Celebrity Makeup Tutorial: Kim Kardashian

Generally speaking, I am not a Kim Kardashian fan. I don’t watch her reality show, I don’t buy most of the products she attaches her name to and I try not to read gossip about her personal life. I like celebrities who have gotten to where they are based on some kind of talent – acting, singing, playing an instrument, writing etc – not based on sex tapes or reality shows. With that said, I am however I big fan of Kim Kardashian’s style. I love her clothing choices, I love her hair and I love her makeup. I suppose it’s complicated. When I decided to do celebrity makeup tutorials, I came up with a list of celebrities I’d like to feature. Kim was at the top of the list. I’m going to put my personal feelings about Kim K aside and show you a fairly easy Kim Kardashian inspired makeup tutorial. I may not like her but I sure do like her makeup. Let’s get started.

Kim Kardashian Makeup: The Step By Step Guide

Kim Kardashian wears a lot of different makeup looks so I’ve decided to do my first celebrity makeup tutorial on my favorite Kim K look. Kim actually wears this look fairly often. It’s a great look for a night out or for special events but can even be great as an every day look although it’s a little dramatic for me for every day wear. I’m going to break this look down into specific parts of the face to make things a little easier for you.

source: holliandlola.com

Kim Kardashian Makeup: Getting Your Face Ready

Step One: Prep your face.
Before you even touch your makeup, wash and completely dry your face. This might seem obvious to some of you but there are a lot of women who forego washing their faces before they apply makeup. Starting with clean skin will help your makeup go on more evenly and will help prevent clogged pores which can lead to acne.
Step Two: Apply concealer.
You’re going to apply your concealer to any blemishes on your skin except for the area under your eye. We’re going to be applying a fair bit of eye shadow to the upper lid and some of that shadow is bound to end up under the eye. We’ll be sweeping under the eye as we work on it but it’s much easier to sweep that fallen shadow away if we’re sweeping it off of bare skin. We’ll talk about when to apply your concealer under your eye when we get to the right place in the tutorial.
Step Three: Apply foundation.
Apply your foundation as you normally would. I suggest an oil free foundation as foundation that contains oil may highlight wrinkles and that’s obviously something you want to about as much as possible. Oil free foundation also gives a smoother, cleaner finish, in my opinion.
Step Four: Apply translucent powder.
Translucent powder helps set your foundation and your concealer and adds another nice base for your other makeup. Just as a helpful tip though, check to make sure your foundation is even and there are no makeup lines before you apply your powder. Turn your head to different angles to make sure you don’t miss anything and then check again after you’ve applied your powder to make sure you’re happy with your base.

source: holliandlola.com

Kim Kardashian Makeup: Get Kim Kardashian’s Glow

One of the things that many women struggle with when it comes to getting a Kim Kardashian inspired look is that lovely glow Kim has on her cheeks. It’s actually not all that difficult to do. For this step, you’ll need:

  • A rounded tip blush brush or angled contour brush
  • An angled brush with soft bristles
  • A smaller stippling brush or a similar small makeup brush
  • Bronzer
  • Powder Blush
  • Cream blush

Step One: Apply bronzer.
Suck in your cheeks to find the hollow below your cheekbone. Using your blush brush or angled contour brush, sweep your bronzer into the hollow below your cheek bones. Blend the bronzer well. Check to make sure there are no harsh lines between your natural skin tone and your bronzer. Bronzer helps accentuate your cheekbones and makes your blush stand out more.
Step Two: Apply your powder blush.
Because we’re looking for a sort of glowing, sun kissed sort of look, we’re going to use a peach colored blush. If you don’t have peach colored blush, you can more or less use any warm color. Smile to find the apples of your cheeks and apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. You’re going to apply your blush using small, circular motions, working away from the center of your face until you’ve reached the end of your cheekbone.
Step Three: Soften the lines.
Once you’ve done all this a few times, you’re going to get much better at blending but you might have trouble when you’re just starting out. Once your blush is applied, look for any harsh lines on your cheeks and soften them up using a large, soft bristled makeup brush. It’s recommended you use a kabuki brush but any large, soft bristled makeup brush will do as long as it’s clean. To soften harsh lines, sweep the large brush over your entire cheek, including above and below where you’ve applied your blush and toner. This allows for a much more natural look.
Step Four: Apply your cream blush.
I would recommend using another peach colored blush for this step but use cream blush if you have it. Kim loves cream blush and the cream blush is what gives your look that Kim Kardashian glow. Smile to find the apples of your cheeks again and apply your cream blush to the apples of your cheeks using your ring finger. You’re going to once again be applying this blush in small circular motions.
Step Five: Apply a highlighter product.
You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive highlighter product. Choose a shimmer eye shadow that is lighter than your natural skin tone. It does the same job as expensive highlighter products at a fraction of the cost. Tilt your head down to find the top of your cheekbone and dab your light shimmer shadow to just the top of your cheekbone. You’re going to use short quick strokes with this one. You can carry this color all the way up to the side of your face if you’d like but be careful with it. You don’t want to too much of this on your face. It will be more distracting than complementary and that’s not what you’re going for.
Step Six: Blend.
Fix up any harsh lines from your highlighter the same way you did in step three only this time, focus on the top of your cheekbone only. Once you’ve blended your shimmer, you’re ready to move on to the eyes.

