Celebrities: Exquisite Hairstyles flaunted by Fashion Divas in 2012

sunday sept 11th, 6pmAs we enter into the threshold of 2013, a brand new year, so what’s more better than to have a glimpse of celebrities who flaunted most gorgeous hairstyles the previous year. The list isn’t much big, but the divas included in the list surely carry off their hairstyles with impeccable finesse.

Read further to know everything about the hairstyles flaunted by your favorite celebrity and how you can draw inspiration from your role models girls and try these matchless hairstyles with your beautiful tresses. Read this article to know more and I am certain that by the time you finish reading the list, you would call your hairstylist for an appointment!

Alluring Hairstyle #1: Pompadour sported by Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole-Scherzinger-Pompadour-PonytailPompadours have been in trend for few years now, but last year it was sported spectacularly by singing sensation Nichole Sherzinger. Lately this hairstyle is being spotted on the streets at a regular basis. If I wouldn’t have had a wide forehead, I would have gone for this hairstyle myself since they are simply fabulous.

You can make a huge pompadour or keep it simple like the usual ones easily at home. If you have fine, straight hair, pompadour would suit you the best. Fret not if you have wavy or curly hair. Simply apply some hair wax into your hair before going for this hairstyle. Backcomb your hair and keep applying hairspray on it to keep it in place. Make a chignon or a cute ponytail with the rest of the hair and get transformed into a Diva!

Alluring Hairstyle #2: Fabulous Bob flaunted by Ali Larter

ali larter popIf you prefer a hairstyle where hair reaches your shoulder, nothing beats the ever classic simple yet sophisticated bob hairstyle. The fact that it is superb is that it is neither long nor short and yet sporty. This casual hairstyle was subtly flaunted by Ali Larter last year and is considered one of the most convenient hairstyle since anybody with any hair texture can go for it. Thus it tops the chart as being the best shoulder length hairstyle one could go for!

Alluring Hairstyle #3: Upswept Messy Hairstyle

upswept hairstyleThis hairdo looks great on all and can be labeled as a less fleecy version of superb pompadours mentioned earlier. You need to have non-smooth hair in order to flaunt this hairstyle or else it wouldn’t be in place and keep falling on your forehead. Use thickening spray on your hair and backcomb it a little. Your thick textured hair usually allows this hairstyle to maintain a little loft. You can make a bun or a messy ponytail with the rest of the hair.

This hairstyle has been flaunted by supermodels walking the ramp with success. One look at them and you would nod in approval immediately! Get this hairstyle at home with easy without knocking the doors of a salon. Explore your creativity!

Alluring Hairstyle #4: Tousled Hairstyle flaunted by Sofia Vergara

2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsAccording to most hair stylists, Sofia Vergara’s tousled hairstyle is one of the most- wanted hairdo asked for at salons all over the world. This is an expensive hairstyle and hence you cannot get it done at home. You would require lots and lots of extensions to get this hairstyle.

With the extensions in your hair, next your stylist would cut your hair in blunt and random layers which gives it a false appearance of looking more voluminous! This hairstyle works wonders on women having straight or even wavy hair texture. The hairdo looks gorgeous on women with either square and even round faces.

Alluring Hairstyle #5: Awry Bob flaunted by Ashlee Simpson

ashlee simpsonUnlike her sibling Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson has always been known to sport short hair. But this adaptation of short hair is the one I love the most. This hairstyle enhances Ashlee’s beautiful features and can be sported by both the Divas as well as moms!

Alluring Hairstyle #6: Topknot flaunted by Julianne Hough

julianne hough topknotA messy topknot carried off by Julianne Hough is a state-of-art hairstyle which has started popping up more and more on the streets after being efficiently portrayed by the celebrity. Be creative at home, get this topknot and flaunt it wherever you go!

Alluring Hairstyle #7: Partially-grazed head Hairstyle sported by Rihanna

rihannaNotice just how only a small portion of Rihanna’s head has been shaved. Go for this look only if you are cool enough to pull it off with grace!

Alluring Hairstyle #8: Tousled shoulder-length Hairstyle flaunted by Katharine McPhee

69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsGo for this classic as well as a super-modern look if you have wavy hair (looks abominable if you have straight hair). This hairstyle would enhance your face shape and make it appear more striking!

Alluring Hairstyle #9: Clasped-back hair flaunted by Jamie Chung

"Knife Fight" TFF PremiereIf you are going for a minimal look, instead of gathering up your hair in a ponytail, opt for pinning your hair at the back of your head which looks simple yet sweet and much better than just donning your hair down. I loved this hairstyle flaunted by Jamie Chung because she looked simple yet sexy concurrently. The length and the waves are simply gorgeous.

Alluring Hairstyle #10: Super short hairdo sported by Princess Charlene

charlenePrincess Charlene, who married the regal prince of Monaco Prince Albert, recently cut off her long tresses into really short hairstyle which surprisingly she pulled off with finesse matching her royalty!

The new hairstyle makes her look more fresh and brings out her beautiful facial features strikingly. This style is great for those who have thin, straight hair and looks extremely flattering on face of every shape!

Now that you know what are the hairstyles in demand lately, explore your creativity and try your hand at experimenting with the hairstyles sported by your favorite celebrities last year. No more need to head to a beauty salon anymore as these hairstyles are easy to do. Bring out the manifested Diva in you with these hairstyles. Hallelujah!

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