Celebrities Who Went Blonde: Who Rocked It and Who Didn’t

Blondes have more fun, or at least that’s how the old saying goes. The celebrities on this list have put that theory to the test, whether for film or television roles or just for a little change. These celebrities who went blonde have proven that going blonde can be a great way to freshen up your look – if blonde works for you. So who nailed the look and who didn’t? Let’s check out some celebrities who went blonde and talk a little bit about why it worked or why it didn’t.

Ashley Tisdale

Verdict: Hung Jury
I was never really a big Ashley Tisdale fan but she’s really grown on my over the last little while. I’m sure that has something to do with her upcoming guest spot on Sons of Anarchy but that’s beside the point. The thing about Ashley is that she has the ability to make a variety of looks seem natural and that what she’s done with her hair color. That isn’t always easy to do. The key is to find the exact perfect shade and Ashley seems to nail that every time.


Verdict: Better as a blonde.
I love Beyoncé with dark hair, medium hair and light hair but I really do prefer her as a blonde. There’s just something eye catching about her flowing blonde tresses that appeals to me. Like Ashley, Beyoncé always seems to find the perfect shade no matter what color she’s going with. I prefer the blonde but only by a small margin. This woman looks incredible no matter what she does.

Demi Lovato

Verdict: Better as a blonde.
First, how great is Demi Lovato on X-Factor US? I think she was the perfect choice for the judge’s seat. Anyway, on to the hair. I was thrilled to hear Demi was going blonde and was even more thrilled when I saw the results. While I love Demi’s dark hair, I think the blonde really freshens up her look. This was almost a hung jury but I had to give the win to the blonde. Rest assured, it was not be a wide margin though.

Emma Stone

Verdict: Better as a blonde.
Despite popular belief, Emma’s blond locks are closer to her natural color then the fiery red we’re used to seeing her with. The verdict on Emma was a tough one, I have to admit. She looks beautiful as a redhead or as a blonde but I favor blonde Emma ever so slightly so I had to give the blonde the edge in this one.

Jennifer Aniston

Verdict: Better a bit darker.
Jennifer Aniston naturally has dirty blonde hair but by lightening it up just a few shades, she completely changes her look. Although I prefer her naturally darker color, I do think the lighter blonde works for her as well. The difference is just so subtle that it’s actually hard to tell which is natural and which is the dye job. That’s a sign of choosing the perfect color. This one was a close call but natural wins out just slightly for me.

Jessica Alba

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
Jessica Alba is just stunning. Flat out stunning. She looks incredible as a brunette and she looks just as incredible as a blond. With that said, I find blonde just every so slightly too light for her. This is probably the closest call on the list for me that didn’t end in a hung jury.

Jessica Biel

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
While Jessica was filming Easy Virtue in 2008, she was required to dye her tresses platinum blonde. Not long after filming wrapped, she returned to her natural color and it really isn’t hard to see why. While Jessica made an okay blonde, her natural brunette locks are much more flattering.

Katharine McPhee

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
I have to admit – I like Katharine more as a blonde than I expected but I still prefer her brunette locks but a long shot. Blonde just looks so unnatural on her. Perhaps that’s because I spent an entire season of American Idol falling madly in love with her as a brunette. There are some that seems to think blonde works better for her. Me? I still have to go with Katharine as a brunette.

Katy Perry

Verdict: Hung Jury
I don’t really know what Katy’s natural hair color is thanks to the numerous colors she’s gone with since rising to fame way back in 2008 but I chose black because it’s really the first color we saw her with. In all honesty, in terms of hair color, I don’t think Katy has made a wrong move yet. She always keeps her hair color fresh and interesting and I like that.

Kim Kardashian

Verdict: Better with dark hair.
Kim didn’t look bad as a blond per say but I definitely prefer the coal black locks we usually see her sporting. She said she went blonde because she wanted a change and while it worked for her in theory, I was glad she decided to change back. I love Kim’s style and fashion sense but I felt the blonde was a rare misstep for her. It happens.

Kristen Stewart

Verdict: Better as a blonde.
Sorry folks, but I pride myself on being honest in these little articles I write so I feel I must be honest here. I have never found Kristen Stewart all that attractive. I do, however, find her very attractive with lighter hair. The blonde softens her features and draws out her eyes, bringing attention to one of her finest features. Lighter shades of brown also work well on her because the compliment her skin tone and keep her from looking too washed out.

Miley Cyrus

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
Miley’s naturally dark locks just suit her. While I do like her funky new short ‘do, I think I’d prefer it even more if she’d kept the color darker. Dark hair just worked better on Miley. The blond makes her look a bit washed out. I still like the blond but I think the various shades of brown she’s worn over the years compliment her skin tone a bit more.

Nikki Reed

Verdict: Much better as a brunette
I’ve been a Nikki Reed fanatic since seeing her in Lords of Dogtown so I was excited to hear she’d landed a role in a major franchise. That excitement was tempered slightly when I learned that when Nikki signed on to star as Rosalie Cullen in Twilight in 2008, she also signed on to dramatically change her hair color. Nikki is beautiful regardless of what color her hair is but I definitely prefer her as a brunette.

Olivia Wilde

Verdict: Better as a brunette
Once again, the margin here was pretty small. In my always humble opinion, Olivia is one of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry today for reasons far beyond her physical appearance. She’s strong, confident, intelligent and talented. That’s why it pains me to say I didn’t really love her as a blonde. Sure she looked good but the natural color is much more suited to her skin tone.

Rachel McAdams

Verdict: Hung Jury
Rachel McAdams is stunning in such a unique way. She’s a breath of fresh air. She can pull of sexy but always maintains her sort of girl-next-door kind of vibe. Whether sticking with her natural color or taking a chance of blonde, Rachel looks fabulous. In my eyes, this lady can do no wrong when it comes to fashion.


Verdict: Hung Jury
Rihanna looks fabulous no matter what she does. Although I don’t always love her fashion choices as far as clothes and accessories go, I always love the guts it takes to really stand out and be different. Rihanna doesn’t stop with the clothes though. Her hair is always part of her statement. From chopping off her signature long locks not long after she broke into the business to the two very different styles we see above, Rihanna knows no outfit is complete without the perfect style. It’s impossible to make a verdict on this one. The jury is hopelessly deadlocked and just fine with that.

Tyra Banks

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
Don’t get me wrong with my verdict on this one. Tyra looks fantastic as a brunette and fantastic as a blond. It just so happens that I prefer Tyra when she’s more natural and that includes her hair color. I love that Tyra rocked blond tresses and took a chance with something a little different. It worked for her but I still prefer the brown.

Victoria Beckham

Verdict: Better as a brunette.
Victoria is a style icon and I will never deny that. From her fashion choices to her hairstyle choices, she knows how to get people talking. That doesn’t change the fact that blond hair just doesn’t work on this woman. She looks great with lighter shades of brown but blond is just a step too far. It’s just far too severe on her.

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