Choose Makeup According To Your Zodiac Sign

Nowadays we see people change their names, places they dwell at based on their horoscope and zodiac sign! Thus I can conclude that Horoscopes are the new trendsetters! So why not choose your making according to your zodiac sign? Yes you can surely do that too! I am writing this article which could come handy to those who are too orthodox when it comes to following horoscopes whole-heartedly. Get ready to choose your lipsticks and makeup after mapping them with your zodiac sign! Choosing makeup which compliments your zodiac sign might improve your life and may be bring more balance to it! So, here is the list. Get ready girls!

ZODIAC SIGN 1: ARIES (March 21- April 19)aries

What are they: Aries is the Fire element in the list of the 12 zodiac signs. The are said to be born as natural leaders who take the first initiative to do something usually. They are claimed to be dynamic as well as charismatic. Aries is denoted by the symbol ram, and hence are considered having quite a strong and forceful personality.

What makeup to opt for: As they are the fiery zodiac sign, Red would suit an Aries the best! Bold colors like Red and Orange would amp up the personality of this fierce Ram and they would sizzle wherever they go! Similarly with the nail varnishes, Aries should go for nail varnishes in the shades of rich plum and sizzling red.

ZODIAC SIGN 2: TAURUS (April 20- May 20)taurus

What are they: Taurus are a bunch of fun loving people who love everything in excess, be it in terms materialistically, emotions, fun and beauty products too! Taurus people belong to group of people who are of a practical nature. Being a “Bull”, Taurus people are extremely adamant and gain all their objectives once they set their heart into accomplishing them! Taurus people are earthy as well as artistic.

What makeup to opt for: As the Bulls have an earthy nature, Taurus people should opt more for neutral colors when choosing their makeup. Shades such as mauve, champagne and berry would suit this head-strong zodiac the most! Thus go for palette comprising of these earthy shades and hues when choosing your makeup the next time feisty bulls!

 ZODIAC SIGN 3: GEMINI (May 21- June 20)gemini

What are they: Geminis are extremely well known for their dual nature and are vigorous talkers. They are known well for their ability of gathering news and various other information from various sources. Geminis are imaginative, witty and usually the “bright light in a gloom”.

What makeup to opt for: Being dual faced, the Geminis should blend light and dark colors and include the resulted color palette in their daily life. The hues they should go for are peach, pale pink which would enhance their spunky nature more!

ZODIAC SIGN 4: CANCER (June 21- July 22)cancer

What are they: Cancers are typical home-lovers. They love to be surrounded by their family and close ones. They feel comfortable when at homelike surroundings. Like a crab (their symbol), they withdraw into their shell when coming face to face with any awkwardness. But this should not be mistaken with cowardice, as Cancers are straightforward and honest zodiac sign. They are honest about who they love, mistrust or abhor!

What makeup to opt for: As the Cancers are extremely honest and true, the hues that would suit them the best are natural shades as well as the nude hues. This color palette maps best with their comfortable and homely nature.

ZODIAC SIGN 5: LEO (July 23- August 22)leo

What are they: Leos are the people who prefer to be the center of attention and attraction at every event irrespective of wherever they are! They are the Belle of the Ball, too loud and boisterous in a positive way (no doubts there being a zodiac with their symbol as Lion!). They crave for attraction and they get them easily in tons!

What makeup to opt for: Being bold in nature, Leos should go for shade such as pink. This color suits their feisty personality the best!

ZODIAC SIGN 6: VIRGO (August 23- September 22)virgo

What are they: Virgos fall under the Earth element and are usually associated with traits such as judgmental, extremely choosy as well as critical in nature. They are fun ti be with even after being so choosy and selective.

What makeup to opt for: As the Virgos have quite a quaint nature, the hues that would complement them the most are metallic (bronze) shades.

ZODIAC SIGN 7: LIBRA (September 23- October 22)libra

What are they: Libra is a zodiac sign that detests to be left alone, i.e. they hate being a loner. Everything about them involves partnership, be it marriage, business or even dancing! Depicted by Balance Scales, Libra people are extremely balanced in their life and prefer to live in harmony rather than whiling away their life arguing.

What makeup to opt for: Being balanced, they should go for merlot color.

ZODIAC SIGN 8: SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)scorpio

What are they: Scorpios are serious and brave people who love dominating over other and are extremely passionate for the one they love.

What makeup to opt for: Being passionate, they should opt for maroon shade.

ZODIAC SIGN 9: SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)sagittarius

What are they: They are intellectual, clear-headed and extremely spiritual people.

What makeup to opt for: Brown hues would suit them the most.

ZODIAC SIGN 10: CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)capricorn

What are they: Capricorns are extremely dedicated and ambitious people striving to achieve all their goals to reach the zenith.

What makeup to opt for: Deep Pink would suit them the most!

ZODIAC SIGN 11: AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18)aquarius

What are they: Aquarians are great philanthropists and worry too much about earth and people around them. They are smart and quick witted people.

What makeup to opt for: Being of tranquil nature, nude hues would complement them the best!

ZODIAC SIGN 12: PISCES (February 19- March 20)pisces

What are they: Pisces people are child at heart, emotional, spiritual and have a penchant for collecting beautiful shoes for their beautiful feet!

What makeup to opt for: Being emotional, they should go for fierce hues such as Reds and Plums!

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