Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes? How to Clean and Reuse Fake Eyelashes

We’ve been talking a lot about fake eyelashes lately (read how to apply fake eyelashes here and how to remove fake eyelashes here) but we haven’t yet addressed one of the most common questions women have about these handy beauty enhancers – can you reuse fake eyelashes? This article will answer that question and will walk you through how to save fake eyelashes so they can be reused, how to clean fake eyelashes and how to store fake eyelashes so you can use them again. Let’s dive in.

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Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

Yes! Most eyelashes you purchase in a drug or department store can be reused if they’re cleaned and cared for properly and any that can’t will indicate that they’re only intended to be used once on the package. Single use fake eyelashes can sometimes be saved but if you want to reuse your fake lashes, anything marked ‘single use’ should be avoided just to be safe. In order to reuse your lashes safely, however, you need to be sure you take proper care of them. That can take a little time and care but it’s worth it just for the money you’ll save replacing your favorite false lashes.

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How to Clean Fake Eyelashes So They Can Be Reused

A big part of proper care for fake eyelashes is making sure you remove them and clean them properly. We’ve already talked about properly removing them so it’s time now to talk about how they’re cleaned. These step by step guides should tell you everything you need to know to properly clean your fake lashes. I’ve chosen two different but equally effective methods so choose whichever one works for you. To clean fake eyelashes using the first method, you’ll need:

  • Makeup remover specifically designed for eye makeup
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton swab
  • Tweezers

Step One: First things first, make sure your hands are clean. Touching your false lashes or your eyes with dirty hands is just begging for an eye infection.
Step Two: Remove the fake lashes carefully, following the guide in this article.
Step Three: Soak a cotton ball in your makeup remover and move it across the fake lashes. Make sure you get the makeup remover along the entire length of the lashes. Don’t forget the adhesive strip as well.
Step Four: Turn the eyelashes over and repeat step two for the opposite side of the lashes. If you have trouble picking them up, use your tweezers to flip them over.
Step Five: Carefully inspect your lashes for any residual glue. If you spot any, use your tweezers to very carefully hold the lash while you pull away the remaining glue. Avoid pulling on the lashes themselves or the last strip or you could damage the lashes.
Step Six: Dip your cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol and use the swab to wipe the alcohol along the lash strip. This not only gets rid of any remaining glue or makeup on the lash but also disinfects it. Wipe the swab over the strip several times to make absolutely sure no glue or makeup remains on the strip.
Now, I don’t often reuse fake eyelashes. I don’t wear them often enough to justify keeping them over just buying another set. The only exceptions are the fake lashes I liked enough to spend a little extra money on. These lashes don’t get worn often but when they do, they are carefully removed, carefully cleaned and carefully stored so I don’t have to spend that little extra to replace them. When I clean my false lashes, I use the method I’m going to share with you now. For this method, you’ll need:

  • A plastic container
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Tweezers
  • Tissue
  • An eyelash comb

Step One: Make sure your hands are clean.
Step Two: Carefully remove the fake lashes.
Step Three: Lay the fake lashes in your container. I just use a small Tupperware container.
Step Four: Add a little makeup remover to the container. You only really need to use about a tablespoon depending on the size of the container you use. You just want to make sure you use enough that the lashes can really soak in the remover.
Step Six: Leave the lashes in the solution for no less than five minutes.
Step Seven: Use your tweezers to remove the lashes from the solution and lay the lashes on a clean, flat surface. I always just lay them on the inside of the lid of the container I’m using.
Step Eight: Take the tweezers and carefully remove the glue from the lashes. Be careful not to pull on the actual lashes or the band or you could damage the lashes.
Step Nine: Empty your container and clean it well before adding a little more makeup remover to the container.
Step Ten: Use the tweezers to drag the lashes through the clean makeup remover, moving the lashes from the left side of the container to the right.
Step Eleven: Flip it over and drag it back through the makeup remover, this time moving from the right to the left.
Step Twelve: Repeat steps nine through eleven until the makeup remover is clean even after your drag the lash through it. This is how you know you’re lashes are clean.
Step Thirteen: Lay the lashes on your clean tissue and allow them to dry completely.
Step Fourteen: Comb out the lashes using your eyelash comb. This is a step a lot of people skip but it’s an important one. Combing out the lashes helps the lash keep its shape.

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How to Store Fake Eyelashes for Reuse

If I haven’t yet made it abundantly clear, let me reiterate. Before you even think about storing your eyelashes or reapplying them, you need to make sure they’re clean. The eyes are incredible sensitive. Leftover makeup or glue on the lashes could irritate your eye. Dirt or any other nastiness you’ve failed to clean off could give you an infection. This is why I always go with the second method for cleaning fake eyelashes. It takes a bit longer but when you’re done, you’re absolutely positive those lashes are clean.

Once you have your lashes clean, you can put them back into the plastic tray they came in as long as the tray is sealable. You need to make sure those lashes are protected. After all, what’s the point of cleaning them if you just allow them to remain out to get dirty all over again? You can buy cases specifically designed to store fake eyelashes in. If you have a pair of lashes you love and want to keep for a few uses, it might not be a bad idea to invest in one of these cases, especially if the plastic container your lashes came in isn’t sealable. In truth though, you can really use anything that seals.

One last note before we call it a day. If the lash band is damaged or the lashes begin losing hair, it’s time to toss them out. No matter how well we care for them, fake eyelashes are really only good for so many uses. Once your lashes have run out their life, toss them out and replace them.

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