Characteristics of a Great Private Label Manufacturer

The first step in getting things off the ground when you want to sell private label skincare is to find a manufacturer. There is a lot of competition in this field, so you need to be sure you take your time comparing your options. 

The right private label manufacturer will be able to work with you and offer you the product you want in the quantities you want when you need it. You’ll also be satisfied with the overall service and product that you receive.

Important Characteristics 

You will need to do some background research on the companies you want to consider to ensure they can meet your needs. When doing this research, it helps to look for a few specific characteristics:

  • Specialization
  • Details
  • Availability
  • Factory conditions
  • Communication


The eCommerce CEO explains that you want to choose a company that specializes in the product you wish to sell. A company that is all over the place with its product offerings is more likely to have quality issues. 

When you have a specialty company, it ensures you that they have perfected their methods and know what they are doing. There is also a better chance they will understand your market, which will make it much easier to work with them. 


You should also have a look over the details pertaining to buying and working with them. You want to check into shipping costs, minimum order requirements, pricing, and turnaround time. Make sure that these basic details fit your needs. 


It’s essential to make sure the company can service your needs without a wait time that will push your timeline back. They also need to be able to match your quantity needs without any issues. The last thing you want is a long wait when you put in an order because there is a back up at the manufacturer. 

Factory Conditions

It’s vital for your company’s public relations to ensure that you work with other companies that value their employees and avoid any socially unaccepted practices. You want to do a review of the factory conditions to ensure they treat employees fairly, offer a safe work environment, and won’t have a scandal that could tarnish your brand. 


Communication is essential in business if you want to avoid mistakes and issues. You need to be sure the company does a good job of communicating with you about your order, addressing concerns, and making itself available during convenient times.

Important Assessment Steps

Gathering information about the company is only the first step in assessing who will be the best private label company to work with. You also need to take a few other steps:

  • Verify private label status
  • Read reviews
  • Request a sample

Verify Private Label Status

Since you have a need for private label skincare products, you have to be sure the manufacturer is really a private label company. Some manufacturers will say they do private label, but instead, they actually do white label. 

There is an important distinction between private label and white label that can affect your sales and business. Manufacturers sell private label products only to one retailer, while they sell white label products to multiple retailers. With a private label, you have an exclusive product, which is of the highest importance in skincare since the competition is relatively stiff. 

Read Reviews

When you read reviews, you want to pay attention to more than just what people say. There are always people who will find fault with something or who will complain about a minor issue, which can lead to bad reviews of an otherwise good company. Be wary of a bad review when other reviews seem to be positive. 

What you want to look for is how the company handled negative reviews. Is the company responsive? Does it offer a solution? You want to see that the company works to make things better and takes negative reviews as an incentive to do better. 

Request a Sample

Once you narrow your list down to a few companies you feel good about; you can request a sample. Ordering a sample gives you the chance to assess how quickly it comes and the state of the product when it arrives. You also can get an idea of overall product quality and look. Take note of the care they took when packaging it. The sample gives you an opportunity to see what the quality will be when you make an actual order for your business. 

Final Tips

It should take you quite some time to choose your manufacturer. You want to partner with a company that will provide you with a product you will be happy to put your name on. The manufacturer you choose needs to provide you with a quality product that meets or exceeds your expectations, and that is worthy of selling to your customers. 

As you make your final decision, reflect on everything you have learned about the manufacturer. Make sure that it makes sense to partner with this company. Your business goals should align. The price you pay should make sense with how much you will charge and what you will get. 

Web Retailer notes that you should not be afraid to look at a large number of manufacturers. You may start with a lot, but as you begin to go through your assessment, you will slowly weed out the ones that won’t work and find those that are the true gems. The odds are that you will find two suitable options for every ten companies you consider. 

The Bottom Line

Taking the time to carefully assess the company, you will use to make your private label skin care products is well worth it. You need to ensure that you provide products to your customers that are of high quality. If you want to create a loyal customer base, then you need to provide them products worthy of that loyalty, and the only way to do that is to ensure you partner with a manufacturer that aligns with your own standards. 

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