water. Moisturizers work extremely well on skins which are properly exfoliated. You can also apply coconut oil on your face and dab a wet cloth on your face. This works as an excellent moisturizer.

4th Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Get a Good Humidifierm860679_200650-Personal-Humidifier_p2

Proper humid conditions are extremely important in order to acquire a healthy and moisturized skin. You must have noticed that the skins of people from desert regions have skin which is leather-like. It has been already stated that moisture is good for your skin and if you live in a place which has low humidity, then you must get a good humidifier as soon as possible.

During winters get the habit of keeping a humidifier in your bedroom while sleeping. It helps in keeping your skin moisturized. Also make sure to keep the doors closed in order to prevent the moisture from escaping.

5th Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Make use of a Mask for your FaceExfoliate

Why spend tons of money on facial masks in a spa or a salon when you can make your own masks at home with ease. To know more refer to my other articles which tells you how to make several good facial masks easily at home. Masks keep your face cleansed, healthy, glowing and provides the required nourishment.

6th Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Avoid Soaps which Dry your Skin428938_508128822551652_945815239_n

Avoid soaps because they tend to make your skin dry and taut. Do not use soaps even to wash your hands. Go for body wash which contains moisturizer so that your body remains properly moisturized and non-dry.

7th Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Take proper care of the Handswoman-applying-hand-lotion

Hands are easily susceptible to dryness and itchiness. Hence you must take proper care of your hands. Apply moisturizer and wear mittens before heading out during the winters. Before going to bed each night, apply a good amount of moisturizer on your feet and wear socks (preferably cotton) while sleeping at night.

8th Dry & Itchy Skin Tip: Take care of your Cracked Heelscracked-heels

Cracked heels are something which is non-sexy and disgusts all. Dab a good amount of moisturizer on your feet and cover them up by wearing cotton socks. Make sure not to walk around much after applying moisturizer on your feet. Sit for a while before resuming your normal activities. You can do the same with your hands but instead wrap them up in plastic and cover it up with socks for an hour or so. You would notice that your hands would turn more tender and supple.

As now you are armed with the knowledge of how to avoid itchy and dry skin, make use of the tips and get a glowing, supple and moisturized skin in a jiffy!

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