38 Stylish Ideas on How to Wear Burgundy Nails

Many people are mistaken to think that having burgundy nails simply means painting their nails burgundy. The truth is, there’s actually an almost endless list of how to flaunt this color. It is more than just a hue. It in fact speaks volumes about style, status, personality, and vibes. Besides the capability of being worn in different ways, it can also be used for different events and occasions. It can be an everyday look. It can be cutesy for a date, elegant for a wedding, or a rock star for the tougher side of your persona. Whichever your character is and whatsoever reason you need the burgundy nails for, here are an abundant examples to inspire you!

Classic and Natural

Perhaps the most common way people do burgundy nails is by simply using nail polish. Although it is relatively effortless and uncomplicated as its other counterparts, it does not mean that it lacks sophistication. Plain burgundy nails can actually be very classy, just like these ones.


2. The fascinating thing about burgundy is that it can match with almost any kind of outfit. It is ok with jeans and sweatshirt. It is good with floral and dressy kind of clothes as well. It is as though, you can never go wrong with burgundy nails.

3. You can wear it in its usual dark shade and mix and match it with your clothes that tend to the darker side of tones and hues, or you can even make it a bit of a lighter version and still gracefully show that elegance. Like this one, it is perfect for those who prefer nude to natural nail colors but still want to go for burgundy but cannot go all in. This is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

4. With the nails being natural and the colors being plain, you can accentuate your beautiful hands and fingers with accessories such as rings and bracelets to balance out the simplicity and stylishness of the classic burgundy nails to make it look more artsy or noticeable. It is a great tactic when you suddenly feel like switching from the down to earth lady to the dominating tough girl who is not about to be pushed around today.

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5. There are so many ways to wear accessories with your simple burgundy nails. You can opt for the ones with a lot of blings or this one which appears to be a combination of toughness and sophistication. Check your jewelry box out and find the ones that would fit your mood today, or the person you are feeling to be today.

6. You see, it’s not just about your mood or your personality. Every girl knows this – that sometimes you gotta dress up according to the outfit that you want to try today. Perhaps you had this studded jacket for a while now and has not had the chance to wear it yet and it’s finally a bit chilly outside; or you bought this new clothes and you want to take it for a show – then it is time to match these attire out with accessories. Fortunately, your burgundy nails can easily go with anything!


Classic plus Artificial Nails

Some girls like to paint their fingernails and keep them natural while others like it longer, especially if they were not blessed with a more feminine prettier fingers. Sometimes that happens! Sometimes, the same women simply changes their preferences. At one point they like to keep it short, in another occasion, they would like to keep it longer and more stylish. If you are the type to use artificial nails or you are feeling like wearing one, check out this gorgeous ideas!

7. Look at these ones. They managed to keep their nails longer and kept it blunt and square instead of roundish and sharp. This style is good for those who are in between being girly girl and tomboyish, or to those who simply like to keep things lowkey. Or if you are just starting out with the fake nails and do not want to be to obvious about it or is simply testing it out and not even sure yet, then a burgundy polish on your new artificial nails is just the one that you need.



10. Well if you are not into square nails, then check out these beautiful roundish and sharp burgundy nails which are equally very attractive to look at.


12. If earlier there was an example of making burgundy nails lighter, you can also make it a bit darker than usual. You know there are moments when you just feel like being Malificent than Snow White. Hand those poisonous apple around to your jealous classmates or coworkers with this very stylish burgundy nails. It can just be the ideal nails when you are dressed to kill.




Burgundy and Gold

Whoa, we are just getting more and more fashionable here! Burgundy nails in itself is already very chic…but now combine gold with it? That is insanely a good idea! Gold in many ways signify affluence, royalty, or greatness. So if being a superior in beauty or sophistication is your goal with your burgundy nails, then adding gold to it is your red carpet towards your throne.


16. Simple yet classy – that’s what this style is all about. It is a significantly better alternative to those girls who keep painting white at the tip of their natural nails. Why not kick it up a drastically higher notch with burgundy and gold?


17. You can also do it by simply putting golden glitters up on one finger nail in every hand.

18. Or if you want a bit more pattern and artistic complication, then this style is definitely a must. Look at those pretty burgundy and gold nails! Doesn’t it make you imagine replicas of golden bugs in a royal Egyptian’s treasures in a pyramid? Or doesn’t it look like wrappers of scrumptious chocolates? Now whether the chocolate lover or the Egyptian pyramid admirer in you is sparked up with this idea, betcha you want these nails, don’t you!

