10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters Before and After

I have no problem with cosmetic surgery. I think a woman has the right to do whatever pleases her. If having a nip or a tuck makes a woman feel better about herself then she should go ahead and do it. I might do the same if I had that kind of money. Cosmetic surgery can boost a woman’s confidence …

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How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

Yesterday, we walked you through how to apply fake eyelashes properly so now it’s time to talk about what happens when you’re done with your lashes for the evening and it’s time to take them off. To be perfectly honest, leaning how to remove fake eyelashes won’t be much more difficult than learning how to apply them. In fact, you’ll probably …

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The Best Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin

Healthy glowing skin is a big part of looking and feeling your best but it’s also something a lot of women struggle with. Knowing how to apply makeup properly doesn’t necessarily mean also knowing how to get glowing skin. In fact, when I’m asked about makeup tips, makeup tips for glowing skin are probably the most common request. For that …

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