How to Choose the Right Type of Wedding Veil?

Earlier, a wedding veil was worn by the bride in order to keep away the evil spirits but today, it’s more of an accessory than a traditional element. Your wedding veil is one of the most important aspects that define your bridal appearance and you must choose your veil very carefully. Even though it looks like a piece of netted cloth, a veil is so much more than that. It can give you an angelic look if you choose it well. On the other hand, it can spoil your whole appearance if you get something that doesn’t suit your face, body, or your dress.

 Just like you search on the internet for wedding dresses and stores, you can also try searching places that give you customized wedding veils. For example, if you live in Melbourne, instead of typing “wedding dress melbourne”, you just need to type “wedding veils melboune.” Most of the stores that sell wedding dresses will also have wedding veils that complement those dresses. So if you search for “wedding dress melbourne,” you can find stores that have both wedding dresses as well as wedding veils.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing your wedding veil:

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It should match with your dress

Your veil should match with your wedding dress.

Check which are the key points in your dress

You need to asses which is the part of your dress that you would want to show off. If you have an embellished front pattern or a pearl design at the back of your dress will play a key role in what type of veil you must use. You should not get a veil that will cover the key point of your dress. It should be either short so that it will stay above your key point or it should be longer than the key point so that the details can be seen through the veil.

Different lengths of veils for different types of dresses

The length of your veil must compliment the type of your dress. For example, if you have a high neck dress, a short veil is the best choice.

Color of the veil

Not everyone uses bright white colored dresses anymore. It can be off-white, ivory, or cream and your veil must be of the same color as your dress is.

One, two, and three tier veils

Veils can be of one tier, two tiers, or three tiers. If you have an elegant dress with a lot of details, a single tier veil would be the right choice. However, Romantic dresses and classic dresses usually have a veil with two or more than two tiers.

Attention to details

The border of your veil should complement the details in your dress. If not, you must decide how the end of your veils should look like.

Veil according to the shape of your face

If you have a round face, make sure there is enough volume on the top of your head and very less volume towards the sides of your face. This is because a round face is a full face and you must try to make it look slimmer with the help of your veil. An oval face is balanced and you can try out different veils if you have an oval face.



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