19. Let’s say you are attending a very formal event and you need to have an air of aristocracy with your golden and burgundy nails, but you just can’t let go of your cutesy preferences. Well, take that frown off your face because you can absolutely have both at the same time! Look at these elegant yet very cute nails.


Design it up!

Okay, enough with the restraints of formal events. Let’s loosen up with wildly designed nails. Let your artistic freak fly with these numerous ideas on how to use studs, stamps, rhinestones, pens, water marbling, beads, and aluminum foils. There are girls who are crazy about totally unique nail arts. There are also those who are a bit experimental every now and then. Whichever you are between the two, here are magnificent ideas that you can try!


21. If you are secretly a fan of studs and rhinestones and cannot make it too obvious, or you are just starting out, or you simply feel like keeping it simple, then this style is right for you. Burgundy nail polish plus a bit of silver studs or rhinestone looks very dashing indeed! You can add up a bit of accessories like a ring to match it up or to accentuate the silver nail art.

22. Here is another way to do silver or white studs or rhinestones on burgundy nails. It is never too much to use it on every nail as long as you know the right patterns or design. If you don’t know how to design it on your own, then try this suggestion out yourself. Also notice the difference among the shades of burgundy, the luster, and the nail shape.

23. You have seen the glossier versions of burgundy, now here is a combination of matte burgundy and pink plus a bow tie on one nail and a series of studs on the other. It is a good combination of cute, refined, and tenacious all at the same time. Don’t you feel like that kind of person sometimes?

24. How about putting more of those designs? Well, why not! For sure you have heard about what they say that too much of everything is bad. That does not apply in nail art if you know what you are doing. Don’t be scared now to use more designs by carefully observing and following, how this complicated design is done.

25. You can still use almost all kinds of nail art without it looking as complex as the previous example. You can still utilize various processes and designs and still keep it looking simple. Just like this one which included studs, pens, and different colors but still looks simple despite the complicated steps.


Power Combo

Some people are not comfortable with studs, rhinestones, and other somewhat bulging designs in nail art. And that’s okay. Just because you would only be having flat surfaces on your burgundy nails, does not mean that your nails are going to look plain and boring. Here’s how to equip color combinations, water marbling, and pens.


27. Simple with two different colors of nail polish, you can achieve a creative-looking burgundy nails. These following ideas for example are simply two different colors brushed on different parts of the nails which consequently created designs, patterns, images, shapes, and objects.





32. Another way to keep your colors strictly dual but make it look artistic as ever is by using water marbling. Many people usually do water marbling with vibrant color combinations making it look candy-like, cutesy, child-like. However, you can actually use this technique in more serious, seductive, and adult-like hues such as burgundy and black. Now, doesn’t that looks very alluring?

33. Glitters! Of course, there isn’t anything that isn’t made better-looking by glitters. You can experiment up and simply have fun with your burgundy nail polish and some of these nail art designs with glitters!

34. You can make it as simple as alternating glittered nails and non glittered ones, or by picking to put glitters on to just some but not all finger nails.

35. You can also make patterns with the glitters – use some simple lines and shapes and there you go with such pretty burgundy nails!



Matte lipsticks, make up, and even shoes and clothing had become a thing in the recent years. Of course, nails couldn’t be an exemption to that right? Either you want to match up your outfit with matte burgundy nails, or you already are a matte fan for everything, or you simply are a fan of this style, take a look at these gorgeous ideas.


37. Since matte is dark and of course lacks luster, it is advisable to pair it with a few sparkly things. Just like most of these examples, it is great to pair it up with accessories, mostly golden. The contrast between the two is perfect, which ultimately creates a totally fantastic style.

38. You can either have matte burgundy polish on natural nails or you can use it over artificial nails. You can always adjust on the length and shape by simply cutting it as you would with your nails. If you have doubts whether you can do it successfully or not then you can always go to beauty salons and have nail technicians perform the magic on your nails. Don’t miss out on such lavish and unique style.

Now that you have seen all these amazing burgundy nail ideas, hurry up and get the one that attracted you the most. Whether you are the sweet type of girl, demure and simple, or you are more into elegance and luxury, there is always a burgundy nail design that is best for you. But oh well, who says you can pick just one. Why not wear all depending on what you feel like having? In this day and age, you are free to be who you want to be. For sure, there is a style in this list for every mood that you have all throughout the week.

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