Buying A Watch Online-here Is All You Need To Know About Watches

Gearing up to buy a watch online?

Join the crowd! Watches have become one of the most online bought articles over the internet. While researching for the watch of your choice you might already have discovered the enormous number of brands, types, price ranges and functionalities available, which can be very confusing as well as quite intimidating.

Following are some guidelines that will certainly help you narrow down the long list of eligible ones.


Over the years, where the prices have hiked to the skies, the sizes of the watches have increased too. A few years ago, a nice and decent watch would measure around 32-35mm. While the watches in present days may vary from 38-42mm or even larger measuring 55mm. Rectangular watches obviously are narrower than the circular ones. Apparently, wider and bigger watches appear classy and appealing in pictures only. One would buy a bigger watch only once it has been tried upon otherwise it is better to stick to the range of 40mm maximum.

Similarly, ladies watches have grown bigger in sizes too. Although, there are women who like to sport a men’s watch like a pro but bigger ladies watches can be taken as a bold fashion statement if worn. The size distribution can be classified as- anything within 24mm will be considered as petite, 24-28mm as average and 28 and up as large.


You must have heard the terminologies “Quartz”, “Mechanical” and “automatic” but do not really know what these terms mean or how they function or which one is better.

Quartz is a simple watch that is powered by a battery and is an electronic watch. Some may work through solar energy while rest work on kinetic energy. Quartz are relatively lesser expensive than mechanical watches. These are highly reliable and consistent.  They are pretty low maintenance watches which occasionally require a change in battery. Quartz is considered as inexpensive watches and are good enough for people who need a timepiece that merely tells the time.

 A mechanical watch is a wind up watch. It requires a spring that winds up a series of gears to move the hands. This is quite an old technology that goes back hundreds of years and gives the most accurate results.  Mechanical watches are the most favorite watches among the watch enthusiasts and collectors. If taken well care of, mechanical watches can last a lifetime and can even become an heirloom.


A watch needs no introduction if it’s either made in Japan or in Switzerland. Japan is undoubtedly known the best for Quartz watches.  Casio, Seiko and Citizen are one of the best Japanese made watches and are known for their performance and quality worldwide. Whereas, if you opt to buy a Swiss watch, look for small sticker that says “Swiss Made”, this should be enough to guarantee the quality and superiority of that watch. Perhaps this label signifies that it has passed the minimum standard of quality required by the Swiss government.  Swiss watches are the best known for mechanical watches but also manufacture splendid and breathtaking Quartz timepieces too. Some of the well known Swiss brands are Tag heuer, Rolex Oyster, Rado and Breguet to name a few.


The difference is quite obvious between the two, analog watches have moving hands; whereas, digital watches has LED or LCD screen that displays time in numeric. Traditionally, analog watches are considered to be classier, dressy and are preferred among the masses

The options in analog watches is limited to very basic functionality like time, date, day or maximum it may be able to work as a stopwatch. On the other hand, digital watches are capable of providing services which are quite over the top like certain sports watches programmed to tell the weather updates, heart rates, tide information, compasses, barometers and many other specifications depending on the type of the watch.

Another most important factor to be kept under consideration is the “crystal”. It is the glass that covers the dial. It majorly comes in three qualities- crystal, mineral glass and sapphire.

Crystal glass is acrylic which tends to get scratched very easily but it can be polished to get the scratches removed. Then comes the mineral glass, it is more resistant towards scratches and does not catch any damage easily but the drawback is, it cannot be polished again to remove them. Third and the last one is sapphire crystal, this is the hardest and the most impossible one to be scratched, apparently to be scratched by a diamond or another sapphire only. They are long lasting and durable and may not require to be replaced during one’s lifetime.


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