source: holliandlola.com

Kim Kardashian Makeup: Smoky Eyes

We’ve already done an article about getting smoky eyes, but Kim does her smoky eyes a bit differently so I thought it was worth doing another tutorial on. To do Kim Kardashian’s smoky eyes, you’ll need:

  • Large makeup brush
  • Angled eye shadow brush or eye shadow wand
  • Small makeup brush
  • Cotton balls
  • Eye Shadow Base
  • Nude Eye Shadow
  • Light Colored Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Dark Blue Shimmer Eye Shadow
  • Black Eye Shadow
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black Mascara

Step One: Apply eye shadow base.
What you choose to use for your eye shadow base will depend on what you have and what you’re willing to spend. I usually use ELF Cosmetics eye shadow primer but I ran out and have yet to order more so for this tutorial, I’m just going to be using my concealer. You can also use oil free foundation if that’s all you have. The shadow base is going to keep your eye shadow in place longer so you don’t wind up with a greasy line of shadow in the crease of your eye by the end of the night. If you primer needs to dry, allow it to dry completely before you start working on your eye shadow.
Step Two: Apply your light shimmer eye shadow.
Take your light shimmer eye shadow and apply it from the lash line to just above the crease of your eye. You want your shimmer to extend from the tear duct all the way to the outer corner of the eye. It’s important to point out that you don’t want to put the shimmer all the way up to your brow bone.
Step Three: Apply your dark blue shimmer eye shadow.
For this one, you don’t need a color with a whole lot of shimmer but it should have at least a little bit of a shimmer tone. You can use a flat color dark blue if that’s all you have. The look will still work. To apply the color, you’re going to take your angled brush or your eye shadow wand and apply the dark shadow to the outer corner of the lid, taking the color across the crease of your eyelid. The color should extend just slightly above the crease and you want the line to be slightly thicker on the outside corner of the eye. Blend the color so the line isn’t quite so harsh.
Step Four: Apply your black eyeliner to the bottom lid.
I like to start by lining my lower lid first. For Kim’s look, you’re going to want to put a thick bold line on the bottom lid below the lower lash line but as close to the lashes as you can get. Draw the line from the outer edge of the bottom lid to the inner corner, making sure the line is even and continuous.
Step Five: Soften the liner.
Using your fingertip (or a Q-tip if you prefer), smudge your eyeliner by dragging your fingertip (or Q-tip) across the line you’ve drawn. This gives the line a softer, more romantic look and keeps your eye from looking harsh. Smudge a little but of the eyeliner from the corners or your eye upward toward the outer and inner crease of your eye.
Step Six: Apply your nude eye shadow.
Using your small makeup brush (you can also use another clean eye shadow wand if you don’t have a small makeup brush), apply your nude shadow to the inside corner of your eye. Work the nude shadow toward the center of the eye, keeping the color close to your lash line. Finish up with your nude shadow by applying a little more to the inside corner of your eye around the tear duct. Blend.
Step Seven: Apply black eye shadow to your top lid as eyeliner.
This is one of my favorite Kim K beauty secrets and it’s one I use often. Getting your eyeliner into your lashes can be difficult when you’re using a pencil, cream or liquid eyeliner so save yourself the hassle and use black eye shadow instead. You can apply your black eye shadow using a clean eye shadow wand or using a small angled brush. Put a little shadow on the tip of your brush or wand and apply it to your upper lash line, pushing the color down into your lashes. You’re not going to be drawing a line from left to right or from right to left here like you usually would. Instead you’re going to dab the brush onto your lid so that each new ‘dab’ connects with the previous one until you have a line that goes from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eye. Curl the line up slightly at the outside edge of your eye so the line follows the natural curve of your lashes.
Step Eight: Fill in your brows.
I skip this step every time because my eyebrows are bushy and in serious need of shaping. It’s one of those things I always mean to get around to but never find the time to do. If you choose to fill in your brows, use a shadow or bronzer that is close to the natural color of your brows and using a small, angled brush, apply the color to your brows using short quick strokes.
Step Nine: Clean up the area under your eye.
Kim uses a clean, round makeup brush under her eye to clean up any residual eye shadow that has gathered under the eye. I prefer just giving the under eye area a quick sweep with a cotton ball. Either method works. Don’t use pressure or you’ll smear the color into the under eye area and make your eyes look too dark underneath.
Step Ten: Apply concealer and translucent powder under the eye.
Now is the time to apply your concealer and powder under your eye the way you normally would. Don’t use a lot of pressure here and don’t use a wiping motion to apply these products. Instead, dab your concealer on and use a soft dabbing motion to blend it in.
Step Eleven: Apply your mascara.
Kim’s makeup artist, Stephen Moleski, applies false lashes when he does a look like this for Kim but she doesn’t often apply false lashes on her own and I’m not going to be applying false lashes for this tutorial. If you choose to use false lashes, head down to the next section and follow the steps there before you apply your mascara. If you’re skipping the falsies too, ignore everything I’ve said in this step so far and start applying your mascara. When Stephen does Kim’s mascara, he starts on the bottom lashes. I prefer starting with the top so that’s the way I’m going to keep doing it in this tutorial. Holding your wand horizontally, apply your mascara starting at the root and brushing out to the tips of your lashes. I like to curl the wand upwards and move it slightly from left to right as I pull the wand through my lashes. Curling with the wand as you apply your mascara also gives your lashes a bit of a curl and moving the wand from left to right helps keep your lashes from clumping. Wait for the mascara to completely dry and decide whether or not you want to apply another coat. I’m not going to but if you’d like to, follow the same procedure.

