Celebrities flaunting Drop-dead gorgeous Pixie Hairstyles

logoPixie hairstyle has been totally in for ages. A hairstyle flaunted subtly by the evergreen actor Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow in 50s, this hairstyle has been continuously popularized by the likes of celebrities such as Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Ginnifer Goodwin and many more!

Pixie hairstyle works wonder on women who have thick and wavy hair, but it also works on women who have straight hair. Do not go for pixie hairstyle if you have long face as this hairstyle can make your face appear more elongated. Pixie look suits women who have heart shaped, oval as well as round face.

List of Celebrities flaunting the Pixie Look:Michelle-Williams-Pixie-Haircut

  • Michelle Williams- Pixie look is gaining momentum day by day as more and more celebrities are getting this hairstyle which is boyish yet mysteriously feminine. One such celebrity who flaunts pixie hairstyle with ease is Michelle Williams.

Michelle William says that she feels at home with this easy-going pixie look which she sports with side bangs. Although it is a simple haircut, you would still require trims every six weeks. Pixie look can be donned by women who do not have hair which is curly.

For a perfect pixie hairstyle, ascertain it with your hair stylist that she cuts lots and lots of layers in your hair and keeps it on your nape so that it looks the same as a stylish bob hairstyle when the hair at your crown starts growing.rihanna pixie

  • Rihanna – Rihanna’s hairstylist says that she decided for a pixie look to be flaunted by Rihanna at an MTV award ceremony in September this year. And Rihanna does carry off this look with grace and looks beauty personified at the social do.

To get the pixie hairstyle exactly like that of Rihanna, simply flat iron your entire hair and sit back if you have curly or wavy hair. If you already have hair which is straight or wavy, you can skip the above step and straightaway get the pixie haircut.Ashlee-_Simpson-pixie_97766

  • Ashlee Simpson- Ashlee Simpson looked gorgeous than ever after donning the platinum pixie avatar which usually doesn’t suit everyone. Get a pixie hairstyle as mentioned previously and color your hair platinum and Voila! Flaunt a look to-die-for!MTV Staying Alive Foundation Dinner - Arrivals
  • Emma Willis- Hair stylists usually recommend to go for side bangs (which are usually long in length) as it looks spectacular when you are sporting pixie hairdo. In order to make your bangs look more prominent, stylists advice to separate each bang strands.nora zehetner
  • Nora Zehetner- It is important to keep it in mind that each and every hairstyle you ever go for emphasizes your eyes and cheekbones efficiently. Go for such a pixie hairstyle which rather enhances your cheekbones. Thus a Nora Zehetner pixie hairdo is usually recommended by hair stylists if you wish to enhance your cheekbones to a greater extent.

Not everybody can flaunt a pixie hairdo with grace and fluidity. Pixie hairstyle suits women who are petit and have wavy hair. The cut is not compatible with women who have long face, but pixie hairstyle suits women who have oval or heart-shaped face.

If you have a round face and wish to make it appear more long, go for a pixie haircut with body at the top of your crown so that it lifts the crown of your head, making your face appear more elongated than usual.halle berry

  • Halle Berry- Superstar Halle Berry claims that she feels herself when she flaunts short hairstyles. She feels more confident and sure of herself when flaunting short hair as it makes her stand apart from other girls (flaunting the usual long hairstyles) in the crowd and this is the reason which had made her reach the zenith of stardom in such a short span of time!

Halle Berry carries the gorgeous pixie hairdo with great finesse. Her black hair, with a tuft of hair lifting at top of her head looks as if it was made to don the pixie hairstyle.300-audrey-tautou

  • Audrey Tautou- Audrey Tautou is probably the only celebrity apart from Halle Berry who carries of the pixie look with such beauty and grace that she emanates all the qualities of a Femme Fatale when donning this avatar.Winona_Ryder_pixie-hair-cut
  • Winona Ryder- Pixie hairstyle simply won’t be considered complete without mentioning the stylish pixie hairdo with side parting sported by Winona Ryder throughout the 90’s. Winona Ryder’s height of success was remarkable during the era she flaunted pixie hairstyle. Her pixie hairdo comprises of adorable side swept bangs along with side parting.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - World Film Premiere - Arrivals
  • Emma Watson- If you want to go for a much more old-fashioned version of pixie hairstyle, then take inspiration from Emma Watson because she has the impeccable face to sport a traditional pixie hairstyle. Her haircut does not comprise of any bangs or edges which are frilly in nature.kim kardashian
  • Kim Kardashian- Who can forget the time when Kim Kardashian sported pixie look and also carried it off with grace! Nobody would have ever believed that Kim would go for a pixie hairstyle as it was thought to look peculiar on her. But she pulled off her pixie haircut which was choppy with success! Although she resembled her mother when she donned this haircut, she looked gorgeous and we wish she would have kept this hairstyle a little longer.pink
  • Pink- We simply cannot leave out renowned singer Pink when listing the celebrities who pulled of pixie haircut with finesse. Pink has always been considered tomboyish and is also known to exhibit a strong personality. So having a cropped and stylish pixie hairstyle would have been the natural option for her. This look enhances her beautiful smile apart from making her blue eyes look much more ‘Bluer’.Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Photocall - 63rd Cannes Film Festival
  • Carey Mulligan- Carey Mulligan’s pixie haircut is full of layers which makes her look like a happy-g-lucky girl heading for the beach. Go for her hairstyle if you want to look feminine in while sporting short hair.

Follow the styles flaunted by your favorite celebrities to get the best pixie hairstyle ever which enhances your beauty furthermore!

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