Bewitching British Haircuts to get inspired from for Parties

You are all dressed up, with your beautiful eyes accentuated by heavy mascara, a dash of red on your adorable pout, all decked up with gems and jewels, but your outfit cannot be considered complete without you flaunting a bewitching hairstyle. And what better hairstyle to get inspired from than the hairstyle trend followed in Britain for years!

A research depicts that new companion usually judge your nature based on the type of hairstyle you are sporting at that instant! So yes, the pressure is on! In the current article I would list down the top hairstyles flaunted by British divas which radiates allure, be it in the form of Kate Middleton or the gutsy Amy Winehouse. Read on to know more about your favorite English Hairstyle!

English Hairstyle #1: The very Glamorous Beehive Hairdo

beehiveYou can go bold with a beehive hairdo made famous during the 60’s. This hairdo is a classic cut which screams charismatic elegance! Beehive hairdo is a great option for those who are on the lookout of some fun and want to add few inches to their short height. Beehive hairdo was popularized in 60’s and created an instant craze among women.

You must be wondering why the name beehive? That’s because it resembles an actual beehive! Beehive hairstyle is a cut which has lasted for a long time as it has been gracefully flaunted by stars through ages, be it Audrey Hepburn flaunting it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the popular pop icon Amy Winehouse making it her trademark hairstyle!

This hairdo suits people who have either shoulder length or long hair because in order to create some height, you would need good hair length. You would require a bumpit to get a beehive of your own. Remember to go for this hairdo only when your hair is completely dry. Try any version of beehive and be transformed into your very own diva!

English Hairstyle # 2: Unconstrained Waves

unconstrained wavesIf you are striving to look beautiful but without trying too hard, this hairdo is meant for you. This look was furthermore popularized by Britain’s favorite duchess Kate Middleton in her wedding. She wore her hair down, and loose around her adorable face. The people of Britain went gaga over her radiating tresses and unconstrained waves and this look has rocketed in popularity all around the globe.

To get this look, hairspray your tresses and then separate them in four segments. Braid the segments loosely and let your hair dry completely. Once your hair dries off completely, disentangle the braids and use a comb to backcomb your tresses. Use a curling iron to get the desired waves around your face. Add a Midas touch to your hairdo by applying volumizing hairspray just to give a modern touch to your hairstyle.

This hairstyle is popular because it is simple, easy and can be created within minutes!

English Hairstyle #3: Eccentric Quiff

quiffQuiff is a classic hairstyle which can suit everybody. It is a style meant to be adopted if you want to go for an eccentric look as well as emanating demureness. A quiff hairdo has been inspired from the popular hairstyles like pompadours and mohawks. This hairstyle has proved to be a craze for both men and women, with David Beckham flaunting the look to give some volume to his hair.

To get this hairstyle just comb the anterior section of your hair moving backwards and spray a good quantity of hairspray on it. Use a hot roller to roll a section of hair taken from anterior of your head and secure it using a pin. Keep the rollers for at least 20 minutes. After removing the roller, you would end up having a curl which you have to pull back towards your crown and pin it securely.

English Hairstyle #4: Vintage Chignon

chignonChignon is a hairstyle which can be termed “Timeless” as it is subtle yet oozes radiance. This hairstyle is a favorite of brides all around the world because it makes them look elegant, demure and sexy at the same time. Who can forget the chignon flaunted by Victoria Beckham which made her a style icon in fashion fraternity apart from being awarded the Best Designer of 2011. Do not be browbeaten by such a fancy name for a hairstyle, as chignon is simply a fancy name which means French bun.

English Hairstyle #5: Greek Braids

greek braidsIf you are a girl next door or an urban chic, Greek braid is a hairdo which works wonders with your tresses in every occasion. Braids were worn Greeks for as long as anybody could remember. This hairstyle has been derived from the hairdo sported by Greek goddesses in the sculptures.

Usually people have a misconception that braids are dull and monotonous, but if they are styled properly, braids may look elegant and beautiful. Greek braids possess a celestial quality which makes them stand out when compared with other hairdo’s. You should have hair reaching below your shoulder in order to create Greek braids.

English Hairstyle #6: Ever-Sensual Bed Hair

bed_head_hairWant to get a just-tumbled-out-of-bed sexy look which radiates sexiness and charisma from your personality? Then bed hair is a hairstyle made for you. Bed hair gained rave popularity in the 60’s and with just a comb and a hairspray, is a look simple to create. Make sure to have your hair dried completely before implementing this hairstyle.

Use a volumizing spray to dampen your hair and backcomb it to give it an out-of-bed look. Good luck with your sensual bed hair experimenting!

English Hairstyle #7: Funky Pixie HairdoOrange British Academy Film Awards - Outside Arrivals

Who can forget the cute pixie look sported by vivacious Emma Watson of the Harry Potter film series. She transformed from a girl next door image to a funky little pixie look, and it surely was a remarkable transformation!

Now that you are armed with a bagful of tips, get inspired by your favorite celebrity flaunting glamorous hairstyles and make it your own!

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