Kim Kardashian Makeup: Finishing the Face

When wearing a look like this, Kim K would wear false lashes. I’m not going to be walking you through using false lashes in this tutorial as I’m going to be talking about false lashes at length in an upcoming article. If you were using false lashes though, you’d do the following steps while you’re waiting for your eyelashes to set so you can apply mascara. To finish up your face, you’ll need:

  • Bronzer or tinted finishing powder
  • Highlighting product or very pale colored powder (like you used for your cheeks but without the shimmer)

Step One: Apply bronzer or tinted finishing powder.
You’re not going to apply this over your entire face and you’re only going to be using a little bit to contour your face and give it a bit of color. Apply a light dusting of the powder across your forehead, between your eyes and on your cheeks. Again though, only use a little bit and make sure you blend well.
Step Two: Apply your highlighter.
You’re going to be using a very light touch this time. I like using a pale eye shadow without shimmer for this step because too much shimmer – in my opinion anyway – is too distracting. You’re going to apply a very slight amount of this product in the inside corner under your eye, extending it just to the center of your eye. Be careful not to smudge the liner on your lower lid when you do this.

source: holliandlola.com

Kim Kardashian: Stripped Down Lips

When doing a look as dramatic as the smoky eyes we’ve done here, you really want to play down the lips and leave them somewhat bare. We are going to be doing a little something with those lips though but I’m not going to give you a step by step on this one because I don’t think it’s needed. The only thing you really need to focus on here is making sure you don’t play your lips up too much. Stick with nude shades and only apply gloss that isn’t to attention grabbing. When Kim does her lips, she doesn’t coat her lips in lipstick. Instead, Kim dabs on her lipstick and then blends it together. She finishes up her lips with a coat of gloss and she’s ready to go.

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  1. it would be nice to know all the product brands u recommend for this look…preferably what concealer and foundation do u recomend?

    • I love elf Cosmetics. They’re inexpensive but high quality and I hate spending more money than I have to on anything. I would definitely recommend their under eye concealer and highlighter. They also have a concealer pencil that has a built in concealer brush. It’s a great product and does it’s job just like more expensive concealers but it’s also just one little pencil so it’s super portable. I just pop it in my purse when I go out so I can do any touch ups I need. I’d also recommend checking out elf’s “Complete Coverage Concealer” It’s fantastic stuff. As far as foundation goes, I stick with Covergirl Clean. It’s has great coverage but no shine so it gives you a nice matte finish. It also doesn’t have that strong, nasty smell you sometimes get with other foundations. Plus it comes in a variety of different formulas so you can get something that’s right for your skin.

      EDIT: It occurred to me after I posted my reply that I’m not entirely sure elf is available in most stores. Here’s a link to their webpage. Tons of great stuff on there. e.l.f. Mineral Makeup. Mineral Makeup from e.l.f. Cosmetics for Great Low Prices! The Covergirl foundation should be available in any drug or department store near you though.

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