Best Tips for Exfoliating your Body & Face

Face with splash of waterA dull skin is everybody’s woe. As we get older our skin ages as well. The newer skin cells gets depleted resulting in excess dead skin cells. This dead skin makes the face appear dull and ashy. Hence it is recommended that you should exfoliate your face as well as body at least once every week in order to rid yourself of the dead skin layer on your natural skin.

Exfoliating on a weekly basis results in removal of dead skin and permits cleansers and moisturizers to permeate the skin properly and hence providing a supple and luscious skin so that when you apply foundation on your face, it glides smoothly on your face rather than making your face look flaky.

Keep reading further to know best tips for exfoliating your body as well as the face and keeping dead skin at bay.

skin_exfoliate_600x450Get Best Exfoliating Tools:

Getting best exfoliating tools are extremely necessary to remove excessive dead skin layer from your skin. Throw away the exfoliating tools such as harsh loofah and nylon exfoliating tools which comes with your body wash because they are indeed your mortal enemies. These tools are too harsh for your otherwise smooth and sensitive skin.

Instead opt for exfoliating tools such as a normal washcloth or a brush which could be used to exfoliate both your face as well as the body effectively. Do not think that brushes are too harsh for your skin. Get soft brushes with which you can exfoliate your entire body and then simply take bath.

There are even gloves available in the market which are meant for exfoliating your body as well as face and are extremely handy.

exfoliation-21Make yourself a Homemade Scrub for Face & Body:

People tend to waste tons and tons of money by visiting spa’s in order to relax their body and skin. They spend eons on scrubs and masks which could be easily made by anyone at home.  So why waste money on something which you could easily attain at the sanctuary of your shower chamber with the help of a simple exfoliating tool and a homemade scrub.

Do you want to know how to exfoliate your skin efficiently? Just follow the following steps meticulously!

  • Get any simple oil and apply it to your skin.
  • Get an exfoliating brush and gently brush it over your body in slow, gentle circular motion, all the time moving upwards.
  • Put on the gloves and take some homemade scrub in your hands. The scrub could be made of sugar or even salt. Apply it all over your body and rub it in gentle circular manner.
  • Wash off the scrub using warm water. Apply your normal body wash and scrub it well in the areas of elbows and heels (which are more prone to cracks and dead skin).
  • If you get acne’s in the back as well as the butt region, then apply some scrub in those portions as well.
  • Pat dry your skin and then dab some moisturizer on it to make your skin supple and plump.

how-often-exfoliate-face-1How to Exfoliate your Face effectively:

It is a proven fact that if you do not exfoliate your face regularly or even once every week, your skin would be full of dead skin cells which would make your face appear older as well as your complexion duller and more ash-like. As already mentioned, with your skin covered with dead cells, the moisturizer which you apply wont permeate through your skin and the foundation that you apply before makeup would set on your skin, thus making your skin caky.

So just follow the given tips in order to exfoliate your face efficiently:

  • It is believed that exfoliation works wonders with your skin when done early in the morning because our skin gets repaired itself overnight and hence morning is the perfect time to remove the dead skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin with the homemade scrub at least once every week, but remember not to over exfoliate using a product which is of granular nature as it tends to tear your otherwise sensitive skin.
  • Apply the scrub on your body in gentle circular manner for few seconds and then wash off with warm water. Do not use hot water to rinse off the scrub from your body and face. This works wonders for people having oily or dry skin.
  • If you are running out of time then do the following- add some homemade scrub with your face wash or cleanser, apply it on your face and rinse it off!
  • You do not have to invest unnecessarily on expensive scrubs and exfoliating tools. Instead get hold of a simple washcloth because it is the best and in-budget exfoliating tool one could own!

Having Retinoids:

To get more promising results, go for retinoids and acids such as Salicyclic and Glycolic which helps in lessening the acne’s and wrinkles as well as increases the rate at which cells are produced, thus deteriorating the dead skin cells.

ft_b5b5fde73402d4226403f6a1ccd90dc3Do not Shun the Lips:                     

Chapped lips are something which is non-adorable and extremely un-sexy but it happens with the best of us. All you require is a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline and a brush or a toothbrush, and you could get rid of scaly lips!

Apply the petroleum jelly on your lips properly and then move the brush gently over your lips. After few minutes wipe the jelly from your lips and you would instantly get soft, smooth and non-chapped lips!

ElbowsExfoliating the Elbows:

There is a very simple trick to treat the rough elbows! Just apply some petroleum jelly or a cream on your rough elbows and cover them up with some cloth. Keep your elbows covered for few hours (around 7 hours). When you remove the cloth or socks from your elbows, you would find really soft and smooth elbows.

So get to work with the above exfoliating tricks to get soft, smooth and glowing face and body. Hallelujah! 

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