Celebrity Hairstyle Tutorial: Taylor Swift

Who does not feel like donning different hairstyles each and every day? Donning the same hairdo makes you look like a plain Jane! So, here I come again with hairstyling tutorial of one of the most followed sensational Teen Pop Queen Taylor Swift! So get ready girls to know detailed tutorial of how to do your favorite singer’s glamorous hairdo! These classy hairstyles would be easy to imitate and can be done even at home within no time! So what are you waiting for girls? Let us begin with grooming all the fashion-lovers out there!

Hairstyle No. 1: The infamous Taylor Swift soft waveswaves

Taylor Swift was seen donning her favorite soft waves hairdo at a music award ceremony which left every eye in the fashion circuit transfixed! Here is how to do this beautiful hairdo by yourself!

How to do: Apply hairspray on your hair and subdivide your hair into various small sections. Wrap an iron around these sections and leave it like that for some time till you end up having an impeccable curl. Repeat the step with all the sections of your hair. Use a hair serum to set your curls in place. You can also add bangs to your hairdo using an iron!

Hairstyle No. 2: Taylor Swift flaunting her vintage updovintage updo

What better than to donne a classically hairdo such as an updo in an award ceremony? And that is what our Pop Diva has done by flaunting her gracious face structure by going for an updo!

How to do: Take some styling gel and mix it with hair serum. Dampen your hair apply this mixture generously all over your hair. With the help of a brush, blow-dry your hair and also curl it using another brush (preferably round). Tie your hair at the back in a ponytail. Take out few strands of your hair and cover the ponytail band with it. Use a styling spray to set your hairstyle and you are done!

Hairstyle No. 3: Taylor Swift and her Adorable Bangsbangs

At another award ceremony Taylor Swift was seen flaunting obtuse bangs with the rest of her hair styled in waves. Here is how to do this gorgeous hairdo.

How to do: Use a brush to straighten your hair using a dryer. Keep in mind to keep the roots of your hair soft and smooth. Divide your hair into small sections and use iron to curl them. Get disheveled waves by running your fingers through the curls. Use iron to get your bangs and dazzle the world with your stylish yet easy hairdo!

Hairstyle No. 4: Taylor Swift’s top-notch ponytailtop notch ponytail

Our pop diva updates a vintage pony with a new twist having a French connection! Let us have a look at how to do this to-die-for hairstyle!

How to do: Straighten your hair and gather them at the left side of your head. Secure it into a ponytail. Before making a ponytail, leave few strands out at the front of your face. Now carefully use your fingers to create a hole between your pony and the bottom of your hair. Now push your ponytail through this hole and secure it properly with the band. Voila! You get transformed into Little Miss Sunshine in a jiffy!

Hairstyle No. 5: Taylor Swift’s Chic Curlschic curls

Taylor Swift is someone who takes her fashion seriously and believes in being updated with the latest in-fashion! Nobody can look at her beautiful curls and not fall in love with it! Here is a tutorial on how to get these beautiful curls for yourself!

How to do: Divide your hair into small sections and curl an iron around them. Leave the sections like that for few seconds till you end up with adorable curls all over your head. Thus you would get an adorable wavy hairdo. Leave few strands of hair out, framing your face. Take rest of your hair at the back of your head to form a disheveled bun. Pin your bun using bobby pins and use setting hairspray to keep your hairdo intact!

Hairstyle No. 6: Taylor Swift’s dramatic curls swept to the sideside swept curls

This is a hairstyle which can flaunted any time of the day, be it morning, noon or even night! Have a prom night to attend? Go for this hairstyle!

How to do: Spritz styling hairspray on your keeping in mind to avoid spritzing it over the 6-8 inches of hair at the front of your head (it is mandatory to keep this particular section dry!). Use an iron to curl your hair and keep it like that until you end up having dramatized and adorable curls! Repeat the afore-mentioned step till you curl your entire hair. Break your beautiful curls by applying hair serum and running your fingers through them. Create side parting of your hair and sweep the entire length over your shoulder. Use bobby pins to pin the hair at the nape and leave one frolicking curl dancing and adorning the front of your face.

Hairstyle No. 7: Taylor Swift and her Frolicking loose wavesfrolicking waves

Planning to spend your day lazing about at a beach and having fun under the sun? then this hairdo is a must-do for you!

How to do: Dampen your hair and to make it look more voluminous, apply hair mousse. Divide your hair into small sections and using a round brush simply blow dry them. Now twist the small sections of your hair one at a time and curl them around iron. Hold it for some time till you get the curl and then repeat this step with other hair sections. Keep the curls away from framing your face. Now break the curls by running your fingers into your hair. Enjoy your beachy and sunny waves!

So girls get your hands on this article to learn about the latest hairdo’s and how to do them easily right at your home! Get inspired from Taylor Swift and be your own Stylish Diva!

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