Tips for Coloring Hair at Home Without Damaging It

Approximately 75 percent of women currently color their hair. Are you interested in joining them? Are you already part of this group and need a touch-up? Either way, there are lots of reasons why you might want to color your hair at home instead of going to a salon.  If you’re thinking about this option, keep reading. Listed below are …

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Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a popular and ultra-easy way to add styling versatility any time. Your clip-in hair extensions can allow you to add volume and length when you need it to create new looks. Maintaining your extensions will help to preserve them and keep them looking beautiful for many more months of wear. By and large, clip-in extensions are low …

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19 Inspiring Layered Hairstyles with Bangs


It is a misconception that layered hair is nothing but layered hair. Actually it is such a fresh and lively hairstyle. Almost any woman of any age, shape, and height can sport layered hairstyle. If you are doubtful how can you style layered hair plus bangs on you, take a look at these various examples which you can just get …

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21 Super Hot Must Try Orange Hair


Are you one of those people who like to keep changing their hairstyle? Hmmm or maybe you are among those with virgin hair and is now venturing into a path of dyed hair. Either way, in your search for the perfect color, it had probably become exhausting to see the same colors and styles over and over again. Plain colors, …

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10 Cute Hairstyles That Are Easy To Do

Although women have lived styling their hair all their lives, moments always come when they do not know what to do with their hair anymore. Perhaps they have grown tired with the hairstyles they have always used, or they want to keep it fresh for once. There are also those who barely knows anything about styling one’s hair. Whether you …

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28 Fabulous Gorgeous Updos for Long Hair


Think pretty! Think princess! Think prom and cute and weddings galore! Yes, you got it right! The complete list of updos for long hair. Some are simple and easy to do when you are in a hurry, and you need to be in a class like 10 minutes ago. Some are perfect for “I Dos” while some are meant for …

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73 Beautiful Romantic Wedding Hairstyle to Make Him Fall in Love Again


Begin the rest of your life with these beautiful wedding hairstyles. Choose from soft elegance to wildly romantic, easy to moderately hard. If there is someone out there for you, there is the perfect wedding hairdo for you. If you are turning to Bridezilla because of the stress and hassle, step back and enjoy some salon visits while sipping margaritas …

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54 Chic Senegalese Twist Hairstyles | Tips, Tricks and Tutorials


Let’s make ourselves like a natural woman, and that means going back to our roots. Literally. Senegalese twists aka rope twists are getting traction in the African-American community because one’s identity also includes health and beauty. Senegalese twists are also a popular form of protective styling where we lessen the manipulation of our precious tresses and using less product. We …

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66 Sassy Cool Haircuts for Fine,Thin Hair


The struggle is real ladies. We can’t all be a Kardashian with va-va-voom hair, but girls with thin hair need not live with limp hair the perfect nifty and sleek hairstyle, you can change flat to fabulous. Eschew the extensions or the wigs. You can have real good fullness with these haircuts for fine or thin hair with a few …

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How Barbers Improve Our Lives With Just A Pair Of Scissors

We all know that scissors are used for cutting; it’s that simple, right? Well, not quite. While doing research, we’ve discovered that there are so many things that a barber does with scissors other than trimming hair. It doesn’t even stop there. We’ve discovered that there are many types of scissors, each designed for a specific function. To understand how